Are you aware of the laziness?


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් ලග්න භාවය ගැන ඔබත් දැනුවත්ද!

Man’s life – Character – Physical condition Color – Character – Head – Latex-like things – Victory Age – Famous – Honor – Profit – Losses – Yasasa – Crack – Sufis – Praise – Knowledge – Attempt – Dream politics – Case fortune – Skills – Physical energy long – spouse – needs top face of the face – born and spotted. Sculpture – Udaya – Shirya – Kalpa – Thanuya – Textual – Name – Time – name by name. The planet is called Ravi. It also represents the soul of the time of the man.

Mr. Dawidawan takes a hub and checks the center before saying a word. This is the place where the priority is given to the Loggia.

Whether the CPI is on the log lane, or the luggage logger sees it, the logon is visible to the good of the planet, its good things are stored on the bed, and the wells are well on the side of the tag, but the republic has a good position, good sonyogama or an auspicious theater, He looks at good things. If so, then it will bring good fruit. Then, Janma, is a power. On the other side, the genesis is weak. It brings bad results. Personality dream. On the other hand, the Loggia and the PC are fraught with fears. It is deposited in bad places. Ebbing the lifeblood is also the priority.

When the stars are visible, the great genus is born. The enemies die. She has long life. Power and wealth. The gentlemen are kind and grateful. The great body is. If you are in the sinful planet, you are weak. Hijacked diseases. In the first lunar Ark, ie, within the first ten degrees, Kuj, Shani or Rahu will have a weapon, a stick, or a fire from the victim’s head. Then the log will be fierce and see its ruthless planets, and it will cause the queen to fall into the head of the fire. If the moon were in the Moon, water would be disastrous.

If the inspector goes down in a bad place, the demon is weak. The head of the genius is a yawning with a sailor and a sailor. If the planet is guilty of mischief in the evil place, Lkia is often hostile. Being a guilty conscience means that either two or more of the two planets of sin are on either side of the divide or in the distance of a certain planet.

If Rahu was in the arena, he was a gamer. No permanent improvement. Progress is on the rise. If Planet Earth was found in the Loggie, Learning is possible. Repentant love relationships. There are health problems. It should be remembered that these things vary according to the weaknesses of the planets.

Let’s also look at the fruity asteroids. Here is a reward for the planet’s passage through the moon.

When Ravi travels through the waves, feelings of revulsion become regrettable. Fear can also occur. Conflicts arise. Eye disorders, head aches. It’s a bad time for my father.

The moon is happy when the Moon passes through the Moon. Facial beauty is a joy. Good food is good for the food and you want to have comfort in comfort. Enemies can arise when the marbled planet passes through the ark. It causes disorders of the body. In particular, it causes headaches. A change can be made. It’s disappointing. It’s hard to get angry. Emergency accidents and fire should be very careful.

Mercury can be trapped in the course of the Moon. The worries are distressing. Bored to learning. Relatives lead to material losses. Enjoy happy trips and improve employment.

The time travel of the Moon is a factor. Janma is on a long journey. The locations may also vary. Litigation or confusion may be involved. Homeless unions can arise. Occupation posts drop. The arrival of the Teacher of the Planet will end up with these negative effects.

Venus’s journey through Venus brings joy and comfort to the home. The price is profitable. Love attachment is effective. Causes fever. There are greetings. It will be a joyful journey. Friends’ association also helps. The enemy is lost.

The time travel to Zani is disastrous. It’s not good for your health. Places or residences may vary. Advances are hindered. It’s expensive. Purges are frequent. Mourning events will be heard. A harasser or a sponge. A mess with family. Arguments can also arise with enemies. The lawsuit can be involved. An offense. It’s because they get bad names.

During Rahu the journey takes time. The hope in the heart is fulfilled. Employment can also be recalled. It also makes a big difference. Feeling nervous. They also have envy.

