Let’s find the mysterious bugs we’re hitting


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් අපට වින කරන ගුප්ත දෝෂ හඳුනාගමු

Most of our people are in any kind of trouble at the moment. Some people continue to be helpless due to their continued distress. There can be no clear reason why this is possible, there are many who are making various remedies and those who do not receive relief. If there is a clear reason for a problem, it is an insidious cause. There are many mysterious causes of such troubles, which are mentioned in the cryptography. Let’s take a look at this.

Differing errors affecting human beings according to seniority and occultity in the genesis can be categorized in this way.

1. Planets

2. Goddesses

3. Human faults

4. Chest error

5. Difficulties

Here there are many planets that affect humans. There are errors in the history of the planet, errors from the new planets, defects of the planet, errors, births, axes, Eraser errors, octaves, lunar octaves, solar octave errors, days, months, triads, seasons, time errors, curvature planetary collisions, There have been many defects in earthquakes, eclipse, lunar missions, comets, bugs, bugs, bugs, bruises, It is said.

Some of these occur due to the occasional effects of the occurrence of his birth centroid. In addition, the auspices that have been prepared with regard to various matters are also incorrect. Anything started without a knife, but it started when the hue went wrong.

When such anomalies and planetary events affect one, when all of his works fail, the sources of income fall and they get sick and they get married and become mentally disturbed. In such cases, it is best to act on the advice of a competent senior dishonesty and to avoid this trouble.

Some people may be in danger because of God’s faults. God’s defects can cause God’s wrath. Such occasions are given in the Occult. In order to accomplish various things, God has devoted himself to the fulfillment of God’s provisions and has not released the vestments, the possession of the things that are in the possession of the gods, the temples, dagobas, idols, and treasures. God’s curse has been caused by speaking and conduct insulting him can. This is mentioned in the Occult in the following manner:

1. Passing God in the air, the sky began to blame for the earth,

2. If you are a victim of a bloodbath, you are going to storm housewives

It is well described and cut into tears and provides a daybed

3. Wild Haven Kovil is breaking fire

The wild birds see the wild bears watching

4. Swearing allegiance to the devale temples

The colony of the temples was destroyed by the defect

According to the above verses, God is angry when such mistakes are made, and the day is starting to come to an end. There will be calamities. He is perfectly conscious of the situation and suffers the disaster. The most dangerous mistake among the errors is God’s wrath. When that happens, when I do, I should be in the right path. Then the error is lost. Or will be destroyed.

When man’s self-inflicted anxieties affect humans, it is human dangers. This type of human type defects in houses, wells, temples, temples, ponds, temples, ponds, ponds and other buildings belonging to the gods, bugs and eyebrows are blamed for bugs, bastards and chaos.

The above mentioned architectural defects arise from the construction of homes in the form of windows, homes, and homes that are not suitable for academic purposes. That’s why there are many troubles. In such cases, a dentist may need to seek help. This is a poem in the Occult:

The builders who built the houses were making tidy maps

Brides to bridle the parade

It’s bloody and curtailed and it’s chair for it

Well, that was the exact same mistake by Gauthama Muni

There are many things to consider about the error message. This is an error that seems to affect most of the general public. Many people use this type of suspicion. Such as chilli peppers, limescale smelting, burning, etc. Puhul masks are scattered through the oceans, but the best practice is to do with an educated mysterious man who is eating or drinking water.

There are more details about policy issues, but this is only a recognition. Communion is a device that uses fierce cunning that destroys enemies of crafts. The ability to do that is done by skillful sorcerers by teaching some of their enemies. But it is very difficult and a very dangerous one has been commanded very little. These effects are not only lost but also destroyed. When such a situation arises, such a savvy councilor should be discharged and protected. A mysterious weapon that is also called Vaskov is also a destructive instrument that destroys the same great enemies. The following are the ones mentioned in the Mystery:

1.Incredible five pins of the same


Wizards have added the name of the cake

On the first day, it’s a bad thing

Today, the tsunamis burst out

The second is to cut the clay and clay into our name

Chestnuts and crannies


If these are ordered, they will be affected until they are cut off. To do this, you must seek the best adviser.

