Goodness and Badness of Venus


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින්

සැපට අධිපති සිකුරු ග්‍රහයා සිකුරුගේ අපලය හා ඊට පිළියම්

This is a Google word to word translation of Divaina

Everyone likes to have almost alluring personality. As a result, many young people seem to be upgraded to appear as popular actors. Who does not crave the waving hair, the beautiful eyes, the buzzing lips, the handsome body, the fashion trends, the modern car, the mobile phone, and the brilliant youth? If you have such a visually appealing personality, your center Venus (Tv) should be in place.

However, if you have such a fortunate appearance, it is because the Venus planet is not the planet itself, but that you have the same vengefulness as before.

Anthropomorphism can be traced to the world by an elite science that has been bestowed on the mind by the mind-raising peoples of the world. It is possible to know someone’s past merits or sins and their consequences. According to the location of the planet Venus, According to Venus, Venus, music, perfume, lullabies, marriage, drama, activity, love, love, and kidneys, chin, chappy, and reproductive organs.

If the center of a person’s center is strong, then the geneticist is fulfilled by the above things. The reason for this is keeping the purest character of the former spirits (robbers), the jealousy, the sacrifices made to the temple. On the other hand, blasphemy, jealousy, and other intolerance of others may cause the self-made Venus to be evil.

This is a good example of Buddhist literature. It is a harlot who is known as ‘Ambapalli’. She had been harassed in this spirit because she was scandalous about a mistake that had been committed by a dynasty at the time of a Bodhi Pooja.

There was a terrible disease of Anuruddha Maha Arachthavika. Describing this was described by Ven. Anuruddhathi Thero (pronounced). Accordingly, she was born as a Queen’s Queen. The king was jealous of her hatred for another harem. It was revealed that she was wearing the queen’s bed and clothes and that she looked at the queen’s anguish and pain, and that she was a leper in this life.

Both are both examples of the badness of Venus and examples of the nature of hell.

We should understand whether someone is comfortable or not, especially with the weaknesses of Venus. You can look at this in a few ways depending on your point of view. Venus of your center is the place where the peak power is derived. And, in the case of a tsunami, they have the intrinsic power. Fourth, it has a strong power. Then the Venus will be strong and polished.

In the space of the nun, this obscure planet becomes obsolete and in the lions of Lions. Then what is the evil fruit? The following are the first signs of goodness in the center of the cells.

On the planet Venus, the first is the body of the locus, which has a striking appearance. They are of good character and fortunate enough to live a happy life.

The second is that the Venus location is a massive success. Face is beautiful and beautiful. The story is also attractive to others. If it is in power, it will be a great fortune.

The third one shows that Benjamin reaps. A person who is busy and harsh. He also brings good and good neighbors. It will also be a lucky marriage. The spouse will be in a far-away area, close to the village.

Venus, the fourth of its length, has a higher power. Venus is the perfect place for fourth place. Such people are allowed to live in their village. They can rent a beautiful house, vehicles, luxury furniture and a comfortable life.

The fifth is to learn Venus. Aesthetics and arts and a foreign language skills. Modern subjects include computer graphics. It is also possible that romantic relationships may develop before marriage and marriage takes place. Good children will be given. Make profits from investments. If Venus 5 is weak, fun can also cause learning and businesses to be disturbed.

Six is ​​not a good place for Venus. Venues and Venues. It shows that the genus is infected with Venus disease. Kidney diseases, bladder defects, and genital defects. Feet gum may also develop in the throat, acne, acne, scar in the face. It shows that the genius is a lender or a hostage.

Benefits to Venus A lucky marriage happens. A wife or husband will act as a friend (s). He also receives a group of supporters who always help. He would be clever for joint ventures.

The eighth is the center of damage damage. Venus is endowed with endurance without enduring the sudden death of a sudden death. It also provides wealth through marriage or otherwise by means of a gift or last will. Venus 4 is dominating the place where a house is built.

