Marriage of the Female Spouse – Part 2

Chart data: Female – Born July 4, 1972
22h 20 in Jaipur, India
Zone 5.30
Longitude: 75E49
Latitude: 25N55
Krushna s Ayanamsa: 22:27:45

figure 6
figure 7

Determining the right period

This analysis will be extended to include the chart of the wife for a more intimate look at the marriage and the timing of events as it concerns the two of them.

We know she married her husband on the 24th of November in 1991. This was her Venus-Rahu period. Rahu in this case is representing the Sun and Saturn and thus cannot give results because both the Sun and Saturn are in opposing signs in the 1st and 7th houses as lords of these houses. The Jupiter antra would have been a better indicator for this marriage.

If so, then how do we then explain this marriage?

  1. Venus is in Mrigishira, a nakshatra ruled by Mars
  2. Mars is in the Venus navamsa
  3. Rahu is in the 12th house in the Rasi chart

This could make the girl very attractive and the parents could have arranged the marriage as soon as possible. This has to be understood against the background of the cultural context.

Looking at the relationship between the first and third houses and the first and ninth houses, we see that the Lord of the first and the ninth are conjunct and close together. The Lords of the first and the third have a 3:11 relationship. This indicates a close relationship between the parents and the daughter and blessings, especially from the father.

Looking at the day of the marriage, the Moon was transiting in Gemini, and was therefore in her 5th house. (as discussed in lesson 33 in the paragraph on Muhurta.)

figure 8


Evaluate the chart by looking at the following:

  1. For any event, the Functional Karaka and the Natural Karaka should not be afflicted and should get at least 12 points in the Worksheet. Here we look at the points for the 5th house. We know that the lord of the 12th house, Saturn, is also the karaka or the lord of A.  In this case, Saturn is the Functional Karaka (FK) and Jupiter is the Natural Karaka (NK).
  2. The Lords of D and E also play an important role. They should not be afflicted.
  3. The 8th house and its lord should be healthy and not afflicted.
  4. Lastly we look at the 5th house. It should not be afflicted by Mars and/or Rahu.

If everything is OK, then, normally, there may be childbirth in the first sub period of a strong significator or in the lords of D and E.

Some other considerations

  • If the points of the male chart are in rising order for the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses, the first child is likely to be a female. Rising points in those houses indicate more stress and this gives a female child (more stress = female child). But this is not a strict rule. These houses are D,B,C,E as seen  from house A, using the 6th house as the focus house.
  • Childbirth. When the first and ninth lords are in a 5:9 relationship, it is said that the person will receive blessings from his/her father/Guru. Such a  thing reduces the delay in a marriage and also helps in conceiving a child/children.
  • Zero points in the 9th house, or zero points in the 8th house for the female chart  can also deny childbirth.
  • In a male chart, conception occurring during the sub period of the 10th lord often gives a male child, but this is not a strict rule.

Determining which sub periods can give childbirth after marriage

When looking at childbirth factors, both the parent s charts should always be considered.  First, we will once again look at the male s chart and then the female s chart. Instead of entering the birth data for both charts once again, I will refer back to the Figure references from Lesson 33 as well as references in this lesson.

1. Male chart

We know the native married in a Jupiter sub period, so we will determine if Jupiter can give conception and what following periods are also favourable.

For the male chart, the 5th house is considered. For the female chart also the 11th is taken under consideration together with the 5th. The 12th house is for conception. (see Figure 9). 

We know the zero in the 9th house is nullified because the 1st and 9th lords are in a 5:9 relationship, so this zero is not going to affect childbirth in any way.

Sub periods 

  1. Jupiter:  Jupiter is the lord of the 12th with 6 points so he could give results but as it only has 10 points in the worksheet, there is less of a chance. (Here you should check the female chart also.) Jupiter is nevertheless the Lord of E

for the 12th house (conception), so it will be eager to give results. As there is 1 zero, this happened in the second part of Jupiter s antra.

  • Saturn: Saturn is aspecting House B for the 5th. It s samdharmi to Venus, so Venus can give the results. Saturn itself has low points for the 5th and the 12th.
  • Mercury: Mercury has strong points for the 5th and 12th houses. It is also the LOD for the 5th, so it s more likely to give results.
  • Ketu:  Ketu represents Venus, followed by the Venus period.

From this we can see that the subs of Jupiter and Mercury are eager to give results, even if we only consider the father s chart.

Birth of the children

The first child was a male, born in November of 1992 (conception around  Feb. of 1992)  which was the Jupiter-Jupiter period.

The second child was a female born in July of 1996 (conception around Oct/Nov of 1995) which was the Jupiter-Mercury period.

Transit of the Sun

Mercury and Venus have good points for the 5th in the Worksheet. They are both LOD and LOE for the 5th house. When we change the focus to the 12th house as B, Mars and Jupiter now become the Lords of D and E for the 12th.  So we should consider the transit of the Sun in one of those signs or nakshatras in order for conception to take place. But we also have to check out the female spouse s chart. This is only the procedure for finding the possible date of conception and birth.

2) Female chart

In the female chart we also should consider the 11th house and the 5th house. 

We see Mars has zero points for the 5th house. (see Figure 6).

Mars is Functional Karaka for the 3rd and 8th houses. (see Figure 7).

Mars is in the 6th house, for the 11th as the focus house, but being in Cancer with only 2 points, it is useless because it is debilitated. For the 11th house, we should therefore not consider Mars as having any power.

The first child was born in a Venus-Jupiter period and was conceived in a Venus Rahu period.

The second child was born in a Venus-Saturn period and was conceived in the same period.

Sub periods:

  1. Rahu: Rahu represents Saturn and Saturn is in House E when the 11th house is the focus. Saturn also has 5 points for the 4th, house C for conception. (see Fig. 9)

Rahu also represents the Sun and is acting as samdharmi. Because of this relationship, the sight of the Sun on the 11th house (for the 11th house focus) should not been considered here.

  • Saturn: It is in House E for the 11th house focus, where it has 5 bindus, so it cannot give bad results for the 11th, although it reduces the strength of the 6th house (A)

Saturn here again is LOE for the 11th house focus and LOC for the 12th house focus. (see Fig. 9)

  • Jupiter: Jupiter is LOD for the 5th. (see Fig. 8).
figure 9