Physical characteristics Identify the girl before marriage according to science


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් දේහ ලක්‍ෂණ විද්‍යාව අනුව විවාහයට පෙර පෙම්වතිය හඳුනාගන්න

The techniques of physiology can be traced to her characteristic features of a woman’s face. The face of a person is a characteristic mirror. Just because you see one’s face for the first time, you want to talk to him or her and make friends. Some will see it when they see the face.

These faces are reserved for seven other major planets, except for Rahu and Cotta.

Rivoli is a triangular face

The crown of the head is thinner and has a chestnut face. Leadership, prestige, and ability to subjugate others in their own hands. These women are skilled at home, in the village or society. There is also the possibility of becoming a major supporter of the city or country.

They regard equality, race, religion, caste, gender, and equality. He invites his associates to outrun. The result is either good or bad, according to its opinion. Often the results are good. It is very rare. A tall and tough body. So much for health. Many are cautious about cooking. That is the main reason for health. He likes to be friendly even with his enemies to achieve his goal.

Much endeavors make his partner focus on his ideas. Sincerely love. The body is an intense body. Nozzle inflammation is prone to diseases like blood pressure. She has long life. Ravi was born at a powerful moment.

Circular face of the Moon

There is a full face like a full moon. The moon is owned by the Holy Spirit. Pleasant preferences. A person with a change of temperament and kindness has a kind heart. It does not hesitate to help others. Medium or small body. The skin is crisp. Impossibly, immense and noisy. Most often, the moon was born in the Cardenary of the Cossacks. It causes swine fever, mild infections, asthma, asthma.

I do not like working hard. The brain is hardworking. Cold food and beverages may be cold. She loves daytime. He does not want to be in first position, or he will not. He takes second place and honors the head. He lovingly coaxed his partner and chose to live and obey him.

Face of a magnetized planet

The Head Feast and the Chin area are equally wavelength-shaped, with the Fourier Plate. Personality, courage, courage, passion, and fighting. I do not want to accept advice from others. He acts according to his own ideas. If contested, they will fight to death. He likes to get jobs such as Army, Police and Security.

Artistic ideas do not arise. Women like this work hard to work equally. He loves his partner most. Owls are born in stigmas, at a strong moment.

Triangular face of Mercury

The head and shoulders of the head chin are crowned with a triangle-shaped face. This is due to the air. He is intelligent. Act wisely. He seeks to think about people he is associating with.

Following the role of his partner, he gives full support to his work. If a partner is a good person, he helps his good deeds, and if a bad person does not hesitate to support his bad works. Learning to learn. Kindness has the ability to talk, feel free to talk and write, and announcing tasks. When the Mercury is strong, the virgin is born out of the cardigan.

Eyebrows belonging to Earth

There is an oblong face with a similar width from the head to the chin. The teacher belongs to the spirited one. His hair is thin. There is a tall giant body. When the middle age is over, the body is obese. Teaching non-tiring teacher service, such as advisory services. Boney meditation is good for community service to religious activities. The partner is trying to make a positive contribution to the good. Mild diseases, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, are easy. It is especially noteworthy that the legend was born in the mines of the school, when the teacher was at a mighty time.

Venerable face of planet Venus

Most pleasing and comfortable face. Often the hair is wrinkled. Venus belongs to the satan of Satan. Preferred lips are well positioned. There is a smile on the eyes of the spectators. You have the ability to speak good words. Very soon it gets worse, gets angry, but quickly settles. Every effort is made to achieve justice fairly impartially. It loves the smell of beautiful clothes. It is systematically doing its job. The room, the residence in which it is occupied, and the surrounding environment keep it clean. Flowers like many flowers. Donate anything for the sake of love. Although it is old enough, there is no difference in love. Cosmetics, Perfume Fabrication, Art Work, Floriculture are perfect for them. Sufferers often suffer from malaise. Venus is often born at a very strong moment.

Saturn is an old-fashioned face of Saturn

Elderly looks older than her age. Saturn has a hero. No preference. Often mournful, nervous, and evil. To be nice, clean clothes are not necessary. Black, dark blue, and brownish clothes. Very simple. Simple. Work regularly. Relaxation is low. Make money. Serves as a slave to a partner.

Is concerned about spending. Think of the Hereafter more than this world. There is no desire in the luxury of secular life. Honesty does not try to deceive others. Diabetes is difficult to treat, such as a cold loaf. Saturn is born in a powerful earthquake at Saturn.

