LESSON 29 – Planets With More Points in Different Houses


Up until now, we have talked about finding different timed events concerning the results indicated by the different houses.  Now, we will study the results of the planets placed in different houses.  We will consider for now, the charts with an Aries ascendant, and the effects of the different planets in various houses. Results given here are of a general nature only and while they will be experienced in the chart, more prominent results will be experienced in the sub of these planets.

Although the following are the results for the Aries Ascendant, when considering other ascendants, results should be figured out by following the same procedure, unless members feel that it would be better for me to list all the ascendants in a similar manner. But if the laws given here are followed, it will be very easy to apply them to any ascendant with good results.

Planets placed in different houses

Aries Ascendant


   The Sun is the lord of the 5th house for the Aries ascendant. It is the lord of house A for result of 10th house. It becomes lord of B for result of 5th house.It is lord of C, when result for 1st house is concerned. It is lord of D, when the result of 8th house is seen. It is lord of house E, when the result for 12th house is seen. The Aries Ascendant is the uucha rashi (exaltation) of the Sun,and the seventh house (Libra) is neecha rashi (debilitation) of the Sun. For an Aries ascendant, the Sun gives good results for the 12th house. 

Sun in the different navamshas for the Aries Ascendant with more points:

Sun in Sun navamsha: Gives good intelligence and good education; more male children; good happiness from the father; religious; has good memory; likes female company;has a good post of authority.

Sun in Moon navamsha:  Unsteady nature; closeties to mother; likes to live lavishly; likes music; more female children;likes to travel.

Sun in Mars navamsha:  Angry and hot tempered;very eager to achieve authority; likes outdoor games; good health and attractive personality.

Sun in Mercury navamsha:  Studious, likes teaching;works as a consultant; has normal individuality. More attraction to money; some problem concerning the health.

Sun in Jupiter navamsha: Less children; likes teaching; may win lottery or unearned money;less involvement with worldly things; likes traveling; accumulates good wealth.

Sun in Venus navamsha:  More sexually attractive;likes to live lavishly; well educated; good respect; more expensive nature; may have a  love marriage.

Sun in Saturn navamsha:  Student of law; earns by his own efforts. If this sun has less points, it will reduce the result or give a reverse effect.

The Sun in Each House:

Sun in 1st house:  It is in the uucha rashi(exaltation) of the Sun. If it has more points, the native will be of average height, and will be respected in society. Its sight on the 7th house will be malefic. It will reduce the happiness of the marital life.  As it is placed in House D when the focus turns to the 4th house, in the sub period of the Sun, the native will purchase some landed property, will receive happiness from the family, good enjoyments and bed comforts.  If Mercury is situated in the 12th or the 1st house, there may be danger to the life of the native in the sub period of the Sun in the Mercury main period.  If Mercury is placed in the 2nd house, no danger will occur in the Mercury main period.

When the Sun has less points in the lagna, the person has a good family life and a happy marriage.  

Sun in 2nd house:  If the sun is placed in the 2nd house with more points, a male native may have the birth of a child in the sub of the Sun. There will be much happiness from the father and he will have good luck.  May go on long distance trips places but at the same time may face some health problem. If with less points,he may enjoy good health in the sub of Sun, but will fast on some day of the week. The native may face some worries in the sub of the Sun in the 2ndhouse. 

Sun in 3rd house: If the Sun is situated in the 3rd house with more points,the person gets a good post of authority, receives respect, has a good job.This is House E when the focus goes to the 10th house. It becomes House D when the focus changes to the 6th house and more prominent results in the sub of the Sun may be experienced.  He may have some stressed relations with father.  If the Sun is in the 3rdhouse and has less points, the person will win victory over his enemies. 

Sun in 4th house:  If the Sun has more points,the person gets a good income,  May get married in the sub of Sun; good job or promotion in service, but always will face stressful situations in his workplace. Female native have a child in the sub of the Sun.  When the Sun has less points, he may dictate to his spouse and partners. He may not enjoy father’s property.    

Sun in 5th house: Here it is in its own sign. If the Sun is placed in the 5th house with more points, the person may have extra marital relations; will go on a long journey.  There will be reduced income in comparison to his efforts.      

Sun in 6th house: The Sun in the 6th house with more points gives the person a  good personality. If the Sun is in the first 6 degrees, the person is brilliant and has a good memory.  It also indicates more expenses.  If it has less points, the person receives much respect in society.  

