do you know ? Your dog also predicts


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් ඔබ දන්නවාද ? ඔබේ සුනඛයාත් අනාවැකි කියන බව

Dog is a symbol of trust and sympathy. Because the dog has lived with the dog faithfully and lovingly since the hunting age. Therefore, the absolute person of man is the dog, or the dog. Today, dogs are given the highest priority among the animals in a house. The miniature dogs directly want to protect their gates, gardens and potatoes.

But it is not only this small task that the dog can do for man. It’s more than we think. The assistance of the police to capture serious criminals and criminals such as murderers, robbers is uncertain. And not only that, there are many stories about the real events that were trying to rescue their master when calamity struck.

One of the tribal “Haller Sins” in Rasheedra, India, went to the jungle to gather macky toks with his wife, and the dog’s cousin went with them. There they thought, a tiger was struck by Hull’s assault. The dog saw the disaster that would have to happen to his employer, and the baker’s back side dropped baked and dropped back. Huller survived. Huller told the story of the Times of India news that my wife and my dog ​​rescued me from death. Said.

The dog, a dog in a chain, once drives a man back. Once the dog moves forward, the man stares after the dog. At times, both the dog and the man walk equally. It shows that all human beings have human qualities and innocence. In this process, man’s human qualities are suppressed and innocent, and for a moment, human innocence is like that. Charm the chains of the man’s human qualities by tying him with a chainsaw.

However, the human being who is not a humane person is not completely defunct. It is not known that man is unwoundly bound to the dog’s end. Sometimes a man is dragging a dog and sometimes dragging a man into a dog. Among us are the scoundrels among the men who regard the dog as noble. They are demanding their work. But the wise dog of the animal community will never work for pizza. Buddhism explains that he has been born in the spirit of the Buddha because of his evil deity. Such a dog or dog is good enough to tell the villagers how to forever. Such dogs are:

A man with a loose tail, a neck, full of dorsal body hangs dogs with six nails, is able to build a house, be a good-looking, faithful, and train any kind of hard work.

When a dog went on a journey, a baby came running, a milk tree, a flower tree, a brick, an umbrella, a seat, a mortar, a vehicle, the house wall, a raw duck, a fruit tree, and urged him to progress. Inspired by the objective, it is in the hope of achieving success.

If you have been urinated by rubbing trees, an iron, a pile of stones, a stump of wood, a grave, sandals, a slipper, a broken branch, or a crocodile, it is crocodile and produces malicious fruit. All the good things that were done were good, if the tongues sped on the back, making bad luck in the morning. On a journey, he shows his sandals, sandals, flower, food, and a piece of cloth from his mouth to show the good fruit of the journey. A dead body of a fox, an animal’s body, a bone stump, a bone, an incorruptible stick, a cord, a stone, an empty jar will not do that. It will not be a success. Be confronted with various troubles. The glitter of the vessel results in good results.

If a dog is barking together, the burden of the village is being stolen. Deprivation of depreciated wealth, water damage to the drought. In the afternoon, a boulder flakes descend to the water, giving rise to a raindrop within 12 days. A tired dog approaches the householder, and when a tired dog approaches the householder, a visitor comes home. A dog from the door to the head, from the stem out of the house, waits in the house, and someone at home suffers from a disease. It shows that the mistress does not tolerate the bird and the house.

This fact is well understood, but do not overlook. Otherwise, do not have pangs of confusion at home.

If a dog hits the wall, it will burst thieves before going home for a short time. If the cow goes down, the cattle will be stolen. When a cow is flown by the cattle, cattle will be destroyed. It is a great cause of sadness if the house is filled with paddy, vegetable and plenty of grain. If there is a catastrophic destruction, one eye of the dog can not wipe the tears without food, eat some food and sleep. If the food that is innocent without a disease is readily available, it indicates that the resident is in a terrible disaster. The dog warns positive about kissing left knees, kissing knees in the right hand, kissing kale on the left knee, quarreling with friends and causing biting of a dog.

If you come in with a strange dog, you will see the arrival of a loved one. If you do not want to stay away from night, you will show hostile trouble. If home-cooked pots are found, they show that there are burglaries. If a dog went to the car and went dead, it was not good enough for the vehicle. But mortal calamities will not occur. It’s time to wear it. The sight of dogs in their dreams is not necessarily the protection of their work, and savagery troublesome troubles make friends, troubles and troubles. If you have bitten the dogs, you will surely suffer great disasters.

