Can be cured diseases through astrology?


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් ජ්‍යෙතිෂයෙන් රෝග සුවපත් කළ හැකිද?

From this point of time, from the beginning to the present, and further, birth, death, and illness are absolutely certain. If somebody has never been ill, it is not an acceptable truth. Prince Sahatru was devastated when he saw the four forethoughts. One of them was to see a “patient”. Our King Samma Sambuddha has suffered from a bad breath at the end of his life. Therefore, it is no surprise that a person is getting sick, not a special matter, but a normal occurrence. But today there are drugs and remedies for many diseases. There are patients who are recovering from a day, two days, or a week or a month. In diabetes, wealth, age, gender are not affected. Anyone can get an illness at any time. Explaining the current state of disease and the way they do it is not a matter of writing a long article.

When I go to a doctor I go to a doctor and get some healing, however, even when doctors sometimes use some of the latest medical doctors, there are many instances where discipline and mysticism are often cured because of diagnosis or illness. Let’s see how this is happening. As a result of birth, a person receives a birthmark, as well as birthmarks and births to those born into the world. Throughout the course of our lives, our lifestyle will flow to the intercourse from the interaction. Thus, in the course of changing the tide, other diseases may also be attributed to disease in our body. For example, in the moon, females, goats, chills, asthma can develop and grow. What drugs doctors doctors doctors at this time do not heal. It can also cause surgery and surgery. It can cause diarrhea, diarrhea and diarrhea. Drugs are only managed through controlling the disease. If you are able to show your talents to a talented senior, “There is a possibility of such a disease at this time.” Will say. Also, you will be able to avoid them. You will receive the necessary treatments from the Occult. For example, during the time of the devastation of Saturn, one of the points of view of the Devil is that of the Devil.

In some cases, however many experienced doctors have treated them, when the disease arose, an orange cow was minted or tethered with a pirith thread. It happens because it absorbs intoxicated planets and other infections.

Sometimes you are happily happy while you are outside your home but when you enter your home you may experience some distress in the heart as well. As soon as they left home, they felt that they were healed. The reason for this is due to several reasons.

Your home is not architecturally made.

There are some ghosts in your house.

Your birthday and mistake at home.

It is necessary to draw an appropriate plan for the construction of a house and to consult with it in architecture. Also, your residence should not be an unfortunate honeymoon, but a fortune to your birthplace. It can only be done by a talented senior person. It is also a mistake to choose a resemblance to the head of the head of the home, making or making a home. When choosing a home, or at home, you must choose a dish of your own family. Also, most of us used to buy a house that someone else used to live in. It happens that the house is made only by the original owner but not by the purchaser, and it is due to illness, wastage, etc.

Whether these things are acceptable or not, we have a demon and ghost. The man who resides in a dwelling house is with the dead creatures. Then what a healing. It does not mean that the worm does not come to your home if you use an occasional security program.

When a child is born, the use of a good character is simply not a word. The name of the name appears to be lucky or despondent. When the Buddha was born in the world, he called the name Siddhartha after three months. It was named after the name

1. Land counters

2. Divine fellowship

3. Spectrals

Water Collection

5. The sun

6. Agnies

7. Gas schedules

8. Scythe

It’s classified into eight. If you belong to your last four counts, you may be infected with disease-causing disease.

You marry on the purpose of peting a child. But if you do not have any children but get married and take time, how much sadness? How much money comes from looking at promises? Is not it a pleasure to look at it, but how happy your married couple are? Have you two become pregnant? To see if not. There are 20 promises, such as Vani Purimam, Sexual Prompts, Vegetable Promotions etc. Doctors who test you two can tell you that you are both healthy and have childbirth, but if the children are delayed, they can use more than that by science and occultism. You have the fortune of having a child who will not be able to do the same by arranging necessary occasions such as shani manga,

In this connection, it will now become clear to you that there may be other reasons if you have any illness or medical treatment that is not healing. You do not blame the doctor, not yourself or your own selfsustaining, not the loss of your life, but powerful ones such as the Occasional Archeology

In this connection, it will now become clear to you that there may be other reasons if you have any illness or medical treatment that is not healing. Not to blame your doctor, you can not cure your own self or be harmed by your life, but rather by using a powerful method of healing yourself. Your doctor will only see your physical health. When old Sinhala (traditional) doctors examined a patient, he checked his or her grandfather’s charts and checked the angel characteristics before studying about a patient because they mastered these masterpieces.

