The second silent shake breaks the planets


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් දෙවැනි සිල් පදය කඩන ග්‍රහයෝ

The men in the birth of the 8th birthday are of the men who are rapidly irritated. Their work with excessive thieves is too fast. It is also possible that those who have glamor such people, such as the ministers and the ministers, and the underworld leaders and the underworld can also be born according to this planet. Those who are genuinely adulterers spend the fraudulently doing what they need. Even in the saints, the Maha Dasa can be deserted in these suburbs.

2 Wives with the above location should be extremely harsh. Soreshat often occurs. These planets may have someone like lullabies, brothels and wives. These desperate conditions are more visible during the Martian summer, the inter-island period. Because of this, Rahu can reveal his larvae when he receives a great decay. Law can be punished and punished. Shamefully disgraced. This can result in a grievous death. The good things that come from the family can be traced back to the family, and the next source can be extreme.

3 A parent who wins a number of wings and gives birth at Venetian Venus 8 is the man’s heartbeat. The aim of their stealing is to have young women who are cunning. They are also deceptive to deceive women. At first it takes what is deceptive. Otherwise, it will be forcibly taken. They steal many of the young women’s nude pictures by telling them to steal or steal publications. These guys are very skilled in defrauding young women and defrauding them and defrauding them. Venus the Great Dynasty will endure these extravagant acts of dishonest intercession. Loss of job losses is outraged. Infected with social diseases. This is why it is impossible to avoid the brute spirit that is received by the next birth.

4 The thieves of the woman who is born of the sperm are born with the birth of a large number of herbs. They are so skilled at fooling their mother and master into associating men with younger boys than they themselves are. The wives of these men are also deceiving. Those males are then blamed. This deception can be carried out for a while, while Ravi, Ketchuk may be accused of being ridiculed, and posting in prisons in courts, while the next is the extreme tragedy.

5 Birth of a gem with a large amount of gem in the fetus at birth. Shopping, etc. But weighed counts are illegal. This planet is also the place to sell and sell property to the property. This planet is also the place for intellectual thieves who steal intelligence. According to other planets, the speaker is also owned by cheaters, treacherous oil sellers, and state-owned real-estate auctions, such as the sale of fraudulent schemes at a lower price and higher prices.

6. The woman with this planetary location is skilled. Also, other planets also resort to prostitution if they are sinless and do not give their service to the victim, and this wisdom is just as quick to escape. Although a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, and any other work, this position of the planet is in no way due to the lack of proper service of the body, the thieves, the thieves, and the thieves. Incorrectly signing unregistered reports is a stealing tool. This is a robbery of time. It’s also a fraud. Though the signing is done, the bodyguard does not carry out his responsibility properly. It is psychological theft unless you have the ability to think and act on your own. The operation of the mind increases with increasing benefits. To himself and to others it is wrong. This is why we are subjected to abuse and in the face of extreme distress.

In the early days of the 7th birthday, the deposed man in the eighteenth century develops the wealth of the marriage, but the stealing is too high. False tactics are used to commit adultery to gain the property of their spouse. These perversions reveal their lives in the middle of the decade of the conflict. To hurt his own life is the sincerity that can not be returned to souls for thousands of souls in the Samurai cycle.

8 The woman with this planetary position tries to steal her mother’s possessions. And he loses his master’s money and does not spend it. Often, these spit-time witches work for beauty care. Also, it is for the sake of lust for pleasure. In the mean time, during the intermittent intercourse, the venomous actions of this kind can lead to the very same situation that damages their own lives.

9 The man who was born in the lion’s lagoon and gave birth at the age of 8 Ravi is used to stealing from a childhood. The robber who steals his father’s wealth can grow old as a result of cheating the state property. It also makes it possible to differentiate between the state lavatory and Rajamandi, which charge the other planets. A public servant is devouring time talking about his rights rather than devoting himself to public service. This phenomenon can be detected during Saturn Erashema and during the epochs of the Ravi Dhamma, and even the fall of the jail can occur.

10 Women with this position are also tempted to steal state resources. In addition, they hold the positions of public servants misleading and misbehaving and deceiving them. This is not only the second step but also the third silent passage. Wait for the third term in the article from the Planet Planet.

11 He is fluent in managing and seducing the female genetic intelligence at the time of the birth of the Virgin of the Virgin. These are frauds, offenses and other forms of fraud, while Bharatha Lakshman Kadir Hewa has faced these charges in the interim decade of the fraud.

In the eighteenth century, young women often misbehave the young women and cheat their property. It’s good for women to use their business. Pornographic film producers often have this planet. The reward for this is in other spirits born in this spirit.

