LESSON 26 – Using Multiplication Table to Assess Strength Factor For Planets


We can normally find the strength of the planets from the Ashtak varga by using the work sheet for each and every house. If any planet gets 12 points, we can conclude that this will not give a malefic result. When the planet is situated in any particular sign, the strength of the result is in accordance to the sign that the planet is placed in.

Assess Strength Factor For Planets

Generally, this multiplication method is not applied as a rule for finding the date of the event, but if this IS applied, it can give further insight and a clearer idea. This will also show you how a planet that is not getting the highest points can come forward to give the better result.

The following table gives the multiplication factor, meaning that the total strength of a planet in each sign should be multiplied by this factor. The figure we arrive at will be the actual strength factor of the planet.

figure 1

Example: Let’s say that the Sun is in Taurus, and for the particular house it is in, it is getting 24 points. If we look in the above table for the Sun in Taurus, we can see that the multiplying factor is 0.5 (in blue), So the strength factor will be 24 X 0.5 = 12.  Now suppose Mars is in Aries, and for a particular house it is in, it has 12 points, so in this case the strength factor will be 12 X 1.4 = 16.8. From this we can assess that the result given by Mars(16.8) will be better (stronger) than the Sun (12).  

Please note that this has nothing to do with the timing of an event. Do not confuse these two methods! The timing of different events is ruled by the Sun. This means that the event will be in the sub period of the Sun.  In the sub period of Mars, the results pertaining to that house will be better than the Sun.