May you have good health

I would like to inform you that I will not decline or dislodge Western medicine or Ayurveda (local) medicine or homeopathy or any other medical practitioner.

jyetiṣayen rōga suvapat kaḷa hækida?

mē mihitalē ārambhayē siṭa ada dakvāt, idiriyaṭat ipadīma, maraṇaya menma rōgī vīmada niyata karuṇaki. yamek kisidu dineka kisidu rōgayakaṭa bhājana vī nætayi pavasannē nam eya piḷigata hæki satyayak novē. siduhat kumaru sasara kalakirunē satara peranimiti dækīmenya. in ek nimittak vūyē “rōgiyaku” dækīmaya. apagē sammā sambudu rajāṇan vahansē da tama jīvita kālaya avasānayē udarābādhayakin peḷuṇu bava pæhædiliya. ē nisā yamek asanīpa vīma pudumayaṭa karuṇakvat, viśēṣa kāraṇayakvat nova sāmānya siduvīmaki. ehet bohō rōga san̆dahā ada auṣadha hā piḷiyam pavatī. dinakin dekakin hō satiyakin māsayakin hō suvapatvana rōgīn æta. rōga sǣdīmēdīvat pohosatkam vayas bhēda, liṁga bhēda balapānnē næta. ōnǣma ayekuṭa ōnǣma avasthāvakadī asanīpayak væḷan̆dīmaṭa puḷuvana. pavatnā rōga saha ēvā væḷadena ākāraya pæhædili kirīma digu lipiyak livīmaṭa avaśya kāraṇayak nisā ē gæna kathā nokarami.

mā penvannē bohō denāṭa rōgayak væḷan̆duṇu viṭa vaidyavarayaku veta gos pratikāra labāgena suva vūvat ætæm avasthāvala vaidyavarun kotaram nūtana vaidyakrama bhāvita kaḷada rōga viniścayakaṭa bæsīmaṭa hō rōgaya suvakirīmaṭa apahasu avasthāvaladī jyedtiṣa vidyāva hā guptavidyāva nisā ema rōga suvapat vū avasthā bohō pavatī. ema karuṇa siduvannē kesēdæyi balamu. upatēdī yamek yam kisi lagnayakin nækatakin upadinnāk menma ē upadina ayaṭa dasā apaharaṇayakda urumava pavatī. muḷu jīvita kālaya purāma ema dasāven dasāvaṭa, antar dasāven antar dasāvaṭa apē jīvana raṭāva galāgena yayi. mesē dasāvan māruvīmēdī da venat graha pihiṭīm anuva da apagē śarīrayē rōga pīḍā siduvīmaṭa iḍa æta. udāharaṇa lesa san̆du mahadasāvēdī sem rōga, pīnasa, hatiya, æduma væni rōga ætivīmat, væḍivīmat siduvē. mē kālayēdī vaidyavaru kumana auṣadha dunnada ihata kī rōga niṭṭāvaṭa suvavīma sidunovē. esēma kuja mahadasāvēdī lēgælīma śalyakarma ādiya ætivīmaṭa iḍaæta. sikuru mahadasāvēdī mutrā amāru – diyavæḍiyāva væni rōga ætivīmaṭa iḍa æta. auṣadha magin kerennē ema rōga pālanaya kirīma pamaṇi. dakṣa jyedtiṣavēdiyakuṭa obē chanma patraya penvuvahot “mē kālayē mevæni rōgayak sǣdīmē iḍakaḍa æta.” pavasanavā æta. esēma in væḷakī siṭīmaṭa kaḷayutu piḷiyam hā upades labādenavā æta. gupta vidyāven mē san̆dahā avaśya pratikāra obaṭa labāgata hæka. udāharaṇa sē senasuru apalaya ætivana kālayēdī śani mṛtaṁjaya yantraya pæḷan̆dīma, kapuṭu dāna ek karuṇak sē dækviya hæka.

ætæm avasthāvaladī kopamaṇa dakṣa vaidyavaru pratikāra kaḷada, rōgaya suvanovana avasthāvala tæm̆bili geḍiyak maturā dīmen hō pirit nūlak atē gæṭa gæsīmen rōga suva vū avasthā anantavat æta. eya siduvannē śarīragata grahadoaṣa saha venat doaṣavalaṭa ē magin piḷiyam yedena nisāya.

ætæm viṭa oba gedarin piṭata siṭiyadī nirōgiva satuṭin siṭiyada nivasaṭa ætuḷu vū vigasa sitē asahanayak śarīrayē yam yam vēdanāt ætiviya hæka. nævata gedarin piṭavū vahāma ē rōgaya suvavū bava dænenu æta. īṭa hētu vannē kāraṇā kihipayak nisāya.

obē nivasa vāstu vidyānukūlava sādā notibīma.

obē nivasē yam yam bhūta doaṣa tibīma.

obē janma nækata hā nivasē nækata nogælapīma.