13 The woman with this planetary position enters into a scam and shows her selfishness. Also, sells other bodies in a fraudulent manner. According to Ven. Ravi, during the period of the middle ages of the year, these frauds are revealed and life could be in a state of disaster, and the next source should be trapped.

14 When the birth of the scorpion is large, the husband is in the office of secretive when he is eight. Bandaranayake is one of the henchmen of the group of thieves.

15 Above all, this is a harsh outcry. But its true nature is often concealed. Young people are deceived by fraud and earn money by immorality. Swarthy queen. Kuj Shani Rahu joined the moon in the last decade. Even in jail, they can even end up in extreme distress.

From the Crag in the Cave, they are defrauding venerable women in religious places and religious activities. From scratch to temple, from the cabinet to the Buddha Sasana Department to the Chekotta, from the candle to the candle to the bank account, and fraudulently fraudulent deposits at birth.

17 These planets have the ability to create unlawful relationships with religious leaders and deceive their property. This is the third instance.

The deposit of 18 invisible giants in the plural of the eighteen pillars is also a planetary location which steals state resources. Steal of royal property is the stealing from everyone who is from the country to the king. He is the beggar of the beggar. Pretending not to do his job, stealing without taking action, working without due time, overtaking public money, etc. from begging from kingdoms to all kingdoms. As the satur is ready to cope with any distress, it does not get any repercussions on this face, but becomes helpless in the next generation. Especially in this brutal world, such frauds can lead to the birth of buffalo, chickens, donkeys, and elephants.

19 He has been routinely defrauded from the poor and destitute from the poor. Non-payment of allowances by the helpless, giving little things, and even taking over much of this planetary planet, makes the world feel right. It is not difficult for them to deceive anyone, since this character is obvious.

20 With the birth of the mother of red blood, the mind’s thirsty mind constantly operates on the 08 th. But thefts are only for those who are involved in fraud. These people who are constantly thinking about their own happiness cheat very well.

21 The woman with this planetary position is misleading and misleading people to commit wrongdoing and cheating on their possessions.

Stealing is whistle-making. There is no time for punishment. If there is no one in the world, then what he has done will follow him. No one thief is positioned in the same way as this planetary position. Other sinful planets will also have to do with it. If you want to be deceived, you should make a daily decision to keep treasure that I do not own. By protecting this poem, we can keep this mind mentally calm and able to better the next life of the Sasara cycle.

devæni sil padaya kaḍana grahayō

01 lagnaya mēṣa vī kuja 08 vana bhāvayehi upatēdī tænpatvana puruṣayan ikman kēntikārayōya. adhika sora sita sahita movungē væḍa kaṭayutu adhika vēgayenya. mæti æmætivaru væni tējas ættōda evæni ættan asuru karannōda pātāla nāyakayōda pātāla kriyākārīnda mema graha tattvaya anuva utpattiya lada aya viya hækiya. paradāra sēvanayaṭa tadin ælma dakvana movun vaṁcāven upayana lada dǣ ē san̆dahā nopækiliva viyadam karayi. śāntuvarayek vuvada kuja maha daśā, aturu daśā kālayanhi mema nīca tattvayaṭa patviya hækiya.

2 ihata pihiṭīma sahita vanitāva adhika særa paruṣa kamin yutuya. sorasita nitarama ætivē. kolla kaṇḍāyam nāyikāvan gaṇikā nivāsa pālikāvan væni ayaṭa mema graha tattvaya pihiṭā tibiya hækiya. an̆gaharu maha dasā, aturu dasā kālayē mema nīca tattvayan væḍipura pradarśanaya vē. mē nisāma rāhu maha daśāva labana viṭa tama keruvāvan heḷiviya hækiya. nītiyaṭa asuvī dan̆ḍuvam vin̆dīmaṭa siduviya hækiya. nindita lesa avaman vin̆dīmaṭa siduvē. mē nisāma duk??ta maraṇayak pavā himi viya hækiya. yahapat pavul jīvita gata karannan neman̆gaṭa yomu kara vaṁcāven vastuva labā gannā bævin īḷan̆ga bhavaya da anta duk??ta tattvayaṭa patviya hækiya.