During the passage of the cone, the body restricts obstruction. It will be thin. You can also have a puffy look at the house. Enemies, jealousy arise. It’s about being grieving. It is necessary to think of the weaknesses of the planetary power of the planet when proclaiming it.

The 12-point helper is a foreign power app. In this case, the log or twelfth must be many. Moussa – Cika – Vera – Mekara include four choirs. Even though there are a number of amphibians in the embrace – the mother-in-law, however, foreign influences can arise. The Moon is also the director of a multicolored vase. Or in one’s own country. Not wanted to go abroad.

6 Yogas with six luckiers – eight or twelve princes, will pose obstacles to the health of the body. Kujga’s relationship may also be a surgical procedure. Six or eight of the twelve bodies will cause a corpse or insufficiency to the constellation falling into the constipation. Determining the size of the yoga can be determined by checking it.

Passing a sinewalder through an avalanche during the trip on the trip. The moon is the most embarrassing moment when the moon travels through the moon of the Moon Center. There will be trouble. If the decade is penniless, it’s madly thinking. It is disgraceful. They are sometimes imprisoned. This is most likely to occur during the twelve-day period. That is, the Logan is the doorpost.

If Rivi was found in the horn, he was enthusiastic. Arrogance. It is the courage to end up enemies. Works diligently. He talks straightforwardly. Superior assistance is provided. He gets to senior positions. It’s always better to be higher than others. He’ll get angry soon. It’s free life.

If the Moon was in the Moon, it would not have the gentler properties. Spends a public life. Priyankara Ro, then, is a health trait. Immediately understood. Act carefully. It is greener for delicious fruits. They do not give in to the hearts of others. A happy life. The mother, Bony, was brilliant if the marbled planet was in the den. Courageous. Not subject to others. Stubborn. He is angry. It’s not too late. Actively involved in the work. Works for advancement.

If Mercury was in the Moon, genesis is intelligent. He knows different languages. Priyankara Riba Lake. It gives rise to vigor. It is a clever wisdom. Learn soon. Actions are foreseen. Suffering. She also wants to read books. He is fond of everyone.

If the planet was in the wilderness, glory would be honored. Work will work. Health is good. Mind works. He is a duty officer. Helping, helping others. It’s not too late. It does not waste money. He is very loyal to religion. It also has extended soup.

If Venus was in the galaxy, the image of the Congregation brings happiness, joy. I like seeing. Looks smart. Know the suffering of others. Health is good. Direct property. A luxurious, high, and well-known life. Long life.

If Shane is in the den, it causes disease. But the genman is diligent. The object is provided. Work progressively = proceeds. Trouble arises because of money. She loves isolation.

lagna bhāvaya gæna obat dænuvatda!

minisakugē jīvitaya – caritaya – śārīrika tattvaya varṇaya – gatiguṇa – hisa – āyuṣa- kæmati dēval – jayagrahaṇa vayasa – prasiddhiya – gauravaya – lābha – alābha – yasasa – ayasa duka – sæpa nindā – praśaṁsā – dænuma – utsāhaya – sihina dēśapālanaya – kēs vāsanāva – dakṣakam – śārīrika śaktiya dīrga gaman – sahakaru hō sahakāriya – avaśyatāvayan muhuṇē ihaḷa koṭasa – upana sthānaya lagna bhāvayen vimasā gannēaya. mūrti – udaya – śiraya – kalpa – tanuya – vyaq aṁga – hōrāya – ādya deha lagna bhāvayaṭa peræduran visin kiyana lada nāmayōya. lagna bhāvayaṭa kāraka vannē ravi grahayāya. kāla puruṣayāgē ātmaya niyōjanaya karannēda lagna bhāvayeni.

daivagna mahatā kēndrayak ataṭa gena palāpala kīmaṭa pera kēndraya parīkṣā kara balayi. ehidī pramukhasthānaya himivannē da lagnasthānayaṭayi.