The merit of the New Moon. 9 Benefits Venus. Higher education gives success if it has strong degrees. The peacock The Venus Planet has been a major contributory factor for the graduation of degrees and the graduation of English and Computer degrees. He also shows that he is blessed with the Blessed Mother of God, and is blessed with jobs and positions. Therefore, the position of the tenth position of Venus is the success of the business sector. Or, the owner or head of a large business. There is a large-income job without comfortable living and effortlessness. Venus, on the other hand, creates friends in every province. More women receive more benefits. Business can be a success. Venus fruits are more likely to be found from modern businesses, such as cell phones, computers, fashion accessories, perfumes, musical instruments, etc. And a beautiful and capable marriage partner. 11 Strong Venus can also generate a large source of income. The twelve are the locations of the path of the center and the loss. Venus, its location is not so good. Poor marriage is delayed. He will be deprived of luxury. There are losses from businesses. Excess spending. But if they are very powerful, they will be allowed to go abroad.

It is also worth mentioning that the number of foreign-currency earners is estimated by the way of considering the deposit of 12 cells in the center of the planet. But the other planets like Ravi Chandra will also be affected. Therefore, because Venus is nearing to the sun, it is also a sunrise. Due to the weakening of the compounds such as Kujja and Rahu, it also gives rise to frustrating results. He is the master of fading and the head of the distress of Shani. So, when combined with Venus, it loses comfort. The marriage is delayed. Venus-like sediment is also referred to as “anatomic yoga” in ancient books. Sexual assaults on such persons are abundant. Venus joining Rahu causes misconduct. Do not look too far at searching for work. Distorted sexually transmitted infections. It’s mistaken for the loneliness. The fish sting or weakening of a sinister planet with the sorcery mentioned above, or 6, 8, 12 weakens or weakens. In such a case, the weak planet’s birth force gives birth to the Venus. Then there is a reward for time when Venetian Doubs gets done. Student education disrupts education. If middle age, marriage breaks down. Breakthroughs in the bladder cause stomach ulcers, sexual abnormalities, seminal problems, turbotropic bouts, menstruation disorders, uterine diseases, and fat burning, diarrhea. There is a solution to prostitution and prostitution. The ritual that has been recommended for Venus does not have to be done. It is necessary to separate from mistakes and lead an immigrant life. Sacred Buddha Sacred Bodhi Pooja is best to sacrifice to the Mother of God Pattini. On Friday, Venus Hour is recommended to be better. The numbers 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 of the number collected in the number 6 will be appropriate and the flags should be lit. Mixed Blossoms, Mixed Color Flags or Heard Colors should be used as a gift for Buddhist Flags. When you are seated, sit down in the north. At the end of the pooja, make the Mangala Sutta. The goddess, Goddess Poththini, is also proud of the deity. Living Abbreviary or New Machine 1500 years of age It is not good to eat sour-eaten emulsion. Attacks, fun, and adultery should not be mistaken. Finally, retire from “Venus out of luck – Separate yourself from mistaking.”

sæpaṭa adhipati sikuru grahayā sikurugē apalaya hā īṭa piḷiyam

sǣma kenekuma pāhē ākarśanīya pauruṣatvayak himikara gænīmaṭa kæmatiya. mē nisā bohō taruṇa taruṇiyan janapriya naḷu niḷiyan men penī siṭinnaṭa anukaraṇayē yedena bava penē. ræli væṭunu koṇḍaya, lassana æs, nādaḷu detol, kaḍavasam sirura, navīna vilāsitā anuva giya æn̆dum pæḷan̆dum, navīna mōṭar rathaya, jaṁgama durakathanaya ādiyen særasuṇu bhadra yauvanayē camatkāra janaka bavaṭa æḷum nokarannē kavarekda? obaṭat evæni duṭuvan vaśī karavana pauruṣatvayan ætinam obē kēndrayē sikuru (ḍhǣbham̆bī) balavatva pihiṭā tibiya yuttēya.

kesē namudu evæni vāsanāvanta penumak obaṭa ætnam īṭa hētuva ahasē gaman karana sikuru hevat vīnas grahayā nova oba visinma pera bhavayaka karana lada kusala karma śaktiyama bava kiva yuttēya.

bhāvanā magin manasa diyuṇu kaḷa sṛṣivarun visin lōkayaṭa dāyāda kaḷa jyetīr vidyāva magin yameku kaḷa pera pinkam hō pāpa karma hā ēvāyē vipāka dænagata hæki vannēya. sikuru grahayā kēndrayē pihiṭi ākāraya anuva kiyana karuṇu da esē granthārūḍha kara tibē. mē anuva kalāva, saṁgītaya suvan̆davilavun, kāmaya, vivāhaya, nāṭyaya, kriyāśīli bava, ādaraya, prēmaya menma śarīrayē vakugaḍu, nikaṭa, kamm̆bul, prajanana indriyan ādiya gæna sikurugen kiyǣvē.

