Architectural acoustics

වාස්‌තු ශිල්පීය
වාස්‌තු ශිල්පීය

සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් වාස්‌තු ශිල්පීය ධ්වනිතභාවය

Architectural acoustics can create a home-made level of active intelligence. The following new methods can be used to create shocks.

A sweet musical voice
Voice of droplets
Bird’s voice

In the old architectural system, it seems that there has been a slight shock in the palaces, houses and towns. Because of this, the clock was famous among men.

It is proven to be an acoustic noise in the sounding of sounds and there are psychological problems and a weakness in performance. There are some variations in human beings not only for humans but also for the animals of the animals.

Bleeding or blind walls and your home

A blind wall is a bound wall. You do not have the right to make any vacillation here. Today, efforts are being made to minimize the cost of space and to save money for the land. Many people seem to find it hard to work on their wallets or to create their own boundaries. This is an unsuccessful attempt. The height of the waves produced by a direct walkway has been found to have a high impact on the building, the wall, the wall and the core. Do we therefore suffer from adverse conditions? Or not? You need to think about yourself. Therefore, the advantage of your construction is at least 3 feet in length. It also provides facilities for the preparation of its waterborne wastewater.

The Dedicated Sinhalese house, alias ‘Gedara’, ‘Shalwa’, ‘Shalwatta’ The houses in front of the house are of the Kotta pilgrims, firewood, storm, crashes, batikka, and heroin (these two names too are used for Agar). Uyana’s, Kumbuk, Liggala, Lilybone, Dummassa, Potungal, Kalegathipila, Madugaya, The words of the room, the room, the threshold, the Uthpala, the Udalapotha, the house, the biscuit, the towel, etc., have been gradually removed from the place. With the development of some words we have to change whenever there is a need for change, but we need to use as many words as possible.


Armchairs are important for building a balance of home. Arch is a Roman word. The arches are a pontificate of ancient buildings. Those buildings seem to be even more disoriented today. The main reason for this is that the arsenals are used inside and inside the house. The causes of the high wavelengths of the heavier weight are the walls of the upper body, and the expansion of the mass of the mass of the mass, as well as the fact that the mass of the mass of the mass can not be determined. The imbalance to ground magnetism in the sinking of mass graves seems to be no better. You can, of course, avoid the tension if you are upbuilding instead of concrete.

Occurrences of human physical activity and infections of the home components

Bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, human body are needed and not needed. Some bacteria are beneficial to the body. These conditions have been identified as the main causes of infection during anemia in human body disorders. The factors influenced by the house are as follows. Washing, cleaning clothes, smoking, and dust extraction can make your skin susceptible to infection.

The laying of eggs in the fridge, when laying eggs in the refrigerator, leads to the growth of the bacteria and other food items, resulting in a disorientation.

Uncleaned tanks, meteorites, ant species, proper dentures, stairwells, dentures, not cleansing the tips of the door on the inside of the door, stopping rubbish, pets, shoes and slippers in the nirse area There are many commonly known factors in the rays of the rainders and the lack of proper kranks. Nuclear-free garbage and toilets, as well as worn shoes, are not enough to generate sun damage. Because the northeast is a very soft direction. Therefore, this direction should be kept clean. Or you should try to keep it clean. Radiation effects from television stations, computers, and mobile phones that use residents, make a huge difference. Micro Oven X-rays infections cause arthritic activity due to gamma rays, neutrophin alpha d and beta-rays. It has been identified that poisonous trees, coloring of toxins, and some porcelain equipment are not suitable. The rising temperatures have caused the rising temperatures of the sun and the wind blowing from the tall trees to the north, northeast. The production of methane gas is also detrimental because of the lack of proper transportation of the ponds.

Good characteristics of a house in the form of homogenous structures

The standard of living of the residents in a house of architects is very high. As a result, there is a reduction in the number of disease pathways in these houses, which can be seen as a healthful habitat. A major factor in reducing the tension of home residents is due to the combination of sunshine and air. Darkness, and temperature increase are among the main factors that lead to a desolation, a curse. It can be said that a house with a consensual structure would have an effect on the increase in psychological hysterics.

