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සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් උපන් ලග්නයට අනුව ඔබේ පලාපල

The senior déjor science was created on the basis of correct speech. It is necessary to be especially aware of the weaknesses of the planets and of the powerful forces of the planets. Many people think that the benefits of the good of the planet are beneficial, and the badness of the planet’s greed (sins). But when it comes to proper observation, there are occasions when the planets are rendered harmful and beneficial. That’s how it’s going on in the sky and in the air. In the above article, an average description of three letters appeared. In a note, a lion has a brief description of the virgin people.

The rumor

It is very good if the Moon is the Moon’s Moon (Moon), so it is very good if it is in the power of the Moon’s power – weakness, or supernatural (vortex-zirconia). Also be careful about Pura-moon-and then-the moon.

Being in the Moon is (1) progressing on the hard work. The moon’s wound is a learned and intelligent person. It does not interfere with hiccups. Within 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the Ladna owners are fortunate. Women born in the ward are nourished by virtues.

The beauty is beautiful and stylish. The beneficial owners of the Ravi-Burudha and the semipheles have a very good effect. They create barriers by being weak. Shaun gets seven and eight in the rumors. Therefore, it’s worth a lot of good and bad. If there were 7, there would be more worldly desires. The lama is powerful. If Venus is centered, he can get a better marriage. The life expectancy of the person is equal to the eight. In the elderly, the lap belt causes airborne injuries. If it was there, then it would be interesting to know about new inventions. The 11th of Monday is the (coral) upper-lobe. Mentally, sitter spiritually high quality. It runs its functions on the 2 rd moon. 03 is good for the moon. Fortunately, it’s fortunate to have home vehicles. It’s on the 5th. The situation varies according to the (Scorpio) Euphrates.

He is skilled at learning in the sun’s moon. Marriage is sometimes based on love love. It’s not bad on Monday. The environment is set up to keep alive. It’s good to have the 09th birthday lady. It also makes long-distance travel (even abroad). It’s not bad at 10 or 11 o’clock. Mon Tue 11 Wed Marriage by association.

By the time of myth, the 12th lunar, from the last of the verses, the monk wants to make money in white. But if the moon was in the 12th with Ravi, the higher education sector is in a better position. Mars and Jupiter will provide good fruit for loggers.

Diseases such as sore throat, stomach ailments. Aspirin diseases – it can be difficult to treat.

The lion arch

Ravi is the Lighthouse of the lion’s log. Head of planet. These are bold. Strong. It does not like to do little things and takes a lot of things. Outsiders receive honor. Enough hungry.

The person in the Riviera Länge is (01) glorified. Therefore, it’s fairly proud. The presence of the lion’s larynx in the vivinal virgin can cause eye disorders. Justice works best for justice. There is only two mercenaries with Ravi who is the greatest. This can be considered positive. Ravi gives two sleeping eyes with two remaining conditions. Ravi is not good anymore. Penalties. However, 03 Ravi is made available for use by doing something.

It works immensely.

Ravi has a resentment with relatives who are related to his roommates. The body may also have side effects. 04 If it is with Ravi Burh, chemical – it benefits from the artistic sections. The fifth (sant) is good. Glorification of society takes on prestige. Acts against injustice. 05. Even with Bhavithi with Ravi, the academic section has a very good job. If the people of the country reach the 6th, they will increase the desire for real estate. Enemies are slightly less. Contract work is a good place to work. When the Ravi 07 is engaged, the people have power. A group of people are also engaged in the job. Marriage may be a little late. Seventh row is called Ravi – Bhuddha is known as Nursing Nursing. 08 is not a good place. 9 Valve is good. Higher quality. After marriage, life is elevated. Traveling even abroad. The Ravi 10 is good. It’s fortunate to receive homestay. He is a leader of the job. Ravi Kujaja, 10, has been upgraded to the business sector. On the 11th, Ravi gives rise to several ways of earning income. Literature Literature too. The curly 12 is not a good one. But it goes far and wide.

Lung diseases – kidney diseases – heart diseases cause urinary disorders. From now on, from October 18 to November 16, Ravi travels to Balaclava (3). Though it may be worthless, it can be a source of pride and excitement.

