The four centers are desolate and not life is lonely


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් හතර කේන්ද්‍රය පාළු වූ පමණින් ජීවිතය පාළු නොවේ

Some planets, planetary compounds, planets, orbits that bring good or bad results are mentioned in the report. There is some understanding in the present society. Everybody knows it is more and more popular because of the wide range of publicity in the electronic media and in the print media. Many of them are good at this, knowing more about planetary compounds than the standard ones. In the meantime, Saturn Erasmus, Scarred Error, Dermatology, Sabotage, Fourth Descent, etc. are of utmost concern to the name. Among these points, the Saturn Eracta is a factor that affects everyone in general, but the other factors should be determined according to the Parents’ Center. Or else reminded of the planets. It is important to note in this regard that many Sri Lankans have become an obstacle to getting married. Even today’s senior doctors are only cursing negative feelings, as well as uncertainty, unwarranted fears, and they are cursing the seniority and the elderly. The purpose of this article is to educate you on how the center is centered and to make you feel comfortable with yourself and your friends as well as to the hundreds of thousands of deserted centurions. It is also helpful to the senior scholars of the country to cultivate this great heritage of the past, and to understand the correct facts to the clients who come to them.

The descent of the four centers is the absence of vishnu’s location or centers. That is in places 01, 04, 07, 10. The center shown here will make it clear to you. Because of the presence of planets in the parentheses 01, 04, 07, 10, the center has a long line. The first cell, or an organ, indicates the self-confidence of courage and the complete crash. Fourth, it says about the mother and the vehicles. The 7th is that marriage is said to be about the family, and 10th refers to father and job. The above facts are essential to everyone living in this world. So it’s important to decide for yourself how reasonable it is to reach conclusions that such planets are not located in such a way that they lose worldly resources. How can all four of these centers be ignored in the center of a single square? For example, if only planets in 10 of the planets contain planets, there is only a job for them. You need to think carefully about the loss of resources, such as housing, marriage, etc. For many people, the desolation of the 4th defines that such people are miserable and that the happiest aspect of the secular profile is good. Such a person has been recommended for many people who prefer to lay purifying and purifying. Most of the work done in the past was done as proposed marriages. There he became the chief justice and inspected the roots and decided not to decide the marriage. But today this has changed in society. After years of becoming better acquainted, I finally came to the Senior Tordinir. There are many occasions where both the expectant and married elderly and even the elderly of both parties are embarrassed. When some senior dyusphians take over the birth certificate, saying “in a way that does not mean a center of hatred of the hub is the center of this hub” within a few minutes, it is an obstacle to the existence of this great culture. Not only do you value the commercial value but carefully inspect the parenthesis sheet and place the location of the planets in the eye, do not pay attention to the subadoles and yoga, and immediately respond quickly? In the first instance, it is necessary to determine whether the birth chart has been correctly prepared for the time of birth and the birth date of that birthday. Even though Kalasarga Yoga is involved, life is unfortunate. The other planetary positions of the original should be considered.

1. If there are planets in the center of the lunar center in the absence of planets at the center of the genus, then the four core lapses are missing.

2. Similarly, if the birth chart is on the 5th and the 09th is in the top five or on the 9th, the four core lapses will be lost.

3. Further, the defects of the planets in the lower corners of the centers of the 1st, 4th, 07th, and 10th districts also erode.

4. Although there are no planets at the center, errors can be eliminated, such as the threshing of planets in other places, such as the throne of the throne.

5. With Oriental Integrated Planet, on May 2, 11, powerful secular wealth arrivals and secular enuresis grow.

6. The devotee raised by the 9th person and the 10th diviner will have a very good standard of living if they have been engaged in royal yoke. For example, if the birth chart of a virgin owner is four, it is desolate, but if Venus is a combination of bureaucrats, the Dhamma is the Karaaya.

Famous businessmen and politicians were born to the skilled senior Tuskers who were able to understand the true facts about the desolation of the four-point center. Even though the center was desolate, with top positions in the education sector in Sri Lanka, they were educated and well educated. .