It is clear that we are causing the pathogen as mentioned above to weaken the functioning of the indigenous population, as bacterial and microbes as well as the fungus affect the physical functioning of human beings.

If you are a client, you will have every necessity, coupled with a healthy mind, with no tension, with adults or with a few, and if you are married, couples and children. In several cases, it is important that no changes should be made to make plans for a designer a headache. Can the money itself be spent on it by borrowing it? Or not? Does the number of family members go to immigrants? Or not? The number of rooms you want, the rooms you need, the internal height needs to be expected. If it is the same, it should be made aware of the architect who has to do with it. The obstruction barrier plans are high. Therefore, you must pay attention to a plan at the same time. Take out an outline, take all the necessary changes, work with the designer and obtain a copy of the final plan in the most appropriate and orderly way. It is necessary to go to the designer with the understanding of his house, the length and breadth of his room. As a result, the house charging the designer will be at a high level of ability to adapt to your needs. They do not want to plan their own homes or internet or newspapers and magazines that they themselves have studied or seen. Otherwise, your design will reach the planetary bugs at a high value. It is imperative that you position your design according to a given orientation plan, even if you express your opinion. Each region needs to be positioned according to legal requirements. The designer will have to adhere to the regulations of the Urban Development Authority. In accordance with your age, your work and your land, as well as your own climatic and climatic characteristics, you should also tailor plans to the environment. In the course of time, there might be errors in design. There should be no need for breaks, breaks, no repairs, partitions, color shades, etc.

Physical characteristics and living characteristics of irregular homes

The quality and realities of such houses can be identified. Desolation, myala pattern. Shellfish, wetness, stock collapse, tilt, irregularity of the roof, homelessness. Covered with trees, broken broken road, gate, uncleaned well, outside of the bunkers and filled with water. Cramping, molding food, animals (ant, flies, fleas), invading houses, blowing stench, etc.

vāstu śilpīya dhvanitabhāvaya

vāstu śilpīya dhvanitabhāvaya magin nivasaka sakrīyabhāvayak ætikaḷa hækiya. kampanayan æti kirīma san̆dahā pahata nava krama yodā gata hækiya.

mihiri saṁgīta han̆ḍa
jala biṁdu han̆ḍa
kurulu han̆ḍa
sīnu han̆ḍa

pæraṇi vāstu kramavēdayēdī rāja mandira, gṛhayan hā nagara uddīpanaya san̆dahā siyum lesa kampanayan sidukara æti bava penē. mē nisāma kanisama sahita oralōsu minisun atara prasiddha viya.

amihiri śabda han̆ḍa dhvanita kirīmēdī mānasika gæṭalu ætivana atara kriyākāritvayangē abala dubala bavak siduvana bava oppukoṭa æta. mema han̆ḍavalvalaṭa manuṣyayā pamaṇak nova gahakoḷa satungē pavā yam venaskam siduvīma daknaṭa æta.

blayinḍ kirīma hevat andha bitti saha obē nivasa

andha bittiyak yanu māyimgata bittiyaki. mehidī kisidu vākavuḷuvak tæbīmaṭa nītiyen obaṭa avasarayak næta. iḍa man̆dakama saha tāppayaṭa væya vana mudala avama kara gænīma san̆dahāt, iḍam koṭasa itirikara gænīma san̆dahāt, mevæni kriyāmārgayan gænīmaṭa ada utsuka vī æta. tamangē nirmāṇayan sidukirīmēdī ema bittiyaṭa hētukoṭa esē nætahot tama nirmāṇaya da māyimgatava sælasumkara gænīmaṭa bohō aya vehesena bava penē. meya asārthaka utsāhayaki. sṛjuva gaman gannā bittiyakin nikut karana taraṁgayangē āyāmaya ucca avasthāva ema goḍanæn̆gillē , ema bittiyē, bæmmē, mūlakēndrayaṭa balapāna bava soyā gena æta. emanisā ehi ahitakara tattvayan taman vin̆dagannavāda? nædda? yanna obama sitā bæliya yutuva æta. ē nisā aḍuma taramin aḍi 3 ka parāsayak tabā tama idikara gænīma siddha karaganu labannē nam in obaṭa vana vāsiya suḷupaṭu novē. ehidī tama goḍanæn̆gillē apadravya jala pravāhana paddhatiya sakas kirīmaṭa pahasukam da læbē.