3 vṛṣabha rāśiyen janmaya labā sikuru 08 vana bhāvayehi upatēdī tænpat vana puruṣayāgē sitada sorakamaṭa baraya. ovungē sorakamē ilakkaya vannē saumya gati æti taruṇa kāntāvanya. mema kāntāvan rævaṭīmaṭada movun itā dakṣaya. muladī muḷākara gata hækidē ganī. esē nomæti vuvahot balahatkārakamin ganī. bohō taruṇa katungē niruvat piṁtūra sakasā hō sorāgena ēvā prasiddha karana bava danvamin yam yam dǣ sorā gænīmaṭa movun samatya. taruṇa katungē aḍupāḍuvak soyāgena ema hiḍasin riṁgā ovun satu dǣ vaṁcā kirīmaṭada mema caurayan itā dakṣaya. sikuru maha daśā, aturu daśā kālayanhi væḍipura karanu labana mema nīca kriyā hētukoṭagena anta duk vin̆dīmaṭa siduvē. rækiyā ahimivīma apavādayanṭa lakvīm. samāja rōgayanṭa goduruvīm mema bhavayē siduvē. īḷan̆ga upata labana bhavaya tirisan prēta ātmayak vīma mē nisāma væḷækviya nohæka.

4 vṛṣabha rāśiyen utpattiya labā śukra 08 vana bhāvayehi tænpat striyagēda sora sita kriyātmakaya. tama mava menma svāmiyāda ravaṭā tamāṭa vaḍā vayasin bāla tējas sahita puruṣayan æsuru kirīmaṭa movun itā dakṣaya. ema pirimingē birindævaruda ravaṭayi. ema pirimi satu dæ inpasu vaṁcāven gænīma sidukarayi. mema rævaṭīma kalak sidukaragena yā hæki atara ravi, kētu maha daśā aturu læbū viṭa gærahīmaṭa lakvīma da sira gevalvala usāvivala tæpīma da siduviya hæki atara īḷan̆ga bavaya anta dukkhadāyakaya.

5 mithuna rāśiyen janmaya labā upat dī budha 08 vana bhāvayehi tænpat vīmada sora sita kriyātmakaya. veḷen̆da vyāpāra ādiyehi dakṣaya. ehet horaṭa kirum minum hora gaṇan dæmīm ādiyaṭa itā sūraya. ansatu dēpaḷa iḍakaḍam hora oppu sādā vikuṇannaṭa da mema graha pihiṭīma æta. anungē buddhiya sorakam karana buddhimaya sorunṭada mema graha pihiṭīma æta. anekut graha pihiṭīm anuva kathikatvayada himiva ættē vaṁcākāra tel bētkaruvan, rājya dēpaḷa vendēsi vana avasthāvanhidī aḍu milaṭa labāgena væḍi milaṭa vikuṇana væni kūṭa upāyan kriyātmaka kirīmaṭada mema janmīn dakṣaya.

6. mema graha pihiṭīma sahita striyada hora gaṇan dæmīma ādiyaṭa dakṣaya. emenma anikut graha pihiṭīmda pāpakārī vuvahot gaṇikā vṛttiya væni apacārayanṭa yomuvana atara labā gannā mudalaṭa tama sēvaya labā nodī ganudenukaruvāgē ina iha atagāgena pæna yæmaṭa taram mema vanitāva sūraya. guruvariyak vuvada, vaidyavariyak, hediyak vuvada venat ōnǣma kāryayak kaḷa da mema graha pihiṭīma sahita vanitāva tama sēvaya nisi lesa labā nodī śarīra horu mānasika horu, kāla horu yana ekakin kumana hō tattvayakaṭa patvē. velāvaṭa tama kāryayaṭa vārtā nokara hora atsan gæsīmada sora kamaki. meya eka atakin kālaya horakam kirīmaki. eyada vaṁcāvaki. pæmiṇa atsan kaḷada tama vagakīma nisi lesa iṭu nokarannē śarīra horuya. kisiyam kāryayak tamāṭa sitā matā niværædiva kirīmaṭa hækiyāva tibiyadī esē nokara yana hæṭiyaṭa ohē kirīma mānasika horakamakya. manasa kriyātmaka vīma væḍivannē prayōjana gannā taramaṭaya. esē nokara siṭīma tamāṭada anunṭada avæḍaki. mē nisā apavādayanṭa lakvīma ādiyaṭa mema bhavayē dī lakvana atara īḷan̆gaṭa apa labana bhavayēdī anta duk??ta tattvayaṭa patviya hækiya.

7 kaṭaka lagnayen janmaya labā 08 vana bhāvayehi san̆du tænpat pirimiyāṭa vivāhayen tænpat dhanaya vardhanaya vuvat sorakama sitehi adhikava æta. vivāha sahakarugē dēpaḷa tamāṭama labā gænīma san̆dahā kūṭa upakrama yodayi vaṁcāven labā gannā ēvā væya karannē paradāra sēvanayaṭayi. mema nīca kriyā heḷivīma ādiya hētukoṭagena san̆du maha daśā aturu daśā kālayanhi tama jīvitaya pavā hānikara gænīmaṭa yomuvē. tama jīvitaya tamā visin hānikara gænīma saṁsāra cakrayēdī ātma dahas gaṇanakaṭa nævata minis ātmayak labā gænīmaṭa nohæki pāpakarmayan vannēya.