In the temples of Munneshwaram, Seenigama, Gatabaruwa, Aluthnuwara, Kebalewa and Deduru Oya where the great powerful God lives

apaṭa vina karana gupta dōṣa han̆dunāgamu

dænaṭa apa raṭē bohō denā kumana ākārayaka hō karadarayakaṭa vipatakaṭa patvī siṭina ayaveti. samaharu digin digaṭama vipat karadara pæmiṇīma nisā kisivak karagata nohækiva asaraṇava siṭiti. esē vannē kumak nisādæyi pæhædiḷi hētuvak soyāgata nohækiva vividha pratikarma karamin siṭiyat ēvāyinda sahanaya nolæbena bohō denā æta. pæhædili hētuvak yam praśnayakaṭa nomæti nam eya gupta vū hētuvaki. mevæni karadara valaṭa balapāna gupta hētun rāśiyak jyedtiṣyayē hā gupta vidyāvē san̆dahanva æta. ē gæna madak vimasā balamu.

jyedtiṣyayaṭa hā gupta vidyāvaṭa anuva minisāgē ayahapata piṇisa balapāna vividha dōṣayan mē ākārayaṭa varga kaḷa hæka.

1. grahadōṣa

2. dēva dōṣa

3. manuṣya dōṣa

4. amanuṣya dōṣa

5. vividha dōṣa

mehidī minisāṭa balapāna grahadōṣa rāśiyak tibē. satvisi nækatin pæmiṇena dōṣa, nava grahayangen pæmiṇena dōṣa, aśubha graha daśāven ena dōṣa, lagna, janma, aṣaṭama ērāṣṭaka dōṣa lagna aṣṭaka, candra aṣṭaka, sūrya aṣṭaka dōṣa, dina, māsa, tithi, sṛtu, hōrā, karaṇa dōṣa, vakrānuvakra graha ghaṭṭana, bhūmikampā, sūryagrahaṇa, candragrahaṇa dōṣa ulkā, dhūmakētu, rudhirāmbara nisā vana dōṣa janma tri janma dōṣa, hin dōṣa, ūṇa vaṣī dōṣa sændæ dōṣa ādī vaśayen dōṣa rāśiyak jyedtiṣyayē dakvā tibē.

mēvāyin samaharak ætivannē tamāgē janma kēndrayē varinvara ætivana graha balapǣm nisāya. eyaṭa amatarava vividha karuṇu sambandhayen sakas karagannā nækæt væradī yæmenda dōṣa ætivē. nækatak nætiva yamak kaḷada eya ārambha kaḷē aśubha vēlāvaka nam dōṣaya haṭaganī.

mevæni nækæt hā graha dōṣayan yamakuṭa balapānaviṭa ē nisā ohugē siyalu kaṭayutu asārthaka vī ādāyam mārga bin̆davæṭī asanīpa anaturu naḍuhaba ætivī pavul avul vī mānasika pīḍāvaṭa patvī karadarayaṭa væṭē. evæni avasthāvaladī kaḷayuttē dakṣa jyedtiṣyavēdiyakugē upades anuva kaṭayutu kara mema karadara nætikara gænīmayi.

dēva dōṣayan nisāda samaharu vipataṭa væṭeti. deviyangē udahasaṭa patviya hæki dēval kirīma nisā dēva dōṣa ætivē. evæni avasthāvan gupta vidyāvehi dakvā æta. vividha karuṇu iṭukara gænīma san̆dahā deviyanṭa æpa kæpa bāra hāravī ēvā iṭuvū pasu ema bāra nidahas nokirīma, deviyan santaka vū dēval balayen hō horen tamaṁ satu kara gænīma dēvāla pansal dāgæb peti piḷima vanasā nidhan vastu labā gænīma deviyanṭa apahāsa vanasē kathā kirīma hā hæsirīma nisā deviyangē śāpayaṭa lakviya hækiya. mē piḷiban̆dava gupta vidyāvē san̆dahan vannē mesēya.