abhīta siṁhalayāgē geya hevat gedara, pælpata, dhanavat ayagē valavva, pæla yana namvalin hæn̆dinviya. emenma gedaraka idiripasa tibena pila, koṭṭa pila, dara pila, aguva, agupila, bitakkanaya, hēraṁkaḍaya (mema nam dekada aguva san̆dahā bhāvita karana bava penē.)uyana gē, piḷikanna, lipgala, lipbokka, dummæssa, vaḷaṁ mæssa, kaḷageḍipila, maḍugeya hevat gabaḍā kāmaraya, kantōru kāmaraya, eḷipatta, uḍa lippata, uḍalipota, dara geya, bissa, aṭuq geya, ādī vacana krama kramayen janavaharen ivat kirīmaṭa ada samatvī æta. samaharaka vacana san̆dahā saṁvardhanayat saman̆gama apaṭa venas vīmaṭa sidu vena avasthā tibena mut hæki pamaṇa vacana yodā gata yutuya.


nivāsayanhi samabaratāva ætikirīma san̆dahā ārukku vædagat vē. ārukku yanna rōma vacanayaki. ārukkuva ipæraṇi goḍanæn̆gili hi bahulava daknaṭa æti lakṣaṇayaki. ema goḍanæn̆gili ada da ajarāmarava pavatnā bava penē. mē san̆dahā vana pradhāna hētuva, ārakku nivāsa ætuḷata saha piṭapata yodā gænīma bava tahavuru vī æta. ihaḷa barehi taraṁga āyāmaya bitti atara, vihidīmat, ema skandha bara bhūgata novīmat meyaṭa hētu sādhaka vaśayen han̆dunāgata hækiya. skandha bara bhūgata kirīmēdī bhūgata cumbhakatvayaṭa siduvana asamatulatitāva śubhadāyaka novana bava min penē. konkrīṭ venuvaṭa ārukku yodā gænīmaṭa oba yuhusuḷu vannē nam ema ātatiyen væḷakīmaṭa nisækayenma obaṭa puḷuvana.

manuṣyaya śārīrika kriyākāritvaya saha gṛhayē aṁga kriyākāritvayē āsādana avasthā

bækṭīriyā, kṣudra jīvin, dilīra, manuṣya śarīrayaṭa avaśya hā avaśya novana ākārayen pavatī. samahara bækṭīriyā śarīrayē pævætmaṭa hitakara vē. manuṣya śarīrayē akrīyatāvan piḷiban̆dava karana parīkṣāvehidī āsādanayanṭa pradhāna hētūn lesa mema tattvayan han̆dunāgena æta. mehidī gṛhaya harahā balapāna hētu sādhaka pahata san̆dahan paridi dækviya hækiya. sōdā pavitra karana lada æn̆dum vælvala ellīmēdī dum vædīma , dūvili ukahā gænīma nisā obē æn̆dumvalin āsādanayan ætivīmaṭa hækiyāva æta.

bittara nosōdā śītakaraṇayē tæbīmēdī kikiḷiyagē maḷapaha saman̆ga bittara tæbīma tuḷin ema bækṭīriyāvala vardhanayat, venat āhāra dravyavalaṭa ekatuvīmat siduvīma nisā akrīyabhāvayat æti vana bava penē.

