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සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින්

ඔබ ගැන බොහෝ කරුණු කේන්දරයේ ලියා තිබේ

This is a Google word to word translation of Divaina

Many today bring up the issue and ask when the marriage will take place. In the Astrology, marriage is the interconnection of two.

If the seven-sided owner is stuck in a friendly or well-kept field or if there are a number of fields, he will get married at the age of 5 or 9, or soon (usually outside the normal routine). This is not a legal marriage)

If Ravi is seven and 11, he or she is associated with Venus.

The same time the two spirits and 7th owner in the 11th row. Married at age 10 or 16.

He is married at the age of 11 when he is in the vicinity of the Petra Center and the Rapid Fire Dragon. At the age of seven, or at the age of 19, marriages take place at the Venetian center, where the Shenni is 7th.

She is married at the age of 18 at the age of 18 when she is 9. Marriage occurs at the age of 14 or 20 when he is transferred to the MR or the 7th major transfers. The head of the 7th is, and the officer is JA10, then the couple marry at the age of 15.

She is married at the age of 27 when she is 7th, 7th or 9th. If you were in Stagy 8, you would be married at age 33, if you were with a wolf in the last year.

On sperm or on Rahu, marriage occurs at the age of 17 or 30.

When the 5th semester was 5, there are 13 marriages in marriage.

8 will be married at age 25 or 33 at the age of 8 to the Lagdandin antecedent semester.

There are five wives in the group who have been together with the Governor of the seven seven to ten.

If the governor of the seventh is the one with the third highest number with 11, he is 5 wives. If there is a seminal spirited virgin or queen who has the dominant dominance of the ruler 7, the emperors will have many clutches.

If there is an integral helper, if there is a welter, he gets some mushrooms. If the centaurs are two or seven centimeters, then a single wife will be able to get it if it is in a higher or higher altitude.

7 The 7 or 7 dominant vision of a dominant 2 or 7, centered or triangular, or two or seven dominant viewpoints, but having 7 masters 7, 7 or 7, there are many.

There are only a few sins or if the prince 7 is in the wrong with the sinful conjunctions, he is three wives.

7 If he has a dominant climax, he or she is more or less likely to be the 10th owner or even the longest.

If the 7th or 7th is connected with the master, the wives are said to be dead. But nowadays, divorce or separation will take place instead of death.

7 If the governor is weak in the number 6, 8, 12, and his wife is depressed, his wife will be killed. Marriage would fail.

7 A member of a large number of goodies and a good-luck fan, the wife of Jenya’s family comes from an important family,

If an infidels or fugitives have received a sins, the wife of the deceased belongs to an inferior family.

7 If he has a large number of goodwill and the second son of Zaccum, he will receive a perfect wife.

If you are in the hub of the main impressions, if you are mixed up or in the same team or at a top level, you will get a nice and pretty wife.

If Rahu appears in the lair of the Heads of 7 and 6, his wife is a low-ranking person.

7 When there is a large number of shrines or sculptures, when there are 7 or 7 sculptures, they receive a wife with a lower character.

When the moon with the spider veins appears in the moon, or in the epoch, or in the inertia, a tidal wife suffers from a tumble.

If one of the two eupernitrockeal clips or one of the seminal deposits comes to grips, if the moon is received, the first woman will marry him.

When seven or seven of Venus are with Venus, or the second being in the balustrade or in the balance with the dominant scepter, or at the age of 7 or when the seven ruler is involved, a boy who defends the character gets married.

If Shani 7 and 7 are in control, and poor spirits, Jania will not get a healing from his wife.

6, 7, and 8, 3, where the death of sin is in the same way as the marriage is unfortunate.

7 If the governor is tempted or abusively sins at the time of the eighth or twelve o’clock, or the sins of the sins or the sins of the yoke, he will never be able to survive the marriage.

If Kujja 7 8 or 12 is in the same position, then the head of the officer will be twice as likely as the two.

2, 6, 7 from one of the four dominant or souvenirs, if one has a sin with, he adores his wives before his wife. If this is the case, then this is more prominent.

4, 6, and 7, when Mom was nine, his father was a low-end character. This is the same if the Governor of the 4th, 6th or 7th Governor has nine names. Also, when the 6 planets are headed, four are called four.

