LESSON 27 – How To Find the Timing Event


I think that every body has followed so far, how to calculate the strength of the planets for each and every house. 

All the good and beneficial results are achieved in the sub periods of powerful planets and in the sub of lord of D and E and samdharmi to these planets.

Astrologically Timing an Event

If the result is not good or not beneficial, the result may be experienced in the planet having less points. This is experienced particularly for marriage.

For divorce, no children, or the death of the life partner, marriage may be in the sub of the planet having less points. Similar results may be assumed for other events of the life. (sometimes, we may fail here in finding the timing event, because we never go for a bad result.) A chart with a delayed marriage sometimes gets the result in the planet having less points, but a person does not find happiness with such a relationship. 

Only the event of Death happens in the sub of a planet having more points, or the planet has less points for the 3rd house and more points in the 8th house. (The 3rd house is life and the 8th is death) 

Some results are time bound, and depend upon the age factor, while other results are dependent upon various factors such as childbirth, which should be after marriage and not before.

In considering all the points, we must ascertain the sub period for any event. Once the sub period is fixed, then the second point is to find the probable date. Here we can take the help from the Sun’s transit.  The Sun is boss of all the planets. 

The event happens when the transit of the Sun is in the constellation and the sign of powerful planets. For this we have a chart indicating the date of the event. 

We have already studied that the events indicated by any house depends upon counting 6 houses in a backward direction, or 8 houses in a forward direction to arrive at the same point. If we start from the 7th house as a focus house (B), the house of marriage, it depends upon the 2nd house (House A), and the 2nd house, depends upon the 9th house (count 8 houses from House A), which depends upon 4th house, (Count 8 houses from the 4th,etc.), 4th on 11th, 11th on 6th, 6th on 1st, 1st on 8th, 8th on 3rd, 3rd on 10th, 10th on 5th, 5thon 12th and 12th on 7th . Here we complete the circle. 

In the Indian culture, generally the sequence is 7th, then 12th , then 5th, (counting forward in increments of 6 houses at a time). Sometimes, in the western culture, it goes in a reverse direction, for example, the 5th, then 12th and lastly the 7th.  For a love marriage, a similar sequence is involved. The 5th for friendship, the 12th for coming closer, and then the 7th, for converting the relationship into a life partnership. 

Now, for finding the event for marriage, the 2nd house is an important one. So the transit of the Sun should be with the planet having good points in the 2nd house along with 7th house.We must study the status of each and every planet, its lordship, and the power gained due to the planets. ( if the power is gained due to 12th lord from 7th, it should be discarded. ) This portion has already been given in detail, so I do not want to repeat it. 

Once the sub period is fixed, and if it satisfies other conditions, ( i.e., age, if delay is indicated, etc.) then we should select other two planets which are second and third in strength. This way we have 3 planets. One is used for the Sub, and the other two for the transits.  Here we must not neglect the first planet, it may come again in transit, due to more power, lordship of either D or E, or being samdharmi to other powerful planets. ( if these planets are lord of Moon, lagna lord or the constellation lord, they may come forward). 

Some planets can not come together, for example,Saturn and Mercury,  because there is no sign ruled by Saturn which has is in the Nakshatra of Mercury, or vice versa. 

One thing we must consider is that these planets should have at least 12 points for the 2nd house. 

There is a chart, in discussion, in the SATVA group. Date of Birth 4th Jan 1966. Birth time 5:20 pm (GMT +1)  at Schona 49N52, 08E39 . Cancer Lagna 0:59. (See Figure 1).

This is a chart of a delayed marriage, because it is has zero points in the 2nd and 8th house, due to the Moon and Saturn respectively. He can marry in a Venus Sub in the last phase, which means after the 13th May 2005, to 3rd April 2006. 

Now, other planets for transit can be Mars and Saturn, which can be possible in Scorpio 3:20 to 16:40, or in Capricorn, the last 6:40 degrees and the start of Aquarius at 6:40.  From this we can find the date which comes to the 18th of Nov to the 1st of Dec, 2005 or the 9th of Feb to the 21st of  Feb,2006. 

He is jobless, his work situation being indicated by Mars and Mercury. So he can go for military, police or similar work in the current period of  3rd April to 15th April. 

His father passed away in the son s Ju-Ju dasa (Figure 1), on December 24, 1995. (Sun s transit in Sagittarius with Jupiter,Mars and Mercury. See Figure 3).  Jupiter is lord of E for the father s death (Figure 1), and is samdharmi to Venus in the Navamsha chart (Figure 1). 

Note that Sun, Mars and Mercury and Jupiter have less points in the 11th house, the house of life. See Figure 2). 

In this way we can find two or three dates for a event. In considering the status of the planets, we can finalize the date for pin point accuracy. 

figure 1 – Son’s natal chart
figure 2 – Worksheet for Son
Figure 3 – Father’s Death Transit Chart