It’s a great sin to squash small children that the four stars are lonely. Non-adultery is not a sin. Wearing robes, wearing embroidered robes, and giving away waistcoats. You need to pay attention to this. Do not refrain from doing so, as long as the senior diaspora is full of conservative ideas. It is a great destruction to the child and the great Buddha Sasana. By doing so, the four types are instead the Ninevit, and the fourth caste is an excursion. Furthermore, there is a time when all the relatives who are preparing the birthplace of a newborn child are told that they are not good in the four lair centers of the child’s birth chart. From that moment on, many people have been negatively affected by the sixteen-four-year-old child, and for the idiotic elders of the family, it is said that the four faces of the four children were badly attributed to bad things happen to the family. Therefore, it is high time for those who are more senior to trust their responsibilities with responsibility and trust in the knowledge of the astrologer as a knowledgeable public.

hatara kēndraya pāḷu vū pamaṇin jīvitaya pāḷu novē

śubha hō aśubha pratiphala gena dena ætæm graha pihiṭīm, graha saṁyōga, grahagōcara piḷiban̆dava jyedtiṣayē san̆dahan vē. ē piḷiban̆dava vartamāna jana samājaya tuḷa yam avabōdhayak pavatī. vidyut mādhya tulin menma mudrita mādhya tulinda jyedtiṣaya piḷiban̆dava puḷul katikāvaka ætivana nisāven venadāṭa vaḍā hæma denekma ē piḷiban̆da dænuvatya. mehidī bohō denek śubha yǣyi sammata dēṭa vaḍā aśubha graha saṁyōga piḷiban̆da dænumakin yuktavē. mē atara nama æsū pamaṇin biyaṭa patvana senasuru ērāṣṭakaya, bhauma dōṣaya (kuja dōṣaya), viṣakanyā yōgaya, kālasarpayōgaya, hatara kēndraya pāḷuvīma væni aṁśa pradhāna tænak ganī. mē karuṇu atara senasuru ērāṣṭakaya poduvē sǣma denāṭama balapāna sādhakayak vuvat anek karuṇu uppatti kēndraya anuva tīraṇaya kaḷa yutu sādhakavē. nætnam upapatti kēndrayē pihiṭi grahayan visin piḷim̆bibu karanu labayi. ē tuḷa viśēṣayen san̆dahan kaḷa yutu karuṇak lesa śrī laṁkāvē vesena bohō pirisakaṭa vivāha diviyaṭa ætuḷat vīmē prabala bādhāvak vī tibē. vartamānayē jyedtiṣavēdīn pavā evæni pihiṭīmak duṭu pamaṇin sṛṇātmaka adahas menma aviniścita tattvayan, aniyata biyakarutatvayak matu karanu labana nisāven nisi vayasa pasukaramin vivāha diviyaṭa ætuḷat vīmaṭa nohækiva jyedtiṣayaṭat, jyedtiṣavēdīnṭat śāpa karamin siṭī. mema lipiyē aramuṇa hatara kēndraya pāḷu vīma piḷiban̆dava obava dænuvat kirīma vana atara eya obaṭat obē hitavatunṭat satara kēndraya pāḷu sahita janmapatra himi lakṣa saṁkhyāta pirisaṭat yam sahanayak vanu noanumānaya. tavada atīta sṛṣivarungen pævata ena mema utum śāstraya praguṇakoṭa taman veta pæmiṇena sēvādāyakayan veta niværadi karuṇu avabōdha karadīmaṭa lakdiva purā visiruṇu jyedtiṣavēdīnṭa atvælak vīmaya.