lagnādhipatiyā lagnayehi siṭīda, lagnādhipati visin lagnaya dakīda, lagnaya śubha grahayan visin dakīda śubha grahayan ehi tænpat da lagnaya depasa śubha grahayan patita vī ætda, lagnādhipati śubha tænaka, śubha saṁyōgama hō śubha dṛṣṭi læba siṭīda, śubha nækataka tænpat vī da lagnādhipati grahayā śubha kartarī da yana śubha kāraṇā vimasā balayi. esē nam śubha phala dīmaṭa samat veyi. eviṭa janmiyā, balavateki. mehi anek pætta vetot janmiyā, dubalaya. aśubha phala geneyi. pauruṣaya hīnaya. anek pætta nam, lagnaya hā lagnādhipati aśubha grahayingen pīḍita vīmayi. aśūbha sthānavala tænpat vīmayi. āyu balaya vimæsīmēdī da lagnaya pramukhama sthānaya ganī.

siyaluma grahayan lagnaya daknā kala upan janmiyā, śrēṣṭhaya. saturan nasayi. dīrghāyuṣa vin̆diyi. balayen hā dhanayen yuktaya. lagnayē subha grahayō siṭit nam chanmiyā kāruṇikaya. mahat śarīraya ættek vē. pāpa grahayin lagnayehi vetot ja janmiyā dubalaya. śītādhika rōgavalin pīḍā labayi. lagnayē paḷamu væni derkāṇayē enam, paḷamu aṁśaka dahaya ætuḷata kuja, śani hō rāhu yana grahayaku vetot janmiyāgē hisaṭa āyudhayakin, daṇḍakin hō ginnen vipatak ætivē. lagnaya krǣra rāśiyak vī ehi krǣra grahayan siṭīda, dakīda eviṭa chanmiyāgē hisaṭa ginnen upadrava pæmiṇē. lagnayē candrayā siṭiyē nam, jalayen vipatti ætivē.

lagnādhipatiyā duṣṭa sthānayaka patita vetot chanmiyā dubalaya. lagnādhipatiyā nīca vīma, pāpa grahayaku samaga yōga vīma janmiyā diḷin̆du karana pihiṭīmaki. lagnādhipati grahayā duṣṭa sthānayaka pāpa kartarī vetot chanmiyā nitara saturu bhayin pasuveyi. pāpa kartarī vīma yanu pāpa grahayin dedeneku hō īṭa væḍi gaṇanak depasa rāśivala hō ema rāśiyēma aṁśaka valin durasthava yam grahayekugē depasa vīmayi.

lagnādhipatiyā doḷosvænnē vīma vides bala sahita yedumaki. mehidī lagnaya hō doḷosvænna cara rāśiyak viya yutuyi. mēṣa – kaṭaka – tuḷā – makara yana rāśīn satara cara rāśī valaṭa ayatya. mithuna – kanyā – dhanu mīna yana ubhaya rāśiyaka vūvada mesē pihiṭīmen vides bala matu vannaṭa puluvani. lagnaya tira rāśiyak vī lagnādhipati da tira rāśiyaka vetot janmiyāgē diyuṇuva tama gam pedesehidīya. hō tama raṭēmaya. vides gata vīmaṭa vuvamanā novē.

lagnādhipati haya – aṭa – doḷaha adhipatiyeku samaga yōgava ema sthānayaka vetot śarīra sanīpayaṭa nitara bādhā matu karanu æta. kujagē sambandhakamak da vetot śalyakarmayakaṭa vūvada iḍa tibē. haya – aṭa – doḷahaṭa ayat śarīrasthānayaka hō ema bhāvayanṭa væṭena rāśivalaṭa himi śarīrasthānayaka hō ābādhaya matu karanu æta. yōgaya pihiṭi rāśiya, bhāvaya piriksīmen eya nīrṇaya karagata hækiya.