Sun in 7th place:  With more points, the Sun here will give good authority and also good, accumulated wealth; more prone to accidents. With less points, it may give some problem with the spouse.  Business or work may be related to the Sun.

Sun in 8th house:  The Sun with more points here will give an unearned income;   good energy and stamina. But it will reduce the wealth. If it has less points,relations with relatives will be good.

Sun in 9th house: With more points, the Sun here indicates good landed property and a good house. Family happiness is also good. Person will have  good friendships with the opposite sex. Likes traveling. If with less points, religious,charitable.

Sun in 10th house: When the Sun has more points a male native may become a father in the sub of the Sun.  Business may berelated with the navamsha lord of the Sun; good individuality.   

Sun in 11th house:   If the Sun has more points here, the person may get a good job in the sub of the Sun; good relations. With less points, good education and good accumulation of wealth. 

Sun in 12th house:With more points here, the Sun can give marriage and marital happiness; good success in any venture.  If with less points, better service; less education. 


For the Aries ascendant,the Moon is lord of the 4th house. It is the karkatva of

9th house matters.  It gives marriage in its sub period.  The Moon here also gives good results for 7th and 11th house matters.

Moon in the different navamshas for the Aries Ascendant with more points:

Moon in the navamsha of Sun: Good education, mother comes from a rich family;  more sportsman-like  spirit. 

Moon in the navamsha of Moon: Good happiness from the mother, happiness from vehicle;  good luck;  liked in society;  some problems with stomach, windy constitution.

Moon in the navamsha of Mars: More daring, good for mechanical engineering;  more success in the later part of the life.   

Moon in navamsha of Mercury:  Can get a good job, has good authority; attractive personality and very political in behavior. 

The Moon in Each House:

Moon in 1st house: In the Aries ascendant with more points, it gives happiness and mental peace.  Moon is the lord of the 4thplace, and the 1st house is house D when the focus goes to the 4th, so it gives land, buildings and brings happiness to the family life. 

Moon in 2nd house:  If with more points, the Moon here gives good luck.  For a  male native, it gives a female child.  It also gives some worries in the day to day life.  

Moon in 3rd house:  With more points, this position of the Moon gives more mental power. If it has less points, it gives good luck, religious outlook, and successfulness.

Moon in 4th house: With more points in its own sign, the Moon here reduces the political power, gives some problem with authority in business; if it has less power, good income and good life partner .

Moon in 5th house: When the Moon has more points, it gives friendship with the opposite sex; obstructed income; delay in receiving dues. If there are less points, it brings good health.

Moon in 6th house:  It is in the third place from its own house. If situated in with more points, It gives good results for the 9th and 1st houses. The person spends his money in good deeds. It may give good progress in the place other than his birth place or father s place.

Moon in 7th house:  With more points, the Moon gives a beautiful spouse, good wealth, success, happiness and enjoyment in life.

Moon in 8th  house:  When the Moon is in Scorpio,there will be less happiness from the mother. For an Aries ascendant, the 8th house is Scorpio. If the moon is situated with more points here, there will be some loss indicated in hereditary property.  But, it gives good profits and good earning capabilities. 

Moon in 9th house: With more points, the Moon gives good results for the 4thhouse. Good reputation, religious nature; good marital happiness; good income. 

Moon in 10th house:  This position brings good results for the 1st, 5th, and 7th   houses. This means a pleasant and happy nature, good children and cooperative wife.  As it is situated in the 12th place from the 11th, there will be less income in comparison to the effort put out. 

Moon in 11th house:  If with more points, the Moon here gives good will power, and more than one source of income. 

Moon in 12th house: When the Moon has more points in this house, there are more expenses for show, some problem in the job arena. All disputes will be solved by a calm and quiet mind. Gives a good and cooperative life partner.


Mars is the lord of the 1  st and 8th houses.  It is a natural malefic and in the sarvashtakavarga, it gets a total of 39 points only.  For the Aries ascendant, it is either the lord of D or E for the 3rd, , 4th, 8th,  or 11th houses. So it will give results in matters related to these areas in its sub period.  It is a functional karaka for the 1st and 6th houses.  So the individuality of an Aries ascendant is based on the status of Mars. A strong Mars means a good personality. For an Aries ascendant, Mars is good for results signified by the  3rd, 4th,8th, and 11th houses.

Mars in the different navamshas for the Aries Ascendant with more points:

Mars in the navamsha of Mars: If there is a powerful Mars (more then 4 points)  here, the person is very brave; has good height; good body; likes spicy foods.