yamekugē kēndrayē sikuru balavat nam janmiyā ihata karuṇu valin sampūrṇa vī sæpa vin̆dina kenek vannēya. īṭa hētu vannē pera ātmavala pirisidu caritaya hevat bam̆basara rækīma, īrṣyāven toravīma, utumanṭa karana lada puda satkāra ādī piṁkamya. emenma mehi anek pætta hevat guṇavat ayaṭa apahāsa kirīma, īrṣyāva, anungē sæpa noivasīma ādiya nisā mē ātmayē sikurugē apalaya æti kirīmaṭa hētu veyi.

meyaṭa itā hon̆da udāharaṇa bauddha sāhityayen upuṭā dækviya hækiya. budu rajāṇan vahansēgē pihiṭa labā nivan duṭu ambapāli namin hæn̆dinvennē gaṇikāvaki. pera bhavayaka bōdhi pūjāvan karana viṭa maha rahat teraṇiyaka atin sidu vū atværæddakaṭa vaiśyāvak yǣyi bænavædīma nisā æyaṭa mē ātmayēdī esē vṛttiya vaiśyāvak bavaṭa patvannaṭa siduvī tibē.

emenma anuruddha maha rahatan vahansēgē næn̆ganiya daruṇu kuṣṭha rōgayakin peḷuṇāya. mē piḷiban̆dava abhiñālābhī piṁ anuruddha himiyan visin (perabhavaya piḷiban̆da) vistara karana ladī. ē anuva æya raja bisavana lesa upata labā siṭiyāya. rajatumā tavat antaḥpura vāsī bisavanaṭa æḷum karana bava æyagē daruṇu īrṣyāvanaṭa hētuviya. æya visin ema bisavagē yahanē hā æn̆dumvala kaham̆biliyā ālēpa karana lada bavat ēvā śarīrayē gǣvī dævillaṭa hā vēdanāvaṭa pat bisava desa balā satuṭu vū bavat ē hētuven mē ātmayē kuṣṭha rōgiyeku vū bavat anāvaraṇaya viya.

mē avasthā dekama sikuru gē apalayaṭa hētuva hā apalayē svabhāvaya penvana udāharaṇa dekaki.

keneku sæpa labanavā da nædda yannama viśēṣayenma sikurugē bala dubalakam anuva vaṭahā gata yuttēya. meya obē kēndraya anuva obaṭat taramak duraṭa vimasā bæliya hækiya. obē kēndrayē sikuru tænpatva ættē mīna rāśiyē nam ucca balaya labayi. tavada vṛṣabha hō tulā rāśiyē nam svakṣetra balaya himivē. hatara vænnē nam dig balaya labayi. eviṭa sikuru balavat vī śūbhaphala denu æta.

kanyā rāśiyē dī nīca nam dubala bavaṭa patvana mema grahayā kaṭaka hā siṁha rāśi valadīda durvala bavaṭa pæmiṇē. eviṭa aśubha phala dē. pahata palavennē kēndrayē koṭu 12 tuḷa tænpatva æti ākāraya anuva læbena śūbhā śubha vē.

sikuru grahayā kēndrayē paḷamuvænnē pihiṭi ayagē sirura ākarśanīya penumak æti karayi. evænnō manā pauruṣatvayakin hebi, sæpavat jīvitayak gata kirīmaṭa vāsanāva æti aya vannēya.

devænnē sikuru pihiṭīma dhanaya atin sārthakatvayak labana bava penvayi. muhuṇa pæhæpat hā lassana veyi. katāva da anungē sit æn̆dagannāsuḷu veyi. balavatva pihiṭiyot sǣhena dhanayakaṭa himikārayaku vanavā æta.

tunvænnē pihiṭi sikuru sahōdarayangen śūbhaphala læbena bava penvayi. utsāhavanta, dhairyavanta kenekda veyi. emenma guṇa yahapat asalvāsīn da labayi. vāsanāvanta vivāhayak da siduvē. sahakaru hō sahakāriya gam pradēśayaṭa samīpa, vaḍā dura novū paḷātaka kenekda vanu æta.