gōcara gamanēdī lagnaya harahā pāpa grahayak gaman kirīma apala dāyakaya. candrayā utpatti kēndrayē lagnayē nam śani grahayā ē matin gaman gannā kālaya vaḍāt apalakārīya. karadara ætivē. daśā kālayada aśubha vī nam umatu kalpanā vē. apakīrtiya labayi. samahara viṭa bandhanāgāra gatavē. meya śani doḷosvænnē gaman gannā kālaya tuḷadī ismatu vīmaṭa bohō duraṭa iḍa tibē. enam lagnaya dorakoḍadīya.

utpattiyēdī ravi grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, chanmiyā udyōgimatya. ahaṁkāraya. saturan mæḍa pævætvīmē dhairyayen yukta vē. unanduven kaṭayutu karayi. nosan̆gavā sṛjuva katā karayi. usas ayagen upakāra labayi. usas tanaturuvalaṭa patvē. anunṭa vaḍā usas vīmaṭa hæmaviṭama sitayi. ikmanin kōpa veyi. nidahas jīvitayak gata karayi.

san̆du grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, janmiyāṭa tada gati guṇa næta. prasiddha jīvitayak gata karayi. priyaṁkara rū pasuva, saukhya gati pævatum vē. vahā væṭahena suluya. kalpanākārīva kriyā karayi. rasavat palaturuvalaṭa dæḍi lesa giju kamak dakvayi. anungē sit noridavayi. prītimat jīvitayaki. kuja grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam chanmiyā, nirbhītaya. dhairya sampannaya. anunṭa yaṭat novē. muraṇḍuya. tada lesa kēnti yayi. pasubaṭa novē. kriyāśīlī lesa væḍa kaṭayutuvala nirata veyi. diyuṇuva piṇisa āśāven væḍa kaṭayutu karayi.

budha grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, janmiyā buddhimatya. vividha bhāṣā śāstra danī. priyaṁkara rū sapuva vē. vāg śaktiya æti karayi. vahā væṭahena nuvaṇak vē. ikmanin igena ganī. dūradarśīva væḍa kaṭayutu karayi. ivasilivantaya. potpat kiyavīmaṭada āśā karayi. siyalu denāṭama priya keneki.

guru grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, kīrtiya, gauravaya genadē. kaṭayutu saphala vē. śarīra saukhyaya yahapatya. sihikalpanāven væḍa kaṭayutu sidu karayi. yutukam iṭu karanneki. anyayanṭa udav, upakāra karayi. pasubaṭa novē. nikarunē mudal viyadam karannē næta. āgama dharmayaṭa itā lædi tyāgavanta keneki. dīrghā yuṣa da vin̆diyi.

sikuru grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, rūpa sabhāva satuṭa, prītiya genadē. dækīmaṭa priyavē. kalpanākara balā kaṭayutu karayi. anungē duka han̆dunayi. śarīra saukhyaya yahapat vē. sṛju gati guṇaya. sæpavat, usas, prasiddha jīvitayak gata karannaṭa læbē. āyuṣa dīrghaya.

śani grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, rōga pīḍā æti karayi. namudu janmiyā utsāhavantaya. vastuva sapayā ganī. kramānukūlava væḍa kaṭayutu= karagena yayi. mila mudal hētukoṭa gena karadara pæna nagī. hudakalāva priya karayi.

rāhu grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, janmiyā kaḍisaraya. sthira diyuṇuvak labāgata nohæki vē. gamin piṭadī diyuṇuva vē. kētu grahayā lagnayē siṭiyē nam, otpala vē. igenīmaṭa hækiyi. ādara sambandhatā nisā pasutævili veyi. saukhya gæṭalu ætivē. mekī karuṇu kāraṇā grahayingē bala dubalatā anuva venas vana bava mataka tabā gata yutumaya.

metænadīma graha gōcara phala da vimasā balamu. lagna bhāvaya tuḷin ē ē grahayā gaman karana viṭa læbena phala vipāka mehi san̆dahan vē.

