Worse, breaking business


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් ව්‍යාපාර බිඳ දමන අශුභ ගණ

The combination is a combination of three letters. The three letters are of special significance when the three letters are given special strength to give good or bad results for the resulting type.

Seth Kavi – Wasp poetry

The Sathakavi or Wasp poetry has proved that it is possible to combine the combinations with compilation.

Laying a name

When an adress name is given, when a business name is given, the name of a commodity, or a proper placement, it is possible to spot an event.


The purpose of this article is to explain how to apply wisdom.

If the first type is in the name of Seth poetry or in the name of the poem, the next category will be destroyed if the material is not respected. The economy is falling apart. If there is a trade business, the decline will occur. In the case of bad ping, then a good combination can be used to make a mistake.

If the third category is not good, the effort will be broken. Unity between brothers falls.

But if a good gamble is used next, the error will be a little shorter.

If the fourth category is not prudent, peace will rust happiness. There can be an outburst. The writer and the poet leader are troubled by Seth poet.

The fifth category is bad if the children are inferior. It’s about wasting your money. Reduce mindfulness.

When the seventh grade is not good, the wife enters the womb. If the poet is not married, blame the friends.

When the eighth grade is obscure, drowsiness is a source of fear. There are defective errors.

When the ninth category is neglected, good qualities are deteriorating.

It is only by the ninth paragraph above that you should specifically search for Gems.

Malicious fakes

The preconceived numbers are called solar, pervasive, gaseous, and asexual.

Negative consequences

If one of the four predicate points mentioned above is used, it will fall into the category of the crop.

If this phrase enters the name of a business, the movement will go to destruction.

The second category must be a good combination of losing this slowness.

Seth poet is a poet and business owner protects himself from the second.


Again, three thirds are counted again. In particular, the name of a chain of poems or lengths of business, or of a third of the starting point, must be a good combination.

If there is a frightful gossip, there is a dangling or groaning drama.

If the business name is a business name, the business will deteriorate.

Fourth category

Instructions have been given to consider a verse or business name or book to be considered from the first to fourth. In this way, if you take more or less from the first-class account, there will be insulting disasters.

Again, if more than a fifth of the gratuitous numbers are observed, more debt will be lost and profits will be lost.

From the beginning, from six to six, most of the bad things you can do with your fetuses are obesity and palpitations.

Again, at the eighth place, a large number of bad numbers are likely to be infected with disease, harm, or death.

If you are over ninth from the first nine to nine, you are scolded, insulted, tired, and afraid.

He looks at the good fortune only from the beginning to the ninth category.

Preferential benefits

A description of the benefits of a good pastime is a description of “poetic characteristics,” says The Mani Midea. That’s it.

Land consolidation over land territory grows.

Divine blessings flow through the land.

Divine use of the divine nature also gives rise to wealth.

The diversion of material from the divine nature also gives rise to wealth.

Earth electrons are absorbed by the Earth’s surface.

Water-borne landscapes are gaining ground.

The lunar spectrum of the lunar lunar structure will benefit from this.

Increasing water qualities from the lunar surface develops.

Coupled with the lunar surface, it takes courage.

It is also encouraged by the divine nature of the lunar system.

The water type is more prolonged than the water category.

The use of land-based types of water is encouraged.

The divine category is also encouraged by the water category.

The quality of the water from the water type increases with the use of the lunar satellite.

It is the same as the lunar type of the heavenly heavens.

Waterborne water purifies more and more deeply.

The greeting cycle

If you choose good lucky circle and pick them up, then they will be happy, wealthy, and happy to have a good deal of merchandise, business, or book.

vyāpāra bin̆da damana aśubha gaṇa

gaṇaya vaśayen sælakennē akuru tunaka saṁkalanayaki. esē akuru tunak saṁkalanaya vū viṭa sǣdena gaṇayaṭa hīyaka vēgayakin śubha hō aśubha pala dennaṭa viśēṣa śaktiyak læbena bava pota patē san̆dahan vē.

set kavi – vas kavi

setkavi hō vas kavi racanayē dī gaṇa saṁkalana yodāgena mahat hapankam kaḷa hæki bava oppu kara æta.

namak tæbīma

daru dæriyanṭa namak tabana viṭa hō veḷen̆da vyāpārayakaṭa namak tabana viṭa hō veḷen̆da bhāṇḍayakaṭa namak tabana viṭa hō sudusu gaṇa yedīmen iṣṭārtha siddhiya lada hækiya.

gaṇa yedīma

śubha pala læbennaṭa gaṇa kesē yediya yutuda yanna pæhædili kirīma mema lipiyē aramuṇaya.

set kavi racanayē dī hō namak tæbīmēdī paḷamu gaṇaya subavī īḷan̆ga gaṇaya aśubha vuvahot sampat vināśa vē. ārthikaya bin̆da væṭeyi. veḷen̆da vyāpārayak nam parihāniya æti veyi. esē aśubha gaṇayak yeduṇa avasthāvaka īḷan̆gaṭa śubha gaṇayak yodā ema dōṣaya man̆dak aḍukara gata hækiyi.

tunvana gaṇaya aśubha vuvahot, utsāhaya bin̆da væṭeyi. sahōdarayan atara samagiya bin̆da væṭeyi.

ehet īḷan̆gaṭa śubha gaṇayak yodā gatahot ema dōṣaya man̆dak aḍu vē.

satara vana gaṇaya aśubha vuvahot sāmaya satuṭa bin̆da væṭeyi. kōlāhala ætiviya hækiya. set kaviyak nam racakayāṭat kāvya nāyakayāṭat duk karadara æti vē.