hatara vana bhāvayē tænpat vana sikuru digbalaya nam usas balayak labayi. sikuruṭa niyama tæna hataravænnayi. evæni ayaṭa upan gamēma diyuṇuvīmaṭa iḍa sælasē. alaṁkāra nivasak sādā gænīmaṭada vāhana, subōpabhōgī gṛhabhāṇḍa læbīmaṭa da sæpavat jīvitayak gata kirīmaṭa da iḍa læbē.

pasvænnē sikuru igenīmaṭa yahapat ya. saundarya hā kalā viṣayayan da vidēśa bhāṣā piḷiban̆davada nipunatāvak ætivē. navīna viṣayayan vana parigaṇaka græfik nirmāṇakaraṇayaṭa dakṣa vē. emenma vivāhayaṭa pera ādara saban̆datā æti vīma hā ē magin vivāhaya sidu vīmaṭa da iḍa tibē. yahapat dū daruvan labayi. āyōjana valin lābha læbē. sikuru 5 durvala nam, vinōdaya nisā igenīmaṭa da vyāpāra valaṭada bādhā pæmiṇē.

haya vænna sikuruṭa śubha sthānayak novē. saturan hā rōga piḷiban̆dava viniścaya karana tænayi. emagin janmiyā sikuruṭa ayat rōgavalaṭa goduru vana bava penvayi. vakugaḍu rōga, mutrāśayē dōṣa, liṁgika durvalatā haṭa ganī. sem geḍi ugurē ābādha, kurulǣ, muhuṇē lapa kæḷæl ādiya æti vīmaṭa iḍa tibē. janmiyā ṇayakaruveku bavaṭa nætahot saturu karadara valaṭa pat vana bava penvayi.

hatvænnē sikuru śubha phaladeyi. vāsanāvanta vivāhayak siduvē. yeheḷiyaka men kaṭayutu karana (sa‚ bhāryāvan) birin̆dak hō sæmiyek labayi. emenma tamanṭa sæma viṭama udav upakāra karana sahakaruvan pirisak da labayi. havul vyāpāravalaṭa dakṣa kenek vanavā æta.

aṭa vænna kēndrayē hāni maraṇa gæna kiyana tænayi. ehi pihiṭi sikuru duk vin̆da vin̆da nosiṭa hiṭihæṭiyēma siduvana śānta maraṇayak uruma karavayi. emenma vivāhaya magin hō venat ākārayakin dāyādāyak hō antima kæmati patrayakin dhanayak labā deyi. sikuru, kēndrayē 4 adhipati vannē nam geyak hadā gænīmaṭa bādhā pæmiṇē.

nava vænna kēndrayē puṇya sthānayayi. 9 pihiṭi sikuru śubha phala deyi. balavat nam upādhi labā usas adhyāpanaya sārthaka kara deyi. saundarya upādhi læbīmaṭat iṁgrīsi hā parigaṇaka aṁśavala upādhidharayin vīmaṭat sikuru grahayā 9 balavat vīma viśēṣa hētuvak vannē ya. emenma janmiyā perapin æti devipihiṭa labana bhāgyavantayaku bavada penvayi.daha vænna rækiyā, tanaturu gæna kiyana tænayi. ebævin sikuru dahavænnē pihiṭīma vyāpāra aṁśavala sārthakatvayaṭa hētuvē. nætahot, viśāla vyāpārayaka ayitakaru hō pradhāniyā vanu æta. sæpa pahasu lesa jīvat vemin væḍi vehesak nogena viśāla ādāyam labana rækiyāvak læbē.ekolos vænnē pihiṭi sikuru sǣma paḷātakama mituran æti karayi. kāntā pakṣayē ayagen væḍipura upahāra læbē. vyāpāra kirīmen usas sārthakatvayak læbiya hækiya. sikuruṭa himi palaturu navīna upakaraṇa vana jaṁgama durakathana, parigaṇaka, vilāsitā valaṭa avaśya upakaraṇa, suvan̆da vilavun, saṁgīta bhāṇḍa ādiya piḷiban̆da vyāpāra valin væḍi śūbhaphala læbē. emenma lassana menma guṇavat vivāha sahakaruvakuda læbē. 11 balavat sikuru viśāla ādāyam mārga æti kara gata hæki bava penvā deyi.doḷos vænna da kēndrayē vyādhi, pāḍu piḷiban̆dava penvana tænayi. sikuru ehi pihiṭīma etaram śubha novannēya. durvala nam vivāhaya pramāda veyi. sæpa ahimi kenek veyi. vyāpāra valin pāḍu sidu vē. adhika viyadam yedē. ehet itā balavat nam vidēśa raṭavalaṭa yæmaṭa iḍa læbē. vidēśavalin mudal upayana kenek da vē.sikuru grahayā kēndrayē koṭu 12 tænpat vana ayuru salakā bælīmen karmānurūpava janmiyāṭa æti vana śubhā śubha ihata dakvana ladī. ehet ravi candra ādī anekut grahayinda mē san̆dahā balapāna bava viśēṣayen kiva yutuya. ebævin sikuru grahayā sūryāṭa ḷaṁvīmen astavana nisāda, śanī. kuja, rāhu ādī grahayan samaga saṁyōgava siṭīmen durvala vana nisāda viparita pratiphala labā deyi.sikuru kāmayaṭa adhipati vana atara śani dukaṭa adhipati vannēya. ebævin sikuru śani hā ekvana viṭa kam sæpa ahimi karavayi. vivāhaya pramāda karayi. emenma sikuru kuja saṁyōgaya “adhikāma yōgayak” lesa pæraṇi granthavala dakvā tibē. evæni ayagē kāmāśāva bahulava tibē. rāhu samaga ekvana sikuru nomanā saban̆datā æti karayi.