It is possible to determine the shape of the face with a very careful look at which type of girlfriend it belongs to.

dēha lakṣaṇa vidyāva anuva vivāhayaṭa pera pemvatiya han̆dunāganna

kāntāvakagē muhuṇē hæḍayen æyagē carita lakṣaṇa kivahæki krama dēha lakṣaṇa vidyāvē san̆dahan vē. muhuṇa kenekugē carita lakṣaṇa kiyāpāna kæḍapataki. kenekugē muhuṇa paḷamu varaṭa duṭu pamaṇin apaṭa ohu hō æya saman̆ga kathā kara mitra vīmaṭa sitē. samaharakugē muhuṇa duṭu viṭa ahaka balā gænīmaṭa siteyi.

rāhu, kētu yana chāyā grahayan hæra, anek pradhāna grahayin sat denāṭa mema muhuṇu ven kara æta.

ravi grahayāṭa ayat trikōṇākāra muhuṇa

his muduna sihinva nikaṭa pradēśayaṭa kramayen mahatva pihiṭi muhuṇa ravi siṭi agni bhūtayaṭa ayatya. nāyakatvaya, abhimānavatbava, anyayan tama matayaṭa yaṭat kara gænīmē hækiyāva mema ayaṭa upatinma pihiṭā æta. nivasē pālanaya, gam pradēśayē hō samājayē hō mūlikatvaya dærīmaṭa mema kāntāvan itā dakṣaya. epamaṇak nova nagarayē hō raṭē hō pradhāna pālikāva vīmē hækiyāvada æta.

vargaya, jātiya, āgama, kulaya, strī puruṣa bava nosalakā hæmaṭa samānatvayen salakayi. tamā æsurē siṭina aya abhibavā kriyākirīmaṭa peḷam̆beyi. pratiphalaya hon̆da hō vēvā naraka hō vēvā tama mataya anuvama kriyākarayi. bohō viṭa pratiphala yahapat vē. ayahapat vannē itā kalāturakini. usa mahata śaktimat śarīrayak himivē. bohō heyin nirōgiya. āhārapāna gænīmēdī bohō vimasilimat vē. nirōgi vīmaṭa pradhāna hētuva eyayi. tama aramuṇa iṭukara gænīma san̆dahā tama saturan saman̆ga vuvada mituruvīmaṭa kæmati vē.

tama sahakaru tamāgē adahas valaṭa næm̆buru kara gænīmaṭa bohō utsāha darayi. avaṁkava ādaraya karayi. pita adhika śarīrayaki. āmāśagata dævilla rudhira pīḍanaya væni rōgavalaṭa goduru vē. dīrghāyuṣa vin̆diyi. ravi balavat vū vēlāvaka upata labā æta.

san̆du grahayāṭa ayat vṛttākāra muhuṇa

punsan̆da men piruṇu muhuṇak æta. san̆du himi jala bhūtayāṭa ayatya. priya manāpa gatiya æta. nitara venasvana suḷu gatiguṇa æti saukhya kāruṇika hadavatak himiya. anunṭa udav upakāra kirīmaṭa pasubaṭa novē. madhyama hō kuḍā pramāṇayē hō śarīrayak himiya. sama pæhæpatya. siyumæliya, næhæya sihinva usva pihiṭā æta. bohō viṭa san̆du balavat vū vēlāvaka kaṭaka lagnayen upata labā æta. pīnas rōga, sema adhika asanīpa, hatiya, æduma væni rōga sādayi.

śarīraya mahansi karana væḍavalaṭa kæmati næta. moḷaya vehesā karana væḍa kaṭayutuvalaṭa dakṣaya. sītala āhāra pāna sītala dēśaguṇaya aguṇa viya hækiya. divā kālayē nindaṭa priya karayi. paḷamu tænaṭa patvīmaṭa hō pradhānatvaya dærīmaṭa hō kæmati næta. devæni tæna labāgena pradhāniyāṭa garu karamin kaṭayutu karayi. sahakaruṭa itā hitavatva ohuṭa pradhānatvaya dī kīkaruva jīvatvīmaṭa sitayi.

kuja grahayāṭa ayat caturaśrākāra muhuṇa

his muduna pradēśaya saha nikaṭa pradēśaya eka samānava paḷalva hataræsva hæḍayen yukta muhuṇa kuja grahayāṭa himi paṭhavi bhūtayaṭa ayatya. pauruṣatvaya, eḍitara kama nirbhīta bava, idiripat vīmē gatiya, saṭanaṭa kæmati bava pennum karayi. anungē avavāda upades piḷigænīmaṭa kæmati næta. tama adahas anuvama kaṭayutu karayi. saṭanaṭa idiripat vuvahot maraṇaya dakvāma saṭan karayi. yuda hamudāva, polisiya, ārakṣaka sēvaya væni rækiyāvalaṭa priya karayi.

kalātmaka adahas pahaḷavannē næta. mevæni kāntāvan pirimin hā samānava væḍakirīmaṭa dakṣaya. tama sahakaruṭa bohō ādaraya karayi. kuja balavat vū vēlāvaka, mēṣa vṛścika lagna valin upata labayi.

budha grahayāṭa ayat trikōṇakāra muhuṇa

his muduna paḷalva nikaṭa pradēśaya sihinva trikōṇākāra hæḍayen yukta muhuṇa budha grahayāṭa himivē. meya vāyō bhūtayaṭa ayatya. buddhimat keneki. nuvaṇin kalpanā kara balā kaṭayutu karayi. tamā ḷan̆ga siṭina tamā æsuru karana pudgalayan gæna sitamin ovun anuva kaṭayutu kirīmaṭa utsāha ganiyi.