pasvana gaṇaya aśubha vuvahot daruvanṭa apala æti vē. putra lābha næti karayi. sihi kalpanāva aḍu karayi.

satvana gaṇaya aśubha vū viṭa bhāryāva karā duk domnas saṁtāpa ædī eyi. kāvya racakayā avivāhaka nam mitrayan gen dos æti vē.

aṭavana gaṇaya aśubha vū viṭa śōka rōga biya æti vē. amanuṣya dōṣa æti vē.

nava vana gaṇaya aśubha vū viṭa yahapat gatiguṇa piriheyi.

viśēṣayen gaṇa piḷiban̆dava sevīma kaḷa yuttē ihata san̆dahan sē nava vana gaṇaya dakvā pamaṇi.

aniṣṭa gaṇa

aniṣṭa gaṇa vaśayen sælakennē sūrya, agni, vāyu, ākāśa yayi nam kerena gaṇayanya.

aśubha vipāka

ihata san̆dahan aniṣṭa gaṇa sataren ekak mulaṭa yodā kaviyak sæduvahot eya vaskavi gaṇayaṭa væṭeyi.

mē yedīma vyāpārayaka namaka mulaṭa yeduṇahot vyāpāraya vināśaya karā yayi.

mema aśubhatāva nætivīmaṭa devana gaṇaya śubha gaṇayak viya yutuya.

set kaviyaka nam kāvya racakayā da vyāpārayaka nam vyāpāra himiyāda ārakṣā vannē devana gaṇayeni.

yaḷit gaṇa yedīma

yaḷit gaṇa yedīma gaṇa tunen tunaṭada balanu læbē. viśēṣayen set kaviyaka hō diga vyāpāra namaka hō ārambhaka gaṇayē siṭa gaṇa tunen tunaṭa śubha gaṇayak tibiya yutuya.

aśubha gaṇa yedī tibuṇahot set kaviyak nam goḷu bava hō gota gæsīm æti vē.

vyāpāra nāmayak nam vyāpāraya pirihennaṭa paṭan ganiyi.

sataravana gaṇaya

set kaviyakaṭa hō vyāpāra nāmayakaṭa hō granthayakaṭa hō gaṇa yodana viṭa mul gaṇayē siṭa yaḷit sataren sataraṭada gaṇa yedīma salakā balannaṭa upades dī tibē. esē bælīmēdī ārambhaka gaṇayē siṭa aśubha gaṇa saṁkhyāva væḍiyen yeduṇahot apahāsa nindā vipat æti vē.

yaḷit pahen pahaṭa bælīmēdī aśubha gaṇa væḍi saṁkhyāvak yedī tibuṇahot ṇaya turus væḍivī lābha prayōjana næti vī yayi.

ārambhaka gaṇayē siṭa nævata hayen hayaṭa bælīmēdī væḍi vaśayen aśubha gaṇa yedī tibuṇahot saturu bhaya, asahana rōga æti vē.

yaḷi aṭen aṭaṭa bælīmēdī aśubha gaṇa væḍi saṁkhyāvak yedī tibuṇahot rōga, hāni hō maraṇa æti viya hækiya.

ārambhaka gaṇayē siṭa navayen navayaṭa bælīmēdī aśubha gaṇa væḍi saṁkhyāvak yedī tibuṇahot nindā apahāsa, sitē nosansunkama, biya æti vē.

gaṇa sambandhayen mesē śubhā śubha vimasā balannē ārambhaka gaṇayē siṭa nava vana gaṇaya dakvā pamaṇi.

śubha gaṇa yedīma

śubha gaṇayakin parava śubha gaṇayak yedīmen læbena śubha pala piḷiban̆dava vistarayak “kāvya lakṣaṇa maṇi mālāva” nam granthayē san̆dahan vē. ē mesēya.

bhūmi gaṇayen parava bhūmi gaṇaya yedīmen dhanaya vardhanaya vē.

bhūmi gaṇayaṭa parava dēva gaṇaya yedīmen dhanaya læbē.

dēva gaṇayen parava dēva gaṇaya yedīmen da dhanaya læbē.

dēva gaṇayen parava bhūmi gaṇaya yedīmen da dhanaya læbē.

bhumi gaṇayen parava candra gaṇaya yedīmen jaya læbē.

bhūmi gaṇayen parava jala gaṇaya yedīmen jaya læbē.

candra gaṇayen parava candra gaṇaya yedīmen seta sælasē.

candra gaṇayen parava jala gaṇaya yedīmen næna guṇa bala vardhanaya vē.

candra gaṇayen parava bhūmi gaṇaya yedīmen dhairyaya æti vē.

candra gaṇayen parava dēva gaṇaya yedīmen da dhairya æti vē.

jala gaṇayen parava jala gaṇaya yedīmen dīrghāyu læbē.

jala gaṇayen parava bhūmi gaṇaya yedīmen dhairya æti vē.

jala gaṇayen parava dēva gaṇaya da dhairya æti vē.

jala gaṇayen parava candra gaṇaya yedīmen guṇaya vardhanaya vē.

dēva gaṇayen parava candra gaṇaya yedī men oda hā seta æti vē.

dēva gaṇayen parava jala gaṇaya yedīmen āyuṣa vardhanaya vē.

śubha gaṇa cakraya

śubha gaṇa cakrayen śubha gaṇa tōrāgena ema gaṇayanṭa ayiti nækat tamāgē janma nækataṭa hō nāma nækataṭa hon̆din galapā gaṇa veḷen̆da bhāṇḍayakaṭa hō vyāpārayakaṭa hō granthayakaṭa hō namak tabannē nam sænasīma, satuṭa, dhanaya hā āyuṣa læbena bava isivaru san̆dahan kara æta.

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