The virgin log

Buddha is the mercantile virgin of the 06th ring of the cluster. Those born from this arbiter are merely human. Values. The women born in the virgin sculpture are adapted to a literary, artistic life. The virgin belonging to the virgin belongs to the 1st to 10th Mercury. It can be improved from the academia, but it can come from the virgin virgin (1st) virgin. They do not work lowly. But with the mercury with vice, the slightly better side is reduced. Mercury- Lucky with Ravi. The 02 merits are very good. The speech is clever. He acts impartially. Good to control. Especially the merit of the mercantile Bundeslings – with the advent of Ravi. The advancement of the Mercenaries (Mercury 03). Creative strength is good. 03 Rave is a research worker. The engineering or chemicals are more weighty. Nevertheless, the four virgin virgins can not be developed economically, but they are famous for their academic and scientific knowledge. However, if a beautiful house is a coin, There are more than five faculties that offer practical skills. 05 In the industrial sector, it enjoys a premium status. There are high standards of social standing in six different countries. The Ravi Pethum formula is good for control. Severe bodily harm is due to the health problems. But books were written (spelling) in the fields of the media. The use of the 8 Mercury brings about a change in the previous situation. The journey of life does not apply to the same system. The nine virgin virgins imitate the father. At least 10 BMI is very bad (Gemin) in the classroom. On the 11th, there will not be a mess of me. The 12 barges are unselfish. Associate with the noble ones. Travels three times since 2010-11-06. It’s a time to do some crafty scams or some things to do. It’s self-conscious.

upan lagnayaṭa anuva obē palāpala

jyedtīr vidyāva nirmitava ættē niværædi palāpala kīma matayi. grahayangē bala dubalakam hā bhāva balayen siṭina grahayan gæna viśēṣayen dænuvat viya yutu vannēya. śubha grahayā gen śubha phalat, aśubha grahayāgen (pāpa) aśubhaphalat læbena bava bohō aya sitati. ehet mē gæna hari hæṭi nirīkṣaṇaya karana viṭa pāpa grahayangen śubhaphalat śubha grahayangen aśubhaphalat læbena avasthā emaṭaya. ē graha dækma saha cārayēdī gaman gannā ayurini. mīṭa ihata lipiyen lagna tunaka sāmānya vistarayak dækviṇi. ada saṭahanin kaṭaka siṁha, kanyā lagna himiyan piḷiban̆da keṭi vistarayak dækvē.

kaṭaka lagnaya

kaṭaka lagnayaṭa adhipati grahayā vannē san̆duya (candra) ē nisā san̆dugē bala – dubala tattvaya parīkṣā kirīmēdī balayen siṭī nam svakṣētrava hō uccava hō (kaṭaka – vṛṣabha rāśivala) siṭīma itāmat hon̆dayi. esēma pura – san̆du – saha avas san̆du gænada sælakilimat viya yuttēya.

san̆du lagnayē siṭīmen (01) tama diyuṇuva sælasennē utsāhavanta gatiya matayi. pura pakṣayē candrayā nam ugat buddhimat ayaku vē. avapakṣayē vuva an ayaṭa hirihæra bādhā novana ayurin kaṭayutu karayi. koṭinma san̆du 01 siṭina kaṭaka lagna himiyō bhāgya vanta aya veti. mema lagnayen upata lada strīhu guṇa dharmavalin pōṣita veti.

ruva lassana atinda hæḍakārayi. kaṭaka lagna himiyanṭa ravi-budha, śukra grahayangen śubha phala læbīma taramak duṣkarayi. mē aya dubalava siṭīmen karadara bādhaka æti karayi. kaṭakayē 07 saha 08 himivannē śaniṭaya. e nisā śanigen śubha/aśubha apēkṣā kaḷa hæki taramya. śani 07 siṭiyē nam laukika āśāvan væḍi vē. kāmāśā balavatya. sikuru kēndragatava siṭīnam usas vivāhayak tamāṭa kara gænīmaṭa iḍa kaḍa sælasē. kaṭaka lagna himiyangē śani 08 siṭīma nisā āyuṣa væḍi vē. jīvitayē sæn̆dǣ samayē tunaṭiya pradēśayē vāta ābādha æti karayi. lagnādhipati san̆du 10 siṭiyē nam nava nirmāṇa gæna sit yomuvē. san̆du 11 vænnaṭa (vṛṣabha) uc vē. pura san̆du nasā ādhyātmika bavin usas tattvayak labayi. san̆du 02 siṭī nam tama kaṭayutu kramānukūlava karagena yayi. 03 vænnaṭada san̆du yahapatya. 04 vænnē vī nam gēdora yāna vāhana læbīmē bhāgya tibē. san̆du 05 ṭa nīca vē. (vṛścika) ava – pura pakṣa anuva tattvaya venas vē.