8 mema graha pihiṭīma sahita vanitāva tama mavugē vastuva sorā gænīmaṭa yomuvē. emenma tama svāmiyā upayana dǣda sorakam kara nikaruṇē viyadam karayi. bohōviṭa rūpalāvanya væni kaṭayutu san̆dahā mema graha pihiṭīm sahita vanitāva viyadam karayi. emenma kāma sukhaviharaṇaya san̆dahāda væya kirīmaṭa mæya peḷam̆bē. san̆du maha dasāvat aturu dasā kālayanhidī mema nīca kaṭayutu heḷivīmen tama jīvitaya pavā hānikaragannā tattvayaṭama mema bhavayēdīma patvē.

9 siṁha lagnayen utpattiya labā ravi 08 vana bhāvayehi upatēdī tænpat vana puruṣayā kuḍā kala siṭa sorakamaṭa huruvē. tama piyāgē vastuva sorakam kirīmen sorakama paṭan gannā mema janmiyā vayasin muhukurā yatma rājya dēpaḷa vaṁcā kirīmaṭa yomuviya hækiya. eya utpattiyēdī pihiṭana anikut graha pihiṭīma anuva mudal ayakarana rajayē væsikiḷiyē siṭa rājamandiraya dakvā vividha ayurin kirīmaṭa maga pādā ganī. rajayē sēvakayek nam rajayaṭa pakṣapātīva mahajana sēvayaṭa kæpavanavāṭa vaḍā tama ayitivāsikam gæna katā karamin kālaya kā damanneki. senasuru ērāṣṭaka apala kālayanhi saha ravi maha daśā aturu dasāvanhidī mema cōra gati heḷiviya hæki atara hirē vilaṁguvē væṭīma pavā siduviya hækiya.

10 mema pihiṭīma sahita vanitāvanda rājya sampat sorakam kirīmaṭa peḷam̆bē. īṭa amatarava rajayē sēvayē niyutu tanaturu darannōda noman̆gaṭa yavamin varadaṭa poḷam̆bavā ovun satu dǣ vaṁcākarati. meya devæni silpadaya pamaṇak nova tevæni sil padaya da kæḍīmaki. tevæni silpadaya kaḍana grahayāgē lipiyen ē piḷiban̆dava karuṇu balāporottu vanna.

11 kanyā lagnayen janmaya labā budha 08 vana bhāvayehi upatēdī tænpat strī puruṣa janmīn buddhiya meheyavamin vaṁcā kirīmaṭa dakṣaya. hora gaṇan dæmīma, anungē nirmāṇa vaṁcā kirīma ādiya movungē vaṁcāvan vana atara budha kuja sikuru maha daśā aturu daśā kālayanhi mēvā asuvī daḍa gevim ādiyaṭa muhuṇa dīmaṭa siduvē.

12 tulā rāśiyen janmaya labā sikuru 08 vana bhāvayehi tænpat janmīn bohōviṭa taruṇa strīn noman̆ga yavā ovun satu dǣ vaṁcā karayi. strīn tama veḷan̆da kaṭayutu san̆dahā yodā gænīmaṭa dakṣaya. asabhya citrapaṭa vīḍiyō paṭa niṣpādakayanaṭa bohōviṭa mema graha pihiṭīma æta. mē san̆dahā vipāka mema ātmayē pamaṇak upadina venat ātmayan valadīda læbē.

13 mema graha pihiṭīma sahita vanitāvada tama niruvata penvā vaṁcā kirīm kirīmaṭa peḷam̆bē. esēma an śarīrada vaṁcā sahagatava vikuṇayi. sikuru, ravi, guru maha daśā aturu daśā kālayanhi mema vaṁcāvan heḷivī jīvitaya duk??ta tattvayaṭa patviya hæki atara īḷan̆ga bhavayada dugatiyaṭa patvīma niyataya.

14 vṛścika rāśiyen upata labā 08 vana bhāvayehi kuja upatēdī tænpat puruṣayā rahasigata kaṭayutu san̆dahā dakṣaya. hora kaṇḍāyamē nāyakayan lesa kriyātmaka movungē nīca gati kuja śani san̆du rāhu maha daśā aturu daśāvanhidī heḷivē.