Mars in the navamsha of Venus:  Mars here with more points indicates a slightly dark complexion, a jack of all trades, likes female company, more sex, likes to live lavishly.

Mars in the navamsha of Sun: Has self respect, big hearted, good body.

Mars in the navamsha of Moon:  Round face, likes art,likes good living.

Mars in the navamsha of Mercury:  Likes good hand writing,punctual about time, likes mathematics, very practical.

Mars in the navamsha of Jupiter:  Fatty, fair complexion;likes sweets; likes a simple life style.

Mars in the navamsha of Saturn:  Small in height, fatty,dark complexion.

Mars in Each House: 

Mars in 1st house: It is a Functional Karaka for the Aries lagna, and if it is situated in 1st house with more points, it makes a person more stubborn.  Due to this quality, there may be less happiness in the marriage and family life; some medical problem with piles etc.is also indicated. Person likes very spicy foods and may have a hot temperament.

Mars in 2nd house:  Here, Mars is in the sign of Venus. It makes the person more sexy. It aspects the 5th, 8th and 9th houses. If it has more points, it may indicate a Caesarian birth. If Mars is with Rahu, it may create some problem with a male birth.  It is lord of the 12th from the 2ndhouse, the person may have problems accumulating wealth.  A child birth may be indicated in the sub of Mars.

Mars in 3rd house:  Mars is in Gemini sign ruled by  Mercury in this position.  If it has more points, it will give a good job in the sub of Mars. The person will have more courage and can easily handle the worst type of situations.

Mars in 4th house: Here it is in the sign of the Moon.  It is also lord of House D for the 4th house. If it is situated in the 4th , the person may obtain a good house or landed property in its sub; person receives a good income. 

Mars in 5th house:  Mars here is in the sign of the Sun.  With more points, there is some birth problem at the time of delivery; there is less income in the sub of Mars, but it can give good job in spite of this. 

Mars in 6th house:  Mars is the Functional karaka and Natural karaka for the 6th house in this position. Its situation will enhance the chances of getting a good job.  

Mars in 7th house: In this position, Mars is the 8th lord situated in the 7th house, which means the 8th lord is the 12th house from its house.  If Mars has more points, it will have malefic sight on the 10th,1st and 2nd houses.  The spouse of this person will dictate to him. It may bring on the death of the spouse in the Jupiter main and Mars sub period.  The person may get good results in his job or work.  There is a chance for going on a long tour.  

Mars in 8th house:  Here, Mars is in its own sign.  If it has more points, the person will get a chance to show his abilities, or he will get a job that he prefers. 

Mars in 9th house:   From this house, Mars aspects the 12th, 3rd and 4th houses.  If it has more points, it may give malefic results for these houses. 

Mars in 10th house:  Mars with more points in this position makes the person prefer to work with fire or heat, such as Mechanical Engineering.

Mars in 11th house:  Mars is House E for the sixth house, and is a karaka for the 6th house as well.  If it has more points in this house, it enhances the effect of the 6th house. The person can overcome his enemies. 

Mars in 12th house:  It is the lord of the 1sthouse and is situated in the 12th from its own house.  It reduces the family happiness of the person. 


 For the Aries ascendant,Mercury is the lord of the 3rd and 6th houses.  It is a Functional karaka and also Natural karaka for the 8th and 11th houses. It brings about results concerning the job, service, or authority in its sub period.

Mercury in Each House: 

 Mercury in 1st house:  Mercury, lord of the 3rd house inthe 1st house, with more points, can give the results of the 8th and the 4th house. Some hereditary property can be gained in its subperiod.  Good authority with some unearned money may be given by this Mercury. The person may have a political nature.

Mercury in 2nd house:  Mercury, the 3rd lord in the 12th from the 3rd, can give some sort of a health problem.  The 6th lord in the 2nd also creates some worries.

Such people should not take any bribes. Otherwise it will come out in the open.  This Mercury cannot give death in the main period of Mercury.  

Mercury in 3rd house:  The 3rd house for Aries is owned by Mercury.  It gives a good job with authority.  For the 10th house, it is lord of E. If the lord of E is situated in House E with more points, it gives good results.

Mercury in 4th house:  Person lives in a rented house; has a good job. Of course, it reduces the marital happiness. 

Mercury in 5th house: The sixth lord in the 5th house creates some sort of problem regarding a child or children.     

Mercury in 6th house:  It is in its own sign here.It signifies extra marital relations. Person cannot die in the main period of Mercury.