pirisidu nokarana lada māḷu ṭæṁki, mæsi uvaduru, kuhum̆bingē rajadahanvala vīma, nisi paridi ḍasṭ bin notæbīma, tarappu peḷa viṣabīja nāśakayakin nosēdīma, dorehi lok hi hænḍl śuddha pavitra nokirīma, kuṇu nopicca vīma, suratal satun ætikirīma, sapattu, sereppu īśāna disāvē tæbīma væni dē da, væhi pīlivala vatura nisāda, kuṇuvaḷaval nisi paridi sakas novīma da, bahula lesa dæka gata hæki sādhaka vē. īśāna disāvē kuṇu saha ṭoyilaṭ, esēma paḷan̆dina lada sapattu ræs kirīma nisā viṣabīja næsīmaṭa taram sūrya śaktiya nolæbīma hētuvaki. īśāna disāva itāma saumya diśāvak vannē esē heyini. mē nisā mema diśāva pirisiduva tabā gata yutuya. nætahot nitara pirisiduva tabā gænīmaṭa oba utsāha gata yutuya. nivæsiyan pāvicci karanu labana rūpavāhini , parigaṇaka, jaṁgama durakathana væni upakaraṇa nisā vikiraṇavalin vana balapǣma viśāla agayak ganī. mayikrō avan eks kiraṇa gæmā kiraṇa, niyuṭroana ælmd saha bīṭā kiraṇa nikut karana yam yam upakaraṇa nisā gṛhāṁga kriyākāritvayē dī āsādana ætivē. viṣa sahita gasda, viṣa varṇa gata kirīmada, yam yam pōsilēn upakaraṇada, nusudusu bava han̆dunāgena æta. us gas uturu, īśāna disāvan hi vævīma nisā nivasaṭa parāvartanaya vana hiru ræs saha suḷan̆ga hæmīma sidu novīmada mema tattvayan hi vardhanayaṭa hētukāraka vī æta. væsikiḷi vaḷaval durin pihiṭīmēdī nisi paridi pravāhanaya novīma nisā maḷa paddhatiyē aśuci ræn̆dīma nisā mītēn vāyuva nipadavīmada ahitakaraya.

vāstu ekan̆gatvayan ætivīmēdī nivasaka daknaṭa læbena yahapat lakṣaṇa

vāstu ekan̆gatāvan sahita nivasaka nivæsiyangē adhyāpana tattvaya itā ihaḷa maṭṭamaka pavatī. mema nivāsayanhi rōga kāraka avasthāvan aḍuvīmak daknaṭa hæki atara mē nisāma nirōgītāvaya æti vāsasthāna lesin vāstu ekan̆ga vū nivāsa daknaṭa puḷuvana. hirueḷiya saha vātayē nisi saṁkalanaya nisā nivasē nivæsiyangē ātatiya aḍuvīma da daknaṭa hæki pradhāna sādhakayaki. an̆dura, uṣṇatvaya væḍivīma yana karuṇu nivasakaṭa pāḷuva, kānsiya, genena pradhāna sādhaka atara mul tænak ganī. mānasika tisrihanbhāvaya væḍivīma san̆dahā vāstu ekan̆gatā sahita nivasak balapāna bava kiva hækiya.

manuṣya śārīrika kriyākāritvaya dubala kirīma san̆dahā bækṭīriyā saha kṣudra jīvīn menma dilīra balapānnē yamsēda gṛhastha skandhayehi kriyākāritvaya durvala kirīma san̆dahā apa visin ihata san̆dahan paridi rōgakārakayan æti karanu labana bava pæhædili vē.