pura san̆du vīmēdī adhyāpana kaṭayutu valaṭa dakṣa vē. vivāhaya ætæm viṭa ālaya prēmaya padanam karagena sidu vanu æta. san̆du 06 ṭada naraka næta. samagiyen siṭīmaṭa parisaraya sakasāganī. kaṭaka lagna himiyangē san̆du 09 siṭīmada hon̆dayi. dura bæhæra gaman biman (piṭaraṭa pavā) æti karayi. san̆du 10 ṭa menma 11 ṭada naraka næta. san̆du 11 vī nam vivāhayada āśraya magini.

rāśicakrayē avasan rāśiya vana (kaṭakayē siṭa) mithunayē nohot 12 san̆du siṭīmen rēs sudu magin mudal upayīmaṭa sitayi. ehet 12 vænnē san̆du ravi samaga yeduni nam śāstrīya aṁśayen usas tattvayak labayi. an̆gaharu saha brahaspati grahayan kaṭaka lagna himiyanṭa śubha phala udā kara deyi.

leḍa rōga vaśayen ugurē, udarayē asanīpa æti viya hækiya. arśas rōgada – pit amāruda væḷan̆dīmaṭa iḍa æta.

siṁha lagnaya

siṁha lagnayaṭa lagnādhipati vannē ravi grahayāya. graha lova pradhāniyāya. mevan aya nirbhītayi. eḍitarayi. puṁci puṁci dēval kirīmaṭa akamæti atara loku dēvalma karaṭa ganī. piṭastara ayagen gauravaya labayi. kusaginna darā siṭīmaṭa puḷuvani.

ravi lagnayē (01) siṭina tænættā hō tænættiya tējānvita bavak dakvayi. mē nisā taramak āḍambarayi. siṁha lagna himiyangē ravi kanyāvē nohot 02 siṭīma nisā æsvala ābādha æti karayi. yuktiyaṭa sādhāraṇayaṭa mul tæna dī kaṭayutu karayi. ravi samaga budha 02 siṭi viṭa pōsat ayaku vannēya. meya dhana yōgayak lesada sælakiya hækiya. ravi sikuru samaga 02 siṭīma nidā æs rōga æti karayi. ravi 03 nisāda śubha næta. tulāvaṭa nīcayi. ehet 03 ravi siṭīma nisā iganīmen yam prayōjanayak salasā ganī.

uedyāgīvantava kaṭayutu karayi.

ravi 04 kujaṭa ayat vṛścikayē siṭīmen nǣdǣ hitavatun samaga amanāpakam æti vē. śarīrayē hadisi ābādha æti vīmaṭada puḷuvana. 04 vænnē ravi budha samaga siṭinnē nam rasāyanika – śāstrīya aṁśavalin prayōjana labayi. raviṭa 05 vænna (dhanu) hon̆dayi. samājayen gauravaya kīrtiya labayi. ayuktiyaṭa erehiva kaṭayutu karayi. 05 vænnē ravi samaga budha siṭīmada śāstrīya aṁśayē usas rækiyāvak læbīmaṭa hētuvaki. 06 vænnē ravi siṭīmen iḍakaḍam dēpaḷa gæna āśāva væḍi vē. saturu karadara taramak aḍu vē. kontrāt vyāpāra kaṭayutuvalaṭa śubha pihiṭīmaki. ravi 07 vænnē yeduṇu viṭa piris balayen yuktayi. rækiyāvada pirisak pradhāna koṭa genayi. vivāhaya taramak pramāda viya hækiya. 07 vænnē ravi – budha saṁyōga vī nam veda hedakam valin prasiddha vē. raviṭa 08 yahapat sthānayak novē. raviṭa 09 śubha dāyakayi. usas tattvayak labayi. vivāhayen pasu jīvitaya tavat usas tattvayakaṭa patvē. piṭaraṭa gaman biman pavā yedē. ravi 10 ṭa hon̆dayi. iḍakaḍam gēdora læbīmē bhāgya tibē. rækiyāvē pradhāniyeku vannēya. ravi kuja 10 vī nam vyāpārika aṁśayen ihaḷaṭa nan̆gaê. 11 vænnē ravi yedīmen ādāyam labana krama kīpayak æti karaganī. sāhitya patapotaṭada lædivē. raviṭa 12 vænna kaṭakaya śubhadāyaka novē. ehet ǣta epiṭa paḷātvala gos harihamba karaganī.