ravi grahayā lagnaya harahā gōcarayen gaman karana viṭa sit tævul, kanagāṭu æti karayi. bhayak da ætiviya hæka. saturu karadara pæna nagī. æsvala ābādha, hisa kækkum ætivē. piyāṭa da aguṇa kālayaki.

candrayā lagnaya harahā gaman karana viṭa sit satuṭaṭa karuṇu sælasē. muhuṇē alaṁkāraya prītimat gatiya ætivē. hon̆da āhāra pāna varṇa da alaṁkārayaṭa sæpa pahasuvaṭa avaśya dēval da læbeyi. kuja grahayā lagnayē gaman karana viṭa saturu karadara ætiviya hæka. śarīra sanīpayaṭa bādhā matu karayi. viśēṣayen hisē kækkum æti karayi. karagena ā kaṭayutuvala venasak da æti kaḷa hæka. balāporottu kaḍavē. tada lesa kēnti yana kālayaki. hadisi anaturuvalin da gindaren da pravēśam viya yutuya.

budha grahayā lagnayē gaman karana kālaya tuḷa rævaṭīmakaṭa hasuviya hækiyi. duk kanagāṭu sit karadara ætivē. igenīmaṭa kammæli vē. gnāti hitamitrādīn nisā dhana hāni æti karayi. prītimat gaman biman valaṭada rækīrakṣā kaṭayutu diyuṇuvaṭa da hētuyi.

guru grahayā lagnayē gaman karana kālaya dhana hāni æti karayi. janmiyā dīrgha gamanak yayi. sthāna da venas viya hæki kāla vakavānuvaki. naḍuhabavalaṭa hō saturu viyavulvalaṭa pæṭalennaṭa iḍa tibē. gedara avāsanāvantakam matuviya hækiya. rækīrakṣā tanaturu pahaḷa væṭeyi. guru grahayā devænnaṭa pæmiṇi pasu mekī aśubha phala vipāka mardanaya kara damanu æta.

sikuru grahayā lagnayē gaman karana kālaya sitē satuṭa, gedara sænasīma æti karayi. mila mudal lābha læbē. ālaya bæn̆dīm saphala vē. śarīra sanīpayaṭa da hētuyi. prīti utsava balannaṭa læbē. nitara prītimat gaman ætivē. mitrayangē āśraya da upakāra da læbē. saturan nætivē.

śani lagnayē gaman karana kālaya apala dāyakayi. śarīra saukhyayaṭa yahapat novē. sthāna hō padiṁciya venas viya hækiya. diyuṇuvaṭa bādhā ætivē. adhika viyadam vē. niṣphala gaman biman nitara ætivē. śōka janaka siduvīm, āraṁci asannaṭa læbē. avanambuvak hō lachjāvak ætivē. pavulē aya samaga avul matuvē. saturan samaga āravul da matuviya hæka. naḍuhaba da pæṭalennaṭa puluvana. dōṣārōpaṇayakaṭa hasuvē. naraka nāma da læbennaṭa hētuyi.

rāhu lagnayehi gaman karana kālayēdī gaman adhika vē. sitē tibū balāporottuvak iṣṭha vē. rækī rakṣāvalaṭa nævata kæn̆davum læbennaṭa da puluvana. kaṭayutuvala loku venaskamak da æti karayi. sitaṭa bhayak ætivē. īrṣyākārayan da ætivē.

kētu lagnayehi gaman karana kālaya tuḷa śarīra sanīpayaṭa bādhā matu karayi. keṭṭu veyi. gedaraṭa amanuṣya bælma, perēta dōṣa da æti kaḷa hækiyi. saturan, īrṣyākārayan matuvē. śōka vīmaṭa karuṇu yedeyi. gōcara palāphala prakāśa kirīmēdī gōcara grahayāgē bala dubalatāvayan gæna sitā balā palāphala kiva yutuya.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2013/02/08.