nivasak sādana viṭa ē san̆dahā sudusu sælasumak æn̆dīmat īṭa vāstu vidyānukūlava upades gænīmat kaḷayutuyi. esēma oba padiṁci vana nivasa obē janma nækataṭa vāsanāva misa avāsanāva gena dena nækatak noviya yutuya. eya sidukaḷa hækkē dakṣa jyedtiṣavēdiyakuṭa pamaṇi. esēma apa karana varadak nam nivasak sǣdīmēdī hō padiṁcivīmēdī gṛha mūlikayāgē nækataṭa pamaṇak gælapena nækatak tōrāgænīmaya eya væradi karuṇaki. nivasa sǣdīma hō padiṁcivana avasthāvaladī tamāgē pavulē sæmagēma vāsanā nækatak tōrāgata yutuya. esēma apa væḍidenā ada puruduva ættē vena ayeku sǣdū nivasak miladī gena ehi padiṁcivīmaya. etanadī siduvannē geya sādā ættē mul ayitikaruṭa misa miladī gannā ayaṭa novana nisā asanīpa, mila mudal nāsti vīm ādiya siduvīmayi.

mē kāraṇā menma apa piḷigatada nætada bhūta hā amanuṣya doaṣa pavatī. mē doaṣa pavatnā nivasaka padiṁciva siṭinnā siṭinnē maḷagiya prāṇin saman̆gaya. esēnam kumana suvayakda. ē san̆dahā gupta vidyātmakava ārakṣaka væḍapiḷiveḷak yodanatāk obē nivasaṭa sirikata vaḍinnē næta.

daruvaku upan avasthāvē namak tæbīmēdī suba akurak yodā gannē nikamma nikam novē. namaṭa yedena akṣaraya vāsanāva hō avasanāva udākarayi. bōsatun melova upan avasthāvē bamuṇan kæn̆davā “siddhārtha” yana nama tæbuvē tunkal bælīmen pasuvaya. namaṭa akuru soyā nama tæbū viṭa ē gaṇapihiṭīma anuva

1. bhūmi gaṇa

2. dēva gaṇa

3. candra gaṇa

4. jala gaṇa

5. sūryagaṇa

6. agni gaṇa

7. vāyu gaṇa

8. ākāśa gaṇa

yanuven gaṇa aṭakaṭa bedē. meyin avasāna gaṇa hataraṭa obagē nama ayatvannē nam obaṭa rōga sǣdīma (suva novana rōga) vināśaya siduvīmaṭa iḍa æta.

oba vivāha vannē daruvaku suratal kirīmē aramuṇa ætivaya. ehet vivāha vī kālayak gatavūvada obaṭa daruvan nætinam kopamaṇa dukakda? porondam bælīmen siduvannē dævædda kopamaṇa læbenavāda? yanna gæna bælīma nova oba dedenāgē vivāha jīvitaya kotaram tṛptimatda? oba dedenāṭa daruphala tibēda? nædda yanna vimasā bælīmayi. yōni porondam liṁga porondam vṛkṣa porondam ādī lesa porondam vissak ættē eya soyā bælīmaṭaya. oba dedenā parīkṣā karana vaidyavaru oba dedenāma nirōgi bavat, daruphala æti bava pævæsuvat daruvan pamāvannē nam jyedtiṣa vidyāven saha gupta vidyāven īṭa piḷiyam yodāgata hæka. śani maṁgala doaṣa, kuja maṇḍala doaṣa ādiyaṭa piḷiyam yedīmat, avaśya gupta vidyātmaka piḷiyam yedīmenut obaṭa pamāvak nomæti daruvaku labāgænīmē vāsanāva æta.

mē kāraṇā anuva obaṭa dæn pæhædili vanavā æti karuṇak nam obaṭa æti asanīpaya kumak vūvat īṭa vaidya pratikāra sidukaḷat suvayak nolæbennē nam, īṭa venat hētu tibiya hæki bavatya. vaidyavarayāṭa dos kīmenvat, oba oba gænama kalakirīmenvat, jīvita hāni karagænīmenvat nova jyedtiṣaya gupta vidyāva væni balavat kramayakin obē rōgaya suvapat karagata hækiya. obagē vaidyavarayāṭa penennē obē śārīrika saukhyaya pamaṇi. pæraṇi siṁhala (pāramparika) vaidyavaru rōgiyaku parīkṣā karana viṭa ohugē hō æyagē janma patraya parīkṣā kaḷēt rōgiyaku gæna soyannaṭa pera dūta lakṣaṇa parīkṣā kaḷet mē gæm̆buru śāstra ovun praguṇa kara siṭi nisāya.

obaṭa nirōgi suvaya læbēvā

mema lipiyen baṭahira vaidya kramaya hō āyurvēda (dēśīya) vaidya kramaya hō hōmiyōpati vaidya kramaya hō ē kisidu vaidyavarayakuṭa apahāsa kirīmak hō pahata heḷīmak sidu nokarana bava danvami.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2012/02/24.