siṁha lagna himiyanṭa leḍa rōga vaśayen vakugaḍu rōga – hṛda rōga mutrā ābādha æti karayi. mēdinavala enam oktōbar 18 siṭa novæmbar 16 dakvā ravi grahayā tulāvē (03) gaman ganī. raviṭa tulāva nīca vūvat diriya hā uedyāagaya mata diyuṇuva salasā ganī.

kanyā lagnaya

rāśi valallē 06 vænna vū kanyāvaṭa lagnādhipati vannē budhayi. mema lagnayen upadina aya hudek miniskam valin yuktaya. guṇadharma rakī. kanyā rāśiyen upan strīhu patibhaktiyen yut sāhitya kalākāmī jīvitayakaṭa huruvana aya veti. kanyā lagna himiyangē 01 t 10 t budhaṭa ayat vē. budha lagna gata vū (01) kanyā lagnayen janita vuvō śāstrīya aṁśayen væḍi diyuṇuvaṭa patveyi. pahat væḍa nokarati. ehet budha samaga sikuru siṭi viṭa taramak duraṭa hon̆da pætta aḍu vē. budha- ravi samaga yedīmada itāmat vāsanāvantayi. budha 02 vænnaṭada itā hon̆dayi. katāvaṭa dakṣayi. apakṣapātīva kaṭayutu karayi. pālanayaṭa hon̆dayi. viśēṣayen 02 vænnē budha – samaga ravi yedīmen samājaśīlī ayaku vannēya.budha 03 nohot vṛścikayē yedīmen buddhiya diyuṇuvē. nirmāṇa śaktiya hon̆dayi. 03 ravida siṭiviṭa paryēṣaṇa kāryayanhi niyǣlē. iṁjinēru hō rasāyanika aṁśayaṭa vaḍāt bara vē. budha 04 siṭina kanyā lagna himiyanṭa ārthikamaya pætten diyuṇuva salasā gata nohæki vuvat śāstrīya hā vidyātmaka dænumen prasiddhiyaṭa patveyi. kohoma namut lassana geyak nam hismi vanavāmayi. budha 05 siṭi viṭa ugatkamaṭa vaḍā prāyōgika hækiyāva ismatu karayi. 05 budha samaga ravi yedunaviṭa kārmika aṁśayē usas tattvayak himi kara ganī. budha 06 siṭina viṭa samājayē usas tænak himi karaganī. ravi budha saṁyōgaya (06) pālanayaṭa hitakarayi. budha 07 nīca vīma nisā śarīra saukhya tattvaya taramak apahasutā yedē. ehet potpat livīma (granthakaraṇaya) mādhya væni kṣētra vala niyǣḷē. budha 08 yedīmen kalin pævati tattvayē venasak æti kerē. jīvana gamana ekama kramayaka noyedē. budha 09 siṭina kanyā lagna himiyan piyā anukaraṇaya karayi. budha 10 ṭa itāmat śūbhayi (mithuna) śāstrīya aṁśayen vædagat tænak himi kara ganī. 11 vænnaṭada budha aśubha tattvayak udā nokarayi. budha 12 siṭina aya parārthakāmīhu veti. usas ayama āśraya karayi. 2010-11-06 siṭa budha kanyā lagna himiyangē 03 gaman karayi. kapaṭi māyamvalin hō yamyam dēval karana kālayaki. tamā gænama væḍi pura sitayi.

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