A dog digs out at home, makes profitable and he owns the wishes of the householder. Dogs have two voices. It is drinkable and rejuvenated. A chest is a mustache. Upping the mornings does not only burst into home but also to the village. He will hear about a death. Upping in the daylight, upstarts show stealth trouble. Getting up during the evenings shows an unlucky time in the house. It’s a prelude to the death of a man in the middle of the night. When the sun rattled and the dogs were flocking to the sun, they show that the rulers of the country are getting a bad time. Fear of famine, fear, disease, bloodshed, and mastitis. During the midday intermittent galaxed galaxies, there is a mournful incident, death, rebellion in the country. A single dog’s housewife’s upbringing and an overgrown dog’s condition affects the country too. First, the dogs that crawl next to the house show up a deadly burying tomb in a grave for a while.

Always sleeping dogs and dogs are not worth the time. The dog is too crazy to be crazy. Not sleeping. He constantly focuses on what is happening around him. No fear. By midnight, keep awake with the awesomeness. Do not eat regularly. Those who do not watch dogs and those who spend time playing baloons are not suitable for a home. Therefore, the creation of a good dog is a protection for your own safety as well as the prosperity and the future of the day. However, when you are associating with human society, you will be sure to fully understand this

oba dannavāda ? obē sunakhayāt anāvæki kiyana bava

ballā viśvāsanīyatvaya hā suhadatvayē saṁkētayayi. eyaṭa hētuva ǣta atītayē daḍayam yugayē siṭama ballā minisā samaga viśvāsīva hā hitavatva jīvat vū nisayi. mē nisā minisāgē parama hitavatāda vannē sunakhayā hevat ballāya. adat nivasaka ætikarana satun atarin ballāṭa pramukhasthānaya himivē. minasā ballāgen sṛjuvama balāporottu vannē tama gē dora, vatu piṭi hēn govipaḷa ādiya ārakṣā kara gænīmayi.

ehet minisā venuven ballāṭa kaḷa hækkē mē alpa vū meheya pamaṇakma novē. eya apa hitana taramaṭa vaḍā puḷulya. minīmaruvan, maṁkolla karuvan væni daruṇu aparādha karuvan hā matkuḍu dravyan allā gænīma san̆dahā polisiyaṭa dakvana sahāya kotaram dæyi kiva nohæka. e pamaṇakma nova tama svāmiyāṭa vipatak æti vū viṭaka in mudāgænīmaṭa vera dærū satya siduvīm piḷiban̆da katā bohō æta.

dinak indiyāvē rāśipura prāntayē visū “hular sins” nam gōtrikayā tama birin̆da samaga mahōganī æṭa ekatu kirīma san̆dahā kælayaṭa giya viṭa pavulē suratalā vū ballāda ovun samaga giyēya. ehidī ovun nositū paridi hulargē æn̆gaṭa vyāghrayek pæna pahara dennaṭa viya. mē avasthāvē tama svāmiyāṭa siduvīmaṭa yana vipata duṭu ballā vyāgrayāgē passa pætta sapākā mas tīru kara pasu bæssa viya. hulargē jīvitaya bēruṇēya. hular mē siddhiya gæna da” ṭayims oma indiyā” puvat pataṭa prakāśayak karamin magē birin̆dat magē ballāt satya vaśayenma māva maraṇayen bērā gattā yanuven. pavasā æta.

damvælakin bæn̆dan yana ballā vareka minisā piṭu pasin ædi ædī eyi. vareka ballā idiriyen gaman karana viṭa minisā ballā pasu pasa ædi ædī duvayi. viṭeka ballāt minisāt dedenāma eka peḷaṭa samānava gaman karayi. in penī yanavā hæma miniseku tuḷama minis gatiguṇa menma nominis gatida yam anupātayakaṭa æti bava. mē kriyāvaliyen minisāgē minis gati yaṭapat vī nominis gati ismatu vana bavada mohotakaṭa pamaṇak minis nominis gati eka samāna vana bavada penē. damvælin gæṭagasā ballā rægena yana minisāgē minis gati guṇavala depætta eyin apūruvaṭa saṁkētavat karayi.