Mercury in 7th house:  When the sixth lord is in the 7th  house,  it is also the lord of the 12th house from the 7th and it reduces the marital happiness, but it can still give good wealth. 

Mercury in 8th house:  In this case, Mercury is lord of the 11th house from 8th, which becomes house E for the lagna.  Similarly it is lord of A for 8th house.  Its sight on the 2nd house reduces the wealth.  At the same time, it gives a long life, being in House E for longevity. 

Mercury in 9th house: From this house it aspects its own house, the 3rd. It helps the person in acquiring some landed property, house or vehicle. Brings good family happiness. The person cannot die in the main period of Mercury. 

Mercury in 10th house:  When the 3rd house is House B, the 10th becomes House A, and the Lord of B in House A gives extra daring and energy. Here it increases the individuality of the person.  Mercury can give child birth inits sub.  The lord of House E for the tenth house placed in the 10th , brings success.    

Mercury in 11th house:  Here, Mercury is lord of House A when the focus goes to the 11th house.  It may give some reduction in marital happiness, but it increases the strength to overcome the enemies. 

Mercury in 12th house:  From this house, it aspects its own 6th house.  So there may be some problem that needs to be faced regarding enemies, court matters etc. Person overcomes his enemies but he has to spend more time on these issues; has more relatives.


Jupiter for the Aries lagna is the lord of the 9th and 12th houses. It is lord of House E for family happiness when the focus goes to the 4th house, and also Lord of E when the focus goes to the 7th house of marriage. It is lord of House D for 3rd house matters, as well as lord of D for 12th house matters.  Therefore Jupiter for the Aries lagna always gives good results for marital life and family happiness.

Jupiter in Each House: 

Jupiter in 1st house:  Jupiter here is lord of the 12th house from the lagna and is placed in the lagna, reducing the impression and the individuality of the native.  

Jupiter in 2nd house:  Taking the 2nd house as House A, Jupiter becomes lord of E. If it has more points, gives good happiness from the spouse. 

Jupiter in 3rd house:  When House B is the focus of the 3rd house, Jupiter is lord of house D (12th house),so it gives good results for the 3rd house. It is good for the mother and any brothers. If it has more points, it aspects the 7th,9th and 11th houses from the 3rd house. Being it is the lord of house E when the focus turns to the 7th house,there is no malefic effect.  When the focus is on the 11th house, again, Jupiter is the lord of the 11th house from that one, so there will be no bad effect.  Hence, Jupiter in the 3rd house is benefic and will not give any malefic results.   

Jupiter in 4th house:  From this house it aspects the 8th, 10th and 12th houses.  It reduces the result of the 8th and the 10th house, but it gives good results for the 12thhouse. 

Jupiter in 5th house:  From the 5thhouse, it aspects the 9th, 11th and 1sthouses.  It gives good familyhappiness. 

Jupiter in 6th house: From here, Jupiter has its sight on the 12th house for which it is lord of house D, so its sight is benefic on the 12th house.  Again, it also has its sight on the 10th and 2nd houses. For these both houses, it can give malefic sight if it has more points.It brings obstructions to the luck of the native, but the person eventually succeeds with the help of others.

Jupiter in 7th house: Its sight on the 11th, 1st and 3rd houses gives benefic results for the 4th and 3rd house. It provides good happiness from the family and gives one good enthusiasm for doing work. 

Jupiter in 8th house: Increases the chances of a good income and provides one with good strength for working.

Jupiter in 9th house: In this placement, it is in its own sign.  It gives good landed property and ones own house. Gives long distance tours and trips. 

Jupiter in 10th house: Here, Jupiter is lord of the 12th house from the 10th house position. Therefore, it reduces the authority and creates problems in the workplace. 

Jupiter in 11th house: It is House A for the 4th house focus. It is also lord of E for 4th house focus as well. Hence, good results for the 4thhouse. Good landed property, and person owns his own home.  

Jupiter in 12th house:  It is lord of the 12thhouse as well as the 9th house. So it gives good faith in religion.There is good prestige in society; person spends money for religious work. 


For the Aries ascendant, Venus is the lord of the 2nd house and the 7th house. It becomes the karaka for the 7th house of marriage and partnership and the 12th house, which indicates bed comforts and foreign relations etc.. It is lord of house D or E, which are more eager to give the results of house B, for the 5th, 9th,10th, and 2nd houses. Hence it can be said that Venus inits sub period gives the results of the above houses in its sub period. 

