LESSON 03 – Planetary Aspects

අධි ග්‍රහයා
අධි ග්‍රහයා
  • All planets aspect the 7th house from themselves. 
  • Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th, and 10th house from itself.
  • Mars aspects the 4th,7th and 8th house from itself.
  • Jupiter aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th house from itself.

Planetary Aspects

It can also be noted that the lords of opposite houses are enemies of each other. The seventh sign from the uccha (exalted sign) rashi is the neecha (debilitation) rashi of the same planets. For example Cancer is the uccha rashi for Jupiter, and its opposite sign of Capricorn, is the neecha rashi for Jupiter. Similar is the case for other planets. The debilitated sign is always the opposite sign of the exalted sign. Similarly, the rulers of opposite signs are enemies of each other, or at least, they are not friends of each other.

Here is one question that arises: How can a benefic planet aspect its enemy s house or its neecha rashi by benefic sight?  

Certainly it will not as it can only malefically aspect its enemy s sign. If any planet is in its exalted sign, such as Jupiter in Cancer, its aspect will be on Capricorn, which is its neecha rashi.

As per the write up in the old hand written book, it was clearly mentioned that a planet with more than 4 benefic points will aspect in the same strength, but in a malefic manner. Similarly any planet with less then 4 benefic points, will aspect in a benefic manner, equal to 8 minus the points of the planet. In other words, if any planet has only 2 benefic points then its aspect will be benefic by 8-2 = 6 points.  The following table gives the values of the planetary aspects.