1.deskoṭa deviyan yadimin ahasa poḷova gæna ekalesa vas dos niti pæmiṇa eyin gatatula niyamal ena dosa

2.nugaruk sapunāda gotaṭu epæl geval karava yasē

hon̆da vistara kara uluvahu kapā daval æn̆da sæpasē

3.væv gana kōvil nāruk bōruk bin̆da ginilannē

ukusan divi vaga valasun sīnen dæka biyavannē

4.dēvālada kōvilvala des karamin divuraminda

vihāravala siṭi san̆gapela bēdakaḷē dōṣayenda

ihata kavi valin dækvena paridi evæni væradi kaḷaviṭa deviyan udahasaṭa patvana atara dinen dina vināśaya ḷan̆gāvīmaṭa paṭanganī. hiṭigaman vipat ætivē. hon̆da sihiya avul vī tamāma vipat sidukara ganī. dōṣayan atara bhayānakama dōṣaya dēva udahasaṭa lakvīmayi. eban̆du dē siduvūviṭa deviyan samākaragena tamā yahapat mārgayaṭa patviya yutuya. eviṭa dōṣa nætivē. nætnam vināśayaṭa patvē.

minisāgē ayahapataṭa minisāma balapana viṭa eya manuṣya dōṣa yǣyi han̆dunvamu. mē manuṣya dōṣa gaṇayaṭa geval, ḷiṁ, vehera vihāra dēvāla væv pokuṇu vividha goḍanæn̆gili idi kirīmēdī ætivana vas dos æsvaha kaṭavaha aṇaviṇa dōṣa deviyanṭa des kirīmen vaskavi kīmen ætivana dōṣa, rājabhaya, cōrabhaya satṛbhaya nisāvana dōṣa ayat vē.

mehi san̆dahan vāstu dōṣa ætivannē śāstrīya nīti valaṭa nogælapena paridi geval pāda bedīm uluvahu janel yaṭalī tæbīm ādiya hā nosudusu bimvala geval tænīma nisāya. mē nisā bohō karadara ætivē. evæni avasthāvala vāstu vēdiyakugē pihiṭa pætīmaṭa siduvē. mē dōṣaya gupta vidyāvē dakvā æti kaviyak mesēya.

geval tanā dora uluvahu niti sitiyam karamindā

manālesaṭa æti ulupæla visituru kara soyamindā

nomanā lesa kara vaḍukam æn̆da puṭu ehi sadamindā

unā harin ē dōṣaya gautama muni balayendā

æsvaha kaṭavaha dōṣaya piḷiban̆dava kivayutu bohō karuṇu tibē. meya sāmānya janajīvitayēdī bohō balapǣm karana bava penena dōṣayaki. evæni sækayak pahalavū noyek upakrama podu janatāva bhāvita karati. viṭa miris karal dehigeḍi ellīma, æsvaha piccīma ādiya eyin samaharaki. puhul ves muhuṇu pam̆bayan elavannēda mē san̆dahāya namut vaḍāt sudusu pratikarmaya ugat mantravēdiyaku lavā æsvaha vatura maturavā gænīma hō dehikapā gænīmayi.