kesē vuvada nominis gati minisāgen sampūrṇayen maturan vannē næta. minisā nodænuvatvama ballāgē keḷavarehi bæn̆dī æti bava nodanī. viṭeka minisā ballā ædagena yana atara tavat viṭeka ballā minisā ædagena yannē ē nisāya. ballā utum lesa salakana minisun atarama pahat lesa salakana adhamayan da apa atara siṭī. ovun karana væḍavalaṭa balu væḍa kiyā kiyati. ehet satva saṁhatiyē nuvaṇakkāra ballā kavara kalakavat balu væḍa nokarayi. pera ātmayē kaḷa akusalayak nisā ohu balu ātmayē ipadī æti bava bududahama pæhædili karayi. evan ballā nohot sunakhayā nivæsiyanṭa gammunṭa peranimiti kiyannaṭada hapaneki. evan sunakhayangē peranimiti mesē dakvā æta.

lomin piruṇu valgaya, bella æti, piruṇu æn̆ga æti dekan ellī æti pādayaka niya hayak æti sunakhayan nivasaka æti kirīmen hon̆da ārakṣakayaku vūda viśvāsavanta vūda, ōnǣma bærǣrum væḍakaṭa vuvada purudu puhuṇu kirīmaṭa hækiyāvak ættekuya.

gamanak yæmaṭa piṭat vū viṭa sunakhayek duvagena pæmiṇa kalayak, kiri æti gasak, mal gasak, gaḍol goḍak, kuḍayak, āsanayak, vaṁgeḍiyak, vāhanayak, nivasē bittiyaṭa, amu goma piḍak, palaturu gasak, ādiyaṭa mutrā kaḷē nam tamā yana gamanen sakaḷa abhivṛddhiya sælasē. aramuṇu karagat kāraṇayen jaya atvē, pætum iṭuvē.

kaṭu sahita gas, yakaḍayak, gal goḍak, dara goḍak, sohonak, pāvahan, an̆dina reddak, kaḍā væṭuṇu attak væni deyakaṭa mutrā kaḷē nam, hō gamanak yana viṭa kampaṭa gæsī nam, kim̆bihīmada, aniṣṭa pala genadē. piṭu pasin kanpaṭa gæsīma tada apala genadē, udē tama vāhanayaṭa mutrā kaḷē nam siyalu kāraṇā iṭuvē śubhayi. gamanak yanaviṭa sunakhayā sapattu, sereppu, malak, āhārayak, redi kæbællak kaṭin gena ēma ema gamanē suba pala penvayi. nivī giya gini penellak, satakugē sirurak, mas kaṭuvak æṭa kaṭuvak, dirā giya kōṭuvak, laṇuvak, galak, his bhājanayak kaṭin gena ē nam tama kāraṇaya iṭu novē. yana gamanin jaya nolæbē. noyekut karadaravalaṭa muhuṇa pǣmaṭa siduvē. yātrikayāgē vastu kaṭin ædīnam yahapat pratiphala udāvē.

ballan ræḷak ekaṭa burayinam gamaṭa sora saturu karadara pæmiṇē. tænpat dhanaya kṣaya vīmada, niyan̆gen jalayen hānida, æti bava penvayi. niyan̆ga kālayadī balu ræḷak jalayē bæsa ehi dan̆galamin diya boyida, dina 12 k ætuḷata ema pradēśayaṭa varṣāvak ætivē. vehesaṭa pat ballek gehimiyā ḷan̆ga peraḷemin ken̆diri gānu labayida amuttek nivasaṭa pæmiṇeyi. balleku eḷipattē siṭa hisa eḷi pattēda kan̆da eḷiyēda siṭa gē tuḷa balā burayida, gedara ayakuṭa leḍa rōga ætivē. eḷi pattē siṭa hisa eḷiyaṭa damā burayida gedara svāmi duva pativata norakina bava penvayi.

mema karuṇa hon̆din vaṭahā gena misa sækayek torava kaṭayutu karanna. esē nætiva ballā nisā gedara am̆busæmi āravul æti nokara ganna.