Venus in the different navamshas for the Aries Ascendant with more points:

Venus in the navamsha of  Sun: An intelligent, fixed mind; noble man; loyal  towards his partner

Venus in the navamsha of Moon: An unsteady mind; a well spoken person; life partner is good looking,  

Venus in the navamsha of Mars: A straight forward, learned person. More attraction for the  life partner; good health; likes bright colored clothing. 

Venus in the navamsha of Mercury:  There is a zeal to study any subject in detail. Sometimes has a problem finding a life partner.  

Venus in the navamsha of Jupiter: Quiet, thoughtful, likes to teach; Steady in thought;overweight. 

Venus in the navamsha of Venus: Likes music,the arts; sweet talk; likes  jokes; more focused on sex; likes to have all the modern amenities.

Venus in the navamsha of Saturn: There is more of a struggle to earn money. Delayed marriage; less sex; there is always some dispute with the life partner. 

Venus in Each House:

Venus in the Aries ascendant gives good wealth, good authority, good education, and a love for traveling. Gets benefits due to wife and/or girl friend. 

Venus in 1st house: If with more points, person will have landed property.  There will be some health problem and in the Mercury main period, the person may face some accident.  If Venus has 8 points, they may be extramarital relations. It is very easy for any attractive female to take away his money.  He becomes mad and looses all his money foolishly.   

Venus in 2nd house:  Venus is in its own househere. With more points, it may give childbirth; may receive a degree in the subof Venus; likes traveling. Here also, if Venus has more then 6 points, theperson has more than one marriage and may also be involved in extra maritalrelations.   

Venus in 3rd house: Person may acquire a good job as well as good position of authority.More points gives more sex appeal.

Venus in 4th house:  This is good for the income;gives female friends or good marriage. More than one relationship is indicated.Wine and women may be a cause of some illness.

Venus in 5th house:  Good bed comforts, good sex ability, but may have heart problems; enjoys the company of the opposite sex.If Venus is aspected by Saturn, there may be numerous extra marital relations.  

Venus in 6th house:  Coldness towards the spouse;some problem in the marital life. Extra marital relations are also indicated.Good personality and good luck. May have contacts with low class females; fear from enemies. 

Venus in 7th house: Venus is in its own house here. It may give more authority. Person is able to achieve the things he wants. If Venus is with Rahu or Ketu, then there will be contacts with more females. If Jupiter aspects Venus, the behavior will be limited in some way. 

Venus in 8th house: Good income from lottery, unearned income, good daring. This also gives some close relations with married women.   

Venus in 9th house: Good landed property, good enjoyments in life. Good character.

Venus in 10th house: Good education, good personality, man of low mentality, may take emotional hold of the female he has close contact with.   

Venus in 11th house: Increase in luck after marriage; earning from a position of authority; foreign relations; relations with married women.

Venus in 12th house:  More enjoyments in life;likes drinking and sex. Some times person becomes an alcoholic. Love has no meaning for him; likes only the sexual act itself.


 Saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th houses and is a karaka for the 3rd and 4th houses.  It is a slow moving planet, and delays the results of the third house from it. If it is situated in the 5th house, it delays the marriage by a considerable period.

Saturn in Each House:

Saturn in 1st house:  It aspects the 10thhouse of his own sign, Capricorn.  Givesgood results for the 6th house, as it is lord of house E for the 6th.  

Saturn in 2nd house: This position of Saturn makes the person have doubts about his wife’s character.  It gives childbirth in its subperiod. 

Saturn in 3rd house:  Persons gets a good rise in the lifestyle.  

Saturn in 4th house:  The 7th house from  it is its own sign. Due to more points, it may reduce the authority of the person. Gives one his own home. Also gives marriage.

Saturn in 5th house: Since Saturn here aspects the 11th house from its position in the 5th, it reduces the income and delays the marriage.  

Saturn in 6th house:  Saturn here makes the person more religious,  

Saturn in 7th house:  The person accumulates good wealth.

Saturn in 8th house:  Saturn aspects the 2nd house from its position in the 8th, with malefic sight which reduces the wealth, but still gives a good income.

Saturn in 9th house:  Landed property, good property. 

Saturn in 10th house:Saturn is in its own house here. Gives child birth; Good education; work may be related to land, mines etc. 

Saturn in 11th house:  Gives good prestige insociety. Wins out over his enemies; dominates competitors. 

Saturn in 12th house: Cool emotions and less sexual ability. More ethical; good deeds;helps needy people; person sleeps late in the night.