Who are we?
We are a group of professionals from very different backgrounds with common interests for Vedic style Sri Lankan astrology.
What are we doing?
We are collecting interesting articles previously published on internet related to Sri Lankan style astrology, indigenous medicine, etc.
We want to have a good collection of articles where it can be searched, indexed, categorized etc. So anyone interested in a specific area can easily navigate and read related materials.
We would like to hear from people who are interested in Sri Lankan astrology. We can’t wait to talk to you.
Who is Sumanadasa Bandara?
Sumanadasa Bandara is our content editor, He publishes all the articles to our website. He has astrological and engineering background. None of the articles are written by him.
Currently, we have a small glitch in our system and original authors names are not displayed as it should be. We will be fixing this very soon.