kamsæpa sevīmē dī dura diga balannē næta. vikṛti kāmāśāvalin peḷē. kāmayē varadavā hæsirē.sikuru gahayā ihata dæk vu paridi pāpa grahayaku samaga saṁyōga vīmen hō nīca vīmen hō 6, 8, 12 yana duṣṭha sthāna gata vīmen hō durvala veyi. evæni avasthāvaka janma lābhaya læbū keneku gē durvala graha balaya nisā sikuru apalaya æti karavayi. eviṭa sikuru daśāvak labana viṭama ehi vipāka penvayi. śiṣyaku nam adhyāpanayaṭa bādhā pæmiṇē. mædi viyē nam vivāhaya kaḍākappal vē. vyāpāra bin̆dī væṭē mūtrāśayē gal, liṁgika aprāṇikatvaya, śukra dōṣa, kaḷukumāra dōṣa, osap dōṣa, garbhāṣayē rōga, sem geḍi, madhumēhaya ādī rōga haṭaganī. gaṇikā vṛttiyaṭa væṭīma, stri dhūrtayakuvīma ādiya da sikuru apalayayi.graha apala san̆dahā piḷiyam tibē. sikuru apalayaṭa nirdēśa kara æti śānti karma ē san̆dahā kaḷa yutuya. væradi valin venvī āgamānukūla jīvitayak gata kaḷa yutu vē. buddha pūjā tabā bōdhi pūjā kara pattini dēva mǣṇiyan udesā pūjā tæbīma sudusuya. sikurādā dinavala sikuru hōrāva vaḍāt sudusu bava nirdēśitayi. aṁka 6 ekatuvaṭa læbena 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 ādī saṁkhyāvalin mal vaṭṭi pahan suvan̆da pæn kaḷa hā koḍi pūjāva sudusuya. miśrapāṭa mal, miśra pāṭa koḍi hō ṣaḍ varṇa bauddha koḍi paḷaturu bīma pūjā tæbīma sudusuya. pūjāva tabana viṭa uturu diśāvē hin̆da gænīma mænavi. pūjāva avasānayē maṁgala sūtraya sa-jāyanā karanna. pativṛtāva magin dēvatvayaṭa pat pattini mǣṇiyan ætuḷu deviyanṭa pin denna. abhisambidāna yantraya hō navaguṇa yantraya 1500 varak jīvaṁkara pæḷan̆dīma śūbhayi.sikuru apalaya æti aya æm̆bul rasa āhāra gænīma sudusu næta. adhika kāma sēvanaya, vinōdaya, kāmayē varadavā hæsirīma nokaḷa yutuya. avasāna vaśayen kivayutu vannē “sikuru apalayen bērenna – væradi kāmayen venvenna” yannayi.