LESSON 30 – Some Laws for Delayed Marriages in Females


The following will be a brief lesson summarizing some of the laws that you should observe when checking to see the status for marriage delay in a female chart.

  1. Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving planets. So, if these planets are malefically aspecting the 7th house of marriage in a female chart, the marriage will be delayed.
  2. A malefic Saturn in a chart means low points. If a malefic Saturn aspects the 7th house or the lord of the 7th house, or is situated in the 7th house, it will delay the marriage.
  3. Venus either in conjunction with or in aspect to Saturn or Jupiter will delay the marriage of the female.
  4. A marriage will be delayed in a female chart if Mars is malefically aspected by Saturn.
  5. If Venus is aspected by 10th sight and also has the sight of Mars, the marriage will be delayed.
  6. Rahu in the 8th house can be a cause of delay in marriage and can also give a child in the Rahu sub period, mostly in the main mahadasa of the 6th lord.
  7. Rahu aspecting the 7th lord of marriage, also delays marriage.
  8. If the Sun pairs with either Mars or the Moon and Mars has sight of malefic Saturn, this can delay marriage.
  9. Moon in the female chart enhances the effect of delay. If the Moon is in the 12th house it will enhance the effects of a delayed marriage. More specifically, if the Moon with Mars is placed in the 12th house and is aspected by malefic Saturn, it will case much delay in marriage.
  10. Mars and Rahu bring about destruction by their very nature if they afflict either the 7th lord or the 7th house and can cause a delay in marriage. In this instance, Mars should also be malefic. If Mars is the 6th house lord it is considered malefic.
  11. Saturn aspecting the 7th, 2nd and 11th houses or their lords, can result in a delayed marriage as it is the natural tendency for Saturn to delay. If it has less points, it may have benefic sight on these houses and yet there will still be a delay.
  12. If the 7th lord is malefic (meaning with less points) and is afflicted by either Mars or Saturn, it will delay the marriage. Saturn aspecting all by itself causes a big delay.
  13. If the 2nd lord is afflicted heavily, it delays or deprives one of marriage.
  14. If the 7th lord from the Lagna, Moon and the Karaka of marriage or Venus is afflicted, the female will marry late.
  15. Jupiter is said to be malefic when it is the 66th lord. if it is placed in the 3rd, 7th, 11th or 1stth house, it can cause a delay if lord or it gets power from the the 7th house is also afflicted by Saturn. Here, both Jupiter and Saturn should act at the same time.
  16. The effect of Jupiter applies only to female charts. (For male charts, Jupiter is the karaka for child birth.)
  17. house do not effect it. It should have sight on either the lords of the 2 Saturn in the 5th delays marriage. Sights from other houses only on the 7nd or th the 11th house. (Check the navamsha also)
  18. Since Mars rules the sex life in females, the sight of malefic Saturn on Mars delays marriage. If Saturn is malefic it has less points and when benefic, it has more points, so the sight of a malefic Saturn becomes benefic. In other words, if Mars is receiving benefic sight from Saturn, it may cause delay. But, if the sight of Saturn is malefic, (Saturn casting more points), it will not effect it.
  19. If Venus is in the 10th house from Saturn, and Mars also aspects Venus, the marriage will be delayed. As an example, Saturn is in the fourth place from Venus and Mars is in an opposition to Saturn or Venus, or in the 3rd sight of Saturn. (Mars aspects Venus if it is in the 6th, 7th, or 10th place from Venus). If Saturn is in the 4th house from Venus, then Mars will be in the 3rd, 4th or 7th house from Saturn. As per 4 -10 house relationships, if Venus has more points than Saturn, Saturn will oppose Venus. If Saturn has less points, it may receive power from Mars situated in 4th place from it. If Mars has less points, it will increase the power of Saturn by 7th sight. (Think on this. . . . you will get more information regarding the effects of other laws later ).
  20. In a female chart, Rahu has an important role as it afflicts Mars. If Rahu aspects Mars, it changes the quality of Mars and may delay the marriage. In some cases, it may also cause a miscarriage.
  21. If Rahu aspects the 7th lord, it also delays the marriage.
  22. Rahu situated in the 8th house delays marriage, but can also indicate a pregnancy in its sub period.
  23. If the Sun and Mars are situated in one sign and are aspected by Saturn, it can delay the marriage. Similarly, Moon and Mars placed in one house and receiving the sight of Saturn means delay in marriage. (For a male chart we would consider the sight on Venus (specific case) and one of the luminaries). The points of Saturn are not considered here, as malefic or benefic sights both delay the marriage.
  24. If Venus and Mars are both in one sign and are aspected by Saturn, it indicates multiple close relationships with males. The closer the planets are in degrees, the more frequent the increase in the number of relationships. If Venus and Mars are further away than 25 degrees however, it will indicate a lesser degree of interaction in this regard with males.

The above laws, along with the other laws already given for delayed marriages for both sexes, should be considered.

In a female chart, the planet Mars is the ruling planet to look at as Mars rules the sex life for the female. So if such a Mars is acting malefically in the chart, it should be considered. If the 7th lord is malefic and has the aspects of other malefics as well, then delay in marriage in indicated. When Mars is free from affliction, one may marry early. For example, if Saturn is the 7thlord and aspected by Mars or vice versa, there will be a delay in the marriage.