hatara kēndraya pāḷuvīma yanu viṣṇu sthānaya nohot kēndrasthānavala grahayan tænpat novīmayi. enam 01, 04, 07, 10 yana sthānavala vē. mehi dækvena kēndra saṭahanena eya obaṭa manāva pæhædili vanu æta. ema janma patrayē 01, 04, 07, 10 yana koṭu tuḷa grahayan pihiṭā nomæti nisā kālasarpa yōgaya sahita kēndrayaki. kēndrayaka paḷamu koṭuva hevat lagnayen pudgalayakugē ātma viśvāsaya dhairya hā muḷu jīvitakṣaya gæna kiyavē. hatara vænnen mava piḷiban̆dava da gēdora yāna vāhana væni sampat piḷiban̆dava da kiyǣvē. 07 vænnen vivāhaya yugadiviya gæna kiyavena atara 10 vænnen piyā gæna hā rækiyāva piḷiban̆dava kiyǣvē. ihata dækvū karuṇu melova vesena sǣma ayakuṭama atyavaśya sādhaka vē. ebævina kēndrasthānavala evæni grahayan pihiṭiyē nætiviṭa laukika sampat ahimivēya yana nigamanavalaṭa eḷam̆bīma kotaram yuktisahagatada yanna obama tīraṇaya kirīma vædagatya. mema kēndrasthāna 04 ma vædagatkamak usulanu labayi nam ek koṭuvaka pamaṇa grahayan pihiṭīma tuḷa hatara kēndraya pāḷuva maga hærī kesē siduvēda? udāharaṇayak lesa 10 væni koṭuvē pamaṇak grahayan pihiṭā 01, 04, 07 sthānavala grahayan nomæti nam ē ayaṭa rækiyāvak pamaṇak himiya. nivāsa, vivāhaya væni sampat ahimida yanna niværadi manasakin sitā bæliya yutuya. manda bohō denā hatara kēndraya pāḷuvīma arthadakvannē evæni aya kālakaṇṇi bavat laukika pætikaḍaṭa vaḍā lōkōttara pætikaḍa suba bavatya. evæni aya gihi sæpa atahæra mahaṇa dam piriya yutuya yanna bohō denāgē nirdēśaya vī tibē. atītayēdī vivāhādī kaṭayutu bohōmayak sidu vuṇē yōjita vivāhayan lesini. ehidī jyedtiṣavēdiyā pradhāna vinisuru bavaṭa pat vī janma patra parīkṣā koṭa vivāhaya tīraṇaya kirīma hō nokirīma karana ladī. ehet ada samājaya tuḷa ema tattvaya venas vī tibē. vasara gaṇanaka siṭa dæna hæn̆dina gena āśraya kara avasānayē jyedtirvēdiyā vetaṭa pæmiṇē. ehidī vivāha apēkṣita ayat depārśvayē væḍihiṭi ādīn pavā apahasutāvanṭa patvana avasthā bohō æta. ætæm jyedtiṣavēdīn janma patraya ataṭa gat vigasa “mē kēndraya hatara kēndraya pāḷu kēndrayak mē kaṭayutta karannaṭa epā” yanna minittu kihipayak ætuḷata pævasīma mema utum śāstrayē pævætmaṭada bādhāvak vē. vāṇijamaya vaṭinākamvalaṭa pamaṇak multæna nodī taman veta læbena janma patraya hon̆din parīkṣākoṭa grahayangē pihiṭīm dṛṣṭi nækæt pādasmukha ādiyat yōga ādiya gænat sælakilimat novī kṣaṇikava praticāra dækvīma kotaram abhāgya sampannada? mehidī paḷamukoṭama kaḷa yutu deya nam ema upandinayaṭa upan vēlāvaṭa hā upan distrikkayaṭa niværadi lesa janma patraya piḷiyela kara ætida yanna niścaya kara gænīma vē. kālasarpa yōgaya yedī tibuṇada jīvita abhāgya sampanna novē. janma patrayē anek graha pihiṭīm piḷiban̆dava avadhānaya yomukaḷa yutuya.

1. janma patrayē kēndrasthānavala grahayan nomæti vuvat ema janma patrayaṭa adāḷa candra kēndrayē kēndrasthānavala grahayan pihiṭā ætnam hatara kēndra pāḷuva ahōsi vē.