aṇaviṇa dōṣa sambandhayenda dīrgha vistara tibena namut mehidī apa karannē han̆dunā gænīmak pamaṇi. aṇaviṇa yanu mantra śāstrayē san̆dahan saturan vanasana darunu mantra bhāvita karamin karana upakramayaki. ē san̆dahā hækiyāva dakṣatāva æti mantra vēdīn lavā tama saturan ṭa ætæm aya gurukam karavati. namut eya itā apahasu emenma bhayānaka kriyāvak nisā aṇaviṇa ættē itāma suḷu vaśayeni. mēvā balapǣmen siyalu dē nætivī yanavā pamaṇak nova jīvitayada vināśavē. evæni tattvayak ætivū viṭa evænima dakṣa mantravēdiyaku lavā aṇaviṇa kapā ārakṣā karavāgata yutuyi. vaskavi yanuven hæn̆dinvennēda mevænima barapatala saturan vināśa karana gupta vidyātmaka aviyaki. mevæni aṇaviṇa piḷiban̆da gupta vidyāvē æti san̆dahanak mesēya.

1.indragurulu paṁcalakṣa yamakālat


mantra yantra grahanavēda nama nækataṭa ek keruveda

ondā veni napuru maraṇa ansatu dēkaṭa lobabæn̆da

sindā nākṣatra dōṣa emuni balen duruveyi ada

2.tamaruva iṭi mæṭida son̆ḍula alen kapā tamage namaṭa

genapas pæn̆girida pasukaṭu gasamin

sirakara maḍayaṭa

mevæni aṇaviṇa kalahot ēvā kapā ivat karana turu balapǣm ætivē. ē san̆dahā prabala mantravēdīngē sēvaya labāgata yutuya.

mahā balavat deviyan vāsaya karana munnēśvarama, sīnigama, gæṭabaruva, alutnuvara, kabalǣva, dæduruoya væni dēvāla valadī mahā kāli, devol, pāta baṇḍāra, dæḍimuṇḍa, sūniyam, kaḍavara, deviyanṭa puda pūjātabā bāra hāra vī karana yǣdīm hētuvenda anunṭa vipat sidukaḷa ayaṭa vividha vipat karadara ætivī dan̆ḍuvam læbē. ēvā dēva dōṣa vana bævin deviyan samākaragenama bērāgata yutuya.amanuṣya dōṣa ætivannē yakṣa bhūta prēta piśāca bhairava ādīngeni. eban̆du avasthā valadīda bohō karadara vipat pæmiṇē. miya giya gnadtīn nisāda vairayen miyagiya aya nisāda venat vividha hētu nisāda amanuṣya upadrava ætivē. mevæni avasthāvaladīda gupta vēdīngē pihiṭa pætīmaṭa siduvē.mēvāṭa amatarava viyahæki venat vividha dōṣayan dækvena kavi peḷak pahata dakvā æta.1. piyāsarava yana kapuṭuva pæhærū kala an̆gaṭa væṭuni nayā debara æṭi kukulan geri sǣma gētulaṭa pæmiṇi2. daval sihina sætapī yahana svapna penī biyavī sitasikanæl kapuṭuda gæran̆ḍin sūnan pæhǣrū siyagata3. piṭa geyi tula siṭa sævulan bakamuhuṇan han̆ḍā savasavaṭakoṭa gē satara pælē vēyan nagimin ekalesa4. napuru satun geyi aṭakona han̆ḍatæluvā doasayendasaturu sitin marami sitā anunaṭa bæn̆di vairayenda5. rosa uran̆gan vī kaṭusan sikanal nayi æZn̆gavæṭunēgasamin heṇa un bhūmeṭa palaturugas sin̆da bin̆dunē6. lan̆dun sahōdara dūdaru malvaravū dōṣayen da an̆dun san̆dun æn̆ga gāgena pæḷan̆di emal baranayendamevæni vū vividha dōṣayan nisā vipat karadara ætivū viṭa kaḷayutu śāntikarma vidhi gupta vidyāvē ætulatva æta. dehi kæpīm am̆ba atten mætirīm ādiyaṭa amatarava viśva karma baliya, mal baliya, atbaliya, hat aḍiya, mal maḍuva pahan maḍuva kap induma kiri maḍuva væni śāntikarma kara set pætīmen mema dōṣa nætikara yahapata udākaragata hækivē.

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