15 ihata graha pihiṭīma sahita vanitāva særa paruṣaya. ehet tama niyama svabhāvaya nitara san̆gavā gænīmaṭa samatya. lābāla vanitāvan vaṁcāven ravaṭā gena vit durācārayē yodavā mudal upayayi. caura ræjiniyan bavaṭa patvē. kuja śani rāhu san̆du maha daśā aturu daśāvanhidī mema keruvāvan asuvē. hirē vilaṁguvē pavā væṭī anta duk??ta tattvayaṭa patviya hækiya.

16 dhanu lagnayen upata labā guru 08 vana bhāvayehi tænpat janmīn āgamika sthānavalinda āgam mulkaragena karana kaṭayutu valinda vaṁcā karayi. paṁsalē piṁ kæṭayē siṭa buddha śāsana amātyāṁśayē cekpota dakvāda palliyē iṭipandamē siṭa bæṁku giṇuma dakvāda upatēdī siduvana anikut graha pihiṭīm mata vaṁcāva karayi.

17 mema graha pihiṭīma sahita vanitāvan āgamika nāyakayana saman̆ga aniyam sambandhatā goḍanagā ganimin ema sthāna satu dēpaḷa vaṁcā kirīmvala yedē. meya tevæni silpadayada kæḍīmaki.

18 makara rāśiyen janmaya labā śani 08 vana bhāvayehi raviṭa himi rāśiyehi tænpat vīmada rājya sampat horakam karana graha pihiṭīmaki. rājaya sampat sorakam kirīma yanu raṭē jīvatvana hin̆gannāgē siṭa rajatumā dakvā vana siyalu denāgenma horakam kirīmayi. ohu hin̆gannāgēda horāya. tamāṭa niyamita rājakāri nokirīma hora atsan gæsīma, væḍa nokara væṭup gænīma, niyamita kālayē sēvaya nokara atikāla kara mahajana mudal vaṁcā kirīma, ādiyada hin̆gannāgē siṭa rajatumā dakvā siyalu raṭavæsiyangen karanu labana horakamya. ōnǣma duk??ta tattvayakaṭa muhuṇa dīmaṭa senasurā sūdānam bævin mēvāyē vipāka mema bhavayēdī nolæbuṇat īḷan̆ga bhavayēdī anta asaraṇa tattvayaṭa patvē. viśēṣayen tirisan lōkayē mī harak, kukuḷan, būruvan, aliyan væni janma læbīmaṭa mevæni vaṁcāvan ivahal vē.

19 kumbha rāśiyen janmaya labā senasurā 08 vana bhāvayehi tænpat janmīnda asaraṇayangen kamkaruvangen vaṁcā kirīmaṭa peḷamē. asaraṇayangen væḍagena niyamita dīmanā nogevīma, suḷu deyak labā dī īṭa vaḍā væḍi deyak labā gænīma mema graha pihiṭīma sahita janmīngē sirita vuvada lōkaya siyalu denāṭama ayitiya yana hæn̆gīmenda kaṭayutu karayi. mema caritaya prakaṭava penena bævin kisivaku rævaṭīmaṭa movunṭa apahasu novē.

20 mīna lagnayen janmaya labā 08 vana bhāvayehi guru tænpat janmīngē sora sita nitara kriyātmaka vē. ehet horakama yamak kamak æti ayagen pamaṇi. tama sukhaviharaṇaya gænama nitara sitana mema janmīn vaṁcākarannē itā sūkṣamavaya.

21 mema graha pihiṭīma sahita vanitāva nitara yamak kamak æti aya noman̆ga yavamin varadaṭa poḷam̆bavā ganimin ovun satu dæ vaṁcā karayi.

kavurun kesē kohoma kotana kaḷat horakam nam horakamamaya. dan̆ḍuvam læbīmaṭa vēlāvak kalāvak næta. melovadī nætinam elovadī tamā kaḷa deya tamā pasu pasa pæmiṇē. mema graha pihiṭīm tattvaya mema ākārayenma pihiṭiyā yǣyi keneku horek vannē næta. ē san̆dahā balapāna anikut pāpakārī graha pihiṭīm da tibiya yutuya. tamāṭa ansatu dæ vaṁcāven gænīmaṭa sitenavā nam kaḷayutu vannē dinapatā teruvan væn̆da maṭa ayiti næti kisivak mama vaṁcāven labā noganimi yǣyi adhiṣṭhānaya dinapatā ætikara gænīmaya. mema silpadaya ārakṣā kara gænīmen apaṭa mema bhavaya mānasika sænasīmen gata kaḷa hæki atara saṁsāra cakrayē īḷan̆ga bhavaya vaḍā sæpavatkara gænīmaṭa hækiya.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2012/11/02.