7. If the governor has less than 2 degrees at 9, then he / she has relations with the spouse of the spouse.

oba mama gæna kēndarayē bohō karuṇu liyā tibē

ada bohō denā janma patraya rægena vit asana praśnaya vannē vivāhaya sidu vannē kavadāda yannayi. jyetiṣayēdī vivāhaya yanu dedenekugē sambandha vīmaki.

satvænna himiyā mituru hō śubha rāśiyaka tænpat vī siṭiyadī hō kṣētra ræsaka siṭi kalhi vayasa 5 hō 9 dī nætahot itā ikmanin (sāmānya siritaṭa piṭin) vivāha vanu æta. meya nītyānukūla vivāha vīmak nova)

ravi hatē siṭina atara ravi siṭina rāśiya himiyā sikuru samaga sambandha vī ætnam vayasa 7 hō 11 dī vivāha veyi.

śukra dekē saha 7 adhipati 11 vana rāśiyē siṭi viṭadī ema janmiyā. vayasa 10 dī hō 16 dī vivāhavē.

sikurā kēndrasthānaya hā lagnādhipatiyā makara hō kumbha rāśiyē siṭi viṭadī vayasa 11 dī vivāhavē. sikuru kēndrasthānayaka siṭina atara śani śukra gen 7 vænnē siṭi viṭadī vayasa 12 dī hō 19 dī vivāhaya siduvē.

śukra san̆dugen saha śanigen 7 vænnē tænpat va siṭiviṭadī vayasa 18 dī vivāhaya siduvē. lagnādhipati hō 7 adhipati sthāna māru karagena siṭiyadī vayasa 14 dī hō 20 dī vivāhaya siduvē. satvænna adhipatiyā 11 vænnēda lagnādhipati yā 10 yēda siṭīnam ema janmiyā vayasa 15 dī vivāha vē.

sikuru 7 vænnē hō 9 vænnē da hata adhipati śukragen 7 vænnē siṭi viṭadī ema chanmiyā vayasa 27 dī vivāhavē. śani 8 siṭiyadī lagnādhipati śukra samaga ek vī siṭiya hot vayasa 33 dī vivāha veyi.

śukra pas vænnēda rāhu ekolahēda siṭi viṭadī vayasa 17 dī hō 30 dī vivāhaya siduvē.

śukra 5 siṭi viṭadī 5 adhipati 9 siṭi viṭadī vayasa 22 dī vivāhaya siduvē.

8 adhipati 8 siṭa lagnādhi pati śukra samaga yeduna viṭadī vayasa 25 dī hō 33 dī vivāhavē.

hata adhipati 5 adhipati samaga ekaṭa siṭa 12 adhipatiṭa penemin lagnayē siṭi viṭadī ema pudgalayanaṭa biriyan 5 denek siṭī.

hatvænna adhipati 5 adhipati samaga tunvænnē saṁyōgama siṭiyadī 11 vænna adhipatiṭa penē nam ohuṭa biriyan 5 deneki. śukra mituna kanyā dhanu hō mīṇa rāśiyaka siṭina atara ema rāśiya adhipati (buda hō guru) uccavada 7 adhipati balavatva siṭiya hot ema chanmiyanaṭa bohō am̆buvō læbē.

7 adhipati nira ræsaka siṭina atara śubhayakuṭa penē nam ohuṭa am̆buvan kihipa deneku læbē. śukra da deka saha 7 adhipatiyan kēndra trikōna ucca hō skṣetra sthānayaka siṭiya hot ohuṭa ek birin̆dak pamaṇak himivē.

7 adhipati 2 hō 7 dakimin kēndra hō trikōṇa sthānayaka siṭīma hō 2 hō 7 adhipati dṛṣṭiya læbuvan ema dedenā ekaṭa siṭiyat 7 adhipati 2 hō 2 adhipati 7 siṭiyat ohuṭa bohō am̆buvan siṭī.

2 vænnē pāpayan kihipa denek siṭina atara hō 7 adhipatiyā pāpayan samaga yōga vī siṭina viṭa śukra kētu samaga siṭī nam ohuṭa biriyan tideneki.