2. esēma janma patrayē 05 vænna hā 09 vænna adhipatīn 05 vænnē hō 09 vænnē yedī tibī nam hatara kēndra pāḷuva ahōsi vē.

3. tavada 01, 04, 07, 10 yana kēndrasthānavalaṭa adhipati grahayan yahapat tænvala pihiṭīmenda dōṣa ahōsi vē.

4. kēndrasthānavala grahayan nomæti vuvada an sthānavala grahayan saṁyōga vīma samasaptama vīma væni tattvayak tuḷa siṁhāsana yōgayak væni tattvayanda æti kaḷa hæki bævin dōṣa ahōsi vē.

5.yōgakāraka grahayan lagnādhipati samaga 02, 11 vænnē balavatva prabala dhanayōga udākoṭa laukika sæpasampat vardhanaya vē.

6. tavada 09 vænnādhipati hā 10 vænnādhipati man̆gin ætivana dharmakarmādhipati rāja yōga tattvayan pavā yedī tibē nam itāmat yahapat jīvana tattvayak gena dē. udāharaṇa lesa kanyā lagna himiyakugē janma patraya hatara kēndraya pāḷu vuvat sikuru, budha saṁyōgava pavatīnam dharma karmādhipati rājayōgaya udāvē.

mē ākārayaṭa dakṣa jyedtiṣavēdīn haṭa hatara kēndraya pāḷuvīma piḷiban̆dava niværadi karuṇu avabōdha kara gata hæki atara kēndraya pāḷu vuvat śrī laṁkāvē adhyāpana kṣētraya tuḷa ihaḷa nilatala dærūvanda suprasiddha vyāpārikayanda, dēśapālanagnayan da upata labā æti atara ē aya jīvitayē yahapat adhyāpanayak pavul jīvitayat gata karamin samājayaṭada imahat sēvāvak karana ladī.

hatara kēndraya pāḷu yǣyi kiyā kuḍā daruvan mahaṇa kirīma viśāla pāpayaki. mahaṇa novī siṭīma pāpayak novē. mahaṇavī sivuru pæḷan̆da væradi kaṭayutu kirīma, sivuru athæra yæm væni tatatvayan æti karanu labayi. mē piḷiban̆dava obē avadhānaya yomu kaḷa yutu vē. gatānugatika adahas valin piripun jyedtiṣavēdiyā kī pamaṇin daruvan mahaṇa kirīmen vaḷakinna. eya ema daruvāṭat utum vū buddha śāsanayaṭat karanuq labana mahat vū vināśayaki. esē kirīmen siduvannē hatara vargayama nivan yæma venuvaṭa hatara varigaya ma apāgata vīmaki. tavada aḷuta upan daruvakugē janma patraya piḷiyeḷa karanu labana jyedtiṣavēdiyā siyaluma gnatīn idiriyē mē daruvāgē janma patraya hatara kēndraya pāḷuyi læbīmvalaṭa yahapat novē yǣyi hari uddāmayakin yuktava pavasana avasthā æta. ema mohotē siṭa bohō pirisak vetin hayahatara nodat daruvā kerehi æti karanu labannē sṛṇātmaka dṛṣṭhiyak vana atara væḍihiṭi ādīngē mōḍakamvalaṭa svābhāvika hētun mata ema pavulē siduvana ayahapat siduvīm san̆dahāda ihata kī daruvāgē hatara kēndraya pāḷuvama hētuviya yǣyi pævasīma daknaṭa læbē. ebævin jyedtiṣavēdīn ovungē yutukam vagakīmen yuktava iṭukirīmaṭat mahajanatāva vaśayen jyetiṣavēdiyāgē dænuma piḷiban̆da avabōdha karagena pavasana anāvæki manā avabōdhayen viśvāsa kirīmaṭat kālaya eḷam̆ba tibē.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2012/06/15.