sunakhayek bittiya pahuru gǣvot væḍi kalak yæmaṭa pera gedara soru bin̆diyi. gava gāla pahuru gǣvot gavayin soru genayayi. gava ræḷa rægena yana viṭa sunakhayaku maga haraskara pahuru gāyinam gavayinṭa vināśayak siduvē. kum̆buru, vī pæhæ, dhana dhānya aḍaṁgu peṭṭagama pahuru gǣvēnam dhana vināśaya genadē, sunakhayāgē ek æsakin kan̆duḷu vaguru vamin āhāra nogena, āhāra ṭikak gena vakuṭu vī nidāgenama siṭīnam gedaraṭa maraṇayak mahat dukak ætivē. rōgayak nætiva ahiṁsakava balamin dena āhāra yamtamin levakayinam gehimiyāṭa māraka vipatak ḷan̆ga æti bava penvayi. sunakhayā vam daṇa sim̆bīmen dhana lābhada, dakuṇu daṇa sim̆bīmen pavulē kalahayakda, vam kalava sim̆bīmen bhāgyayada dakuṇu kalava sim̆bīmen mituran samaga āravulda, sunakhayaku deat sim̆bīnam sorungen pravēśam vana lesa da anaturu han̆gavayi.

piṭastara sunakhayaku gē tuḷaṭa pæmiṇiyot hitavat ayakugē pæmiṇīmada penvayi. nikaruṇē rātriyē dura siṭa burayi nam hora haturu karadara penvayi. gedara āhāra pisū vaḷaṁ gena yayi nam sora saturu karadara ætivana bava penvayi. vāhanayaka yana viṭa ballek ema vāhanayaṭa asuvī mærī giyēnam vāhanayaṭa apalayi. ehet māraka vipat æti novē. eya palan̆dīmaṭa kal gatavē. sunakhayin sihinayen penīma tama væḍa kaṭayutuvala ārakṣāva madi bavada sorasaturu karadara kumantraṇa miturangen vana karadara, dhanaya væya vīma ādī kāraṇā siduvē. sihinen ballan hapā kǣvē nam niyata vaśayenma mahā vipat karadara ætivē.

ballek nivasē bima hārayida bhūmi lābha dhana lābha læba gehimiyāgē pætum iṭuvīma siduvē. sunakhayinṭa han̆ḍaval dekak æta. eya birīma saha uḍu birīma yanuveni. uḍu birīmen atharthayak siduvē. pāndara uḍu birīma tama nivasaṭama pamaṇak nova gamaṭada vyasanaya æti karayi. maraṇayak gæna asannaṭa læbē. dahaval kālayē uḍu birīma sora saturu karadara penvayi. savas kālayē uḍu birīma nivasē avāsanāvanta kālayak penvayi. mædiyam ræyē uḍubirīma nisvasē maraṇayak siduvana bavaṭa pera nimittaki. hiru udāvana viṭa sunakhayin raṁcu gæsī hiru desa balā uḍu burayi nam raṭē pālakayanṭa naraka kālayak udāvana bava penvayi. durbhikṣa baya, rōga baya, lē vægirīm, kala kōḷāhala ætivē. ira mudun vēlē balu raṁcuvak uḍu burayida raṭē śōka janaka siddhi, maraṇa, kæræḷi kōḷāhala ætivana bava penvayi. tani ballekugē uḍu birīma gedaraṭada, ballan kīpadenekugē uḍu birīma raṭaṭada balapāyi. paḷamuva geya ḷan̆ga uḍuburana ballan ṭika vēlāvakadī sohon bhūmiyaka uḍu buralayi nam maraṇayak niyata bava penvayi.

nitarama alasa lesin nidāgena siṭina sunakhayangen hā daḍāvatē yana sunakhayingen palak næta. supikṣākārīva siṭina sunakhayāgē ævidili aḍuya. nidāgannēda næta. ohu nitarama dekan yomu kara avaṭa ætivana dē gæna nirīkṣaṇaya karayi. biyen toraya. mædiyam rātriyē vuvada avadiyen sōdisiyen siṭī. nitara nitara āhāra gannē næta. balu ræḷē sellamin kālaya gatakarana sunakhayin hā avaṭa ætidē nirīkṣaṇaya nokarannō geyakaṭa nusudusuya. ē nisā yahapat sunakhayaku æti kirīmen obē ārakṣāva menma davasē siduvana yahapata hā ahayapat anāgataya gæna peranimitida dænagænīmē nimiti karuvaku veyi. eya kesē vuvat oba minis samājaya tuḷa æsuru karana viṭa meya hon̆din avabōdha kara gænīmaṭa vaga balā gaaa €v

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2012/07/20.