7 adhipati uccama svarāṣi gatava hō digbalava 10 vænna himiyā samaga hō dahavænna himiyāgē dṛṣṭi labamin siṭiya hot ohuṭa am̆buvan bohō siṭī.

devænna hō 7 adhipati samaga pāpa grahayin sambandhava ætnam ema pāpa grahayingē pamaṇaṭa biriyan miya yana bava san̆dahanva tibē. namut ada kālayē esē miyayanu venuvaṭa dikkasāda hō ven vīm sidu venu æta.

7 adhipatiyā durvalava 6, 8, 12 yana sthānayaka siṭī nam saha sikuru nīcava siṭī nam ohugē birin̆da næsē. hevat vivāhaya asārthaka vanu æta.

7 adhipati śubha rāśiyaka saha śubha navāṁśakayaka ayatva śubha grahayangē bælma labamin siṭīnam janmiyāgē birin̆da vædagat pavulakaṭa ayat vē.

saturu rāśiyaka hō saturu navāṁśakaya pāpa dṛṣṭi læba siṭī nam ema chanmiyāgē birin̆da pahat pavulakaṭa ayatya.

7 adhipati śubha rāśiyaka saha śukra devænna balavatva siṭī nam ohuṭa aṁga sampūrṇa birin̆dak læbē.

7 adhipati subayanṭa penemin kēndrasthānayaka siṭī nam miśra hō sama hō ucca navāṁśakayaka siṭī nam ohuṭa lassana hurubuhuṭi biriyak læbē.

7 saha 6 adhipatin lagnayē tænpatvī rāhuṭa penē nam ohugē birin̆da pahat caritayak ættiyeki.

7 adhipati śani hō kujagē rāśiyaka tænpat vī siṭi viṭadī ema rāśiya himi kuja hō śani 7 siṭi viṭadī pahat caritayak æti biriyak læbē.

kuja śukra samaga san̆duṭa penemin mēṣa hō vṛṣcikayē hō navaṁśaka vala hō siṭiviṭadī dusiritayehi æḷuna birin̆dak læbē.

śukra makara kumbha dekē ekaka hō śukra tænpat navaṁśakayakaṭa śani yōga vī æti viṭadī san̆dugē bælma læbuṇa hot vivāhayaṭa prathama caritaya kælæl karagat striyak vivāhayaṭa læbē.

hata adhipati sikuru samaga sikurugē rāśiyaka hō devænna adhipati śukra samaga vṛṣabha hō tulāvē tænpat vū viṭa dī hō kuja 7 siṭi viṭadī hō 7 adhipatiyā samaga ek vū viṭadī caritaya kelesā gat yuvatiyak vivāhayaṭa læbē.

śani 7 saha 7 adhipati 12 siṭina atara durvala śukra siṭiya hot chanmiyāṭa birin̆dagen suvayak nolæbenu æta.

6, 7, 8 yana sthāna 3 hima pāpayan tænpat vī siṭīmen vivāhaya avāsanāva nivasaṭa gena āvā væniya.

7 adhipatiyā nimava hō asva pāpayan samaga hō haya aṭa hō doḷaha yana nækata siṭina atara hō pāpa dṛṣṭi hō pāpa yōgada yedē nam ohuṭa kisi dinaka vivāha suvaya vin̆dīmaṭa nohæka.

kuja 7 8 hō 12 yana tænakada ē kuja siṭina rāśiya adhipatiyā 2 vænnē siṭa 6 vænna atara siṭī nam ema chanmiyā devarak vivāha venu æta.

2, 6, 7 adhipati hō śukra yana 4 denāgen kenek pāpayaka samaga siṭī nam siya birin̆daṭa vaḍā pera am̆buvanṭa lol vena ayeki. mesē mē grahayan lagnayē hō 7 siṭī nam vaḍāt meya prakaṭa vē.

4, 6, 7 yana grahayan ek vī 9 siṭi viṭadī chanmiyāgē piyā pahat caritayak ætteki. meya 4 adhipati 6 hō 7 adhipatiṭa 9 da himi nam ehi tænpat vū viṭada esēmayi. emenma 6,7 adhipatīn 9 adhipati ṭa 4 da himi nam ema grahayin 4 tænpat vū viṭadī esēmayi.

7 adhipati 9 vænnē aṁśaka 2 ṭa aḍuven siṭī nam vivāhakayāgē sahōdarī samaga sambandhatā pavatvā ganī.