oba sēvādāyakayek vaśayen sælasum sakas kara gænīmaṭa yæmēdī niravul manasakin yutuva, anavaśya ātatiyakaṭa yaṭat novī, væḍihiṭiyan hō kihipa denaku saman̆ga menma vivāha patvī nam am̆bu sæmiyan ekatuva menma tama dū daruvan da, kæṭuva sǣma atyavaśya kāraṇayaki. kihipa avasthāvan hidīma venaskam sidu karamin sælasum śilpiyāṭa hisaradayak vana lesa sælasum sakas kara gænīmaṭa utsāha nogata yutuya. tamanṭa væya kaḷa hækis mudala, taman ṇaya mudalakin meya ārambha karanavāda? nædda? pavulē sāmājika saṁkhyāva , koṭasak nima kara padiṁciyaṭa yanavāda? nædda? taman balāporottu vana hæḍatala, avaśya kāmara gaṇana, abhyantara us pahatvīm avaśya vē. nam ē bava taman vāstu sambandhayen darannā vū mata, ādī siyalu karuṇu novaḷahā sælasum śilpiyā dænuvat kaḷa yutuya. kalmarana sælasum san̆dahā gena dena bādhā ihaḷaya. emanisā ekavara sælasumak sakaskara gænīma san̆dahā obagē avadhānaya yomu kaḷa yutuya. daḷa saṭahanak rægena gos, avaśya siyalu venaskam ehi sidukoṭa, sælasum śilpiyā saman̆ga sākacchākoṭa, avasāna sælasumē piṭapatak labā gænīma itāma ucita saha sudusuma kriyā piḷiveḷa vē. tamangē nivasē, tama kāmarayē diga, paḷalavat mænīmaṭa lakkoṭa ema avabōdhaya sahitava sælasum śilpiyā veta yæma atyavaśya vū kāraṇayak vannēya. ehi pratiphalaya vannē sælasum śilpiyāṭa ārōpaṇaya vana nivasa obaṭa obagē avaśyatāvanṭa anukūlava sakas kara gænīmaṭa æti hækiyāva ihaḷa maṭṭamakin labādīmaya. taman adhyayanaya kaḷa hō taman dæka purudu nivasak hō antarjālaya hō puvatpat, san̆garā magin mavāgat nivāsa ē ākārayen sæḷasumkara gænīmaṭa yatna nodæriya yatuya. esē vuvahot samprēṣaṇa vāstu dōṣa ihaḷa agayakin yutuva obē sælasuma san̆dahā ḷan̆gā vē. obē adahasa prakāśa kaḷa hækimut niyamita diśānugata raṭāvaṭa anuva sælasumē aṁga sthānagata kirīma atyavaśya kāraṇayaki. ē ē paḷātvalaṭa nītyanukūla avaśyatāvanṭa anuva sthānagata kirīma da avaśyaya. mehidī nāgarika saṁvardhana adhikāriyē regulāsi piḷipædīmaṭa sælasum śilpiyāṭa siduvanu æta. obagē vayasaṭa, obagē rækiyāvaṭa saha obagē iḍamaṭa menma obagē ata æti mudalaṭa menma dēśaguṇika lakṣaṇayanṭa anukūlava menma svabhāvika parisarayaṭa avanatava sælasum sakaskara gata yutuya. kālayāgē ævǣmen sælasum hi dōṣa matuvīmaṭa iḍa æta. ehidī kæḍīm, bin̆dīm, piḷisakara nokirīma, koṭas ekatu kirīma varṇa durvarṇavīma, ādī karuṇu san̆dahā avadhānaya yomu kaḷa yutuya.

akramavat nivāsayanhi bhautika lakṣaṇa hā jīvīya lakṣaṇa

mevæni nivāsayanhi guṇatvaya hā yathārthayan han̆dunā gata hækiya. pāḷu bava, mūsala svarūpaya daknaṭa puḷuvana. sevel kǣma, teta barita vīma, koṭas kaḍā væṭīma, ælavīma, vahalē akramavat bava, nivāsa an̆duruvīma. gahakoḷavalin væsī yæma, kæḍuṇu bin̆dunu pāra, gēṭṭuva, sælakillak nodækvū ḷin̆da, laṭṭa loṭṭavalin piṭata hā ætuḷata pirī tibīma. iri tælīm, pus kǣma, satun (kuhum̆bu, mæssan, mækkan) nivasa ākramaṇaya kirīma, durgandhaya vahanaya vīma yanādī lakṣaṇa dækviya hæka.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2013/04/19.