tama sahakarugē kriyā kalāpaya anugamanaya karamin ohugē væḍakaṭayutu valaṭa pūrṇa sahayōgaya labādeyi. sahakaru yahapat keneku nam, ohugē yahapat væḍavalaṭa udav dena atara, ayahapat keneku nam ohugē naraka væḍavalaṭada sahayōgaya dīmaṭa mæli novē. igenīmaṭa dakṣaya. karuṇāvantaya kavaṭa katā kīmaṭa, sita vasan̆gavana lesa katā kirīmaṭa hā livīmaṭa, nivēdana kaṭayutu valaṭada samāja dakṣatā æta. budha grahayā balavat vū avasthāvaka kanyā, mithuna lagna valin upata labayi.

guru grahayāṭa ayat digaṭi muhuṇa

his muduna siṭa nikaṭa dakvā eka samāna paḷalakin yukta digaṭi muhuṇak æta. guru himi akāśa bhūtayaṭa ayatya. hisa kes siniduya. us mahatvū sirurak æta. mædi vayasa ikmavanaviṭa, sirura tarabāru vē. śarīraya vehesa novana guru sēvaya, upadēśaka sēvaya væni rækiyāvalaṭa kæmatiya. baṇa bhāvanā kirīmaṭa āgamika kaṭayutu valaṭa samāja sēvayaṭa itā lædiya sahakaru ayahapat keneku vuvada kesē hō yahapat pættaṭa næm̆buru kara gænīmaṭa utsāha darayi. sema adhika rōga, rudhira pīḍanaya, hṛda rōga, diyavæḍiyāva væni rōga valaṭa lehesiyen goduru vē. guru balavat vū vēlāvaka dhanu, mīna lagnavalin upata labā tibīma viśēṣa karuṇaki.

sikuru grahayāṭa ayat vicitrakāra muhuṇa

itā priya manāpa vū pæhæpat muhuṇaki. bohō viṭa hisakes ræli sahitaya. sikuru himi jalabhūtayaṭa ayatya. priya manāpa vū detol manāva pihiṭā æta. duṭuvangē sit vasan̆gayaṭa gænīmaṭa hæki sinahavak æta. priya vacana katā kirīmē dakṣatāva æta. bohō ikmanin kalabalavī, kōpayaṭa pat vūvada itā ikmanin sansun vē. apakṣapātīva sādhāraṇaya iṭukirīmaṭa hæki hæma viṭama utsāha darayi. lassana æn̆dum valaṭa suvan̆da vargavalaṭa priya karayi. tama væḍakaṭayutu kramānukūlava piḷiveḷaṭa iṭukarayi. tamāgē kāmaraya, tamā padiṁci vī siṭina nivasa, avaṭa parisaraya itā pirisiduva tabā ganiyi. mal vævīmaṭa bohō kæmatiyi. ādaraya venuven ōnǣma deyak parityāga karayi. vayasaṭa pat vuvada ē ādarayē venasak nomæta. rūpalāvanya śilpaya, suvan̆da vilavun redipiḷi vyāpāra, kalā aṁśayē rækiyā, malvagāva mema ayaṭa itā sudusuya. sema adhika asanīpa valin nitarama pīḍā vin̆diti. sikuru balavat vēlāvaka bohō viṭa upata labayi.

senasuru grahayāṭa ayat vayasgata penumæti muhuṇa

tama vayasaṭa vaḍā væḍimahal penumak mema muhuṇē pennum karayi. senasuruṭa himi vāyō bhūtayaṭa ayatya. priya manāpa gatiya næta. bohō viṭa dukmusu bava, norissum bava, napuru bava pennum karayi. lassanaṭa siṭīmaṭa, pirisidu lesa æn̆dum æn̆dīmaṭa uvamanāvak næta. kalupāṭa, tada nilpāṭa, dum̆buru pāṭa æn̆dumvalaṭa væḍiyen priyakarayi. itāma cāmya. saralaya. nitara væḍehi yedē. vivēkaya aḍuya. mudal ipayīmaṭa dakṣaya. dāsiyaka men tama sahakaruṭa sēvaya karayi.

viyadam kirīmēdī sælakilimat vē. melovaṭa vaḍā paralova gæna sitayi. laukika jīvitayē sæpa sampat valaṭa væḍi āśāvak næta. avaṁkaya, anun rævaṭīmaṭa utsāha darannē næta. vāta amāru tunaṭiya amāru væni rōga sǣdē. senasuru grahayā balavat vū vēlāvaka makara kumbha lagna valin upata labayi.

itā sælakilimatva muhuṇē hæḍaya parīkṣā kara bælīmen tama pemvatiya hō sahakāriya hō meyin kumana vargayakaṭa ayat dæyi tīraṇaya kaḷa hæki vē.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2012/08/10.