Seth poet can burns every bad effects


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින්
ග්‍රහ දොස්‌ සැම දැවී යන සෙත් පිරිතකි සෙත් කවි

This is a Google word to word translation of Divaina

Sri Lanka is the only country in the world where Seth is poetry. Its magnitude is due to linguistic phonology and academia. To heal the sick, to invocate the enemies. A thousand versatile writers can develop a thousand points, such as avoiding evil spirits, avoiding hardships, unwanted death threats, astrophysicism, and astrophysicism. All this is a fivefold demographic that shows in Buddhism. Phthalates, woofs, insects, winds, and aisles can be primarily stamped together.

The five-dimensional cycle is the combination of letters in Seth when it is a combination of medicine. By combining them with the companionship of the letters and the affections of the letters. Letters of Letters, Chronicles, Count Lords, Party Days, Uthut Tutti Lagna Horata Thutti Gods should have a good knowledge of the Almanac bird system. The acute vaginal circulatory cycle of the vagina cycle should be understood primarily with respect to the 8 groups and the types of events.

The consequences of the ages and the scores (-

Land use

God – Nothing

Lunar – – b

Water – You

Sun – Y – J

Firefly – Fire

Air – – Oxygen

The sky is fine

Effective resource

Power Magnificent Life – Teacher

Seth Yasas, Wisdom – The moon

Life, courage, progress – the souk

Sick, evil, suffering – Ravi

Severe sight, fear of death

The Mad Scientist – Shani

Disaster, an abysmal emptiness – Rahu

The place where the territory is won by the locals
The three most blessed are tea
Finally, Chandra Guneweetheth blesses Seth
The number of aviaries is counted down

He’s on either side
Teacher on both sides
At the start of the second half
It’s the root

Etc. I will refer to the eight counts.

Spelling and the search for the vagina can not be created with a knit / relic poetry without knowing the value of the letters. A, E, H, E, O. The Patent System is also important for this. It is linked to the above-described nervous energy. More than one group of people. It is the type of sorts or a number of letters. It is a color and a mattress. It is a dose of eye movement. One dose is the lung’s dose, which is higher in gargantus colonels

a. E. G. US. K. Laghūyi

B. e. H. it. Oh. Teacher

The color combination is due to the number of ligands required and the number of doses counted. The doses of 6 doses (s) are for the type, 3 doses (s), 5 doses (s) each (s) and 4 doses (s) (s) (s).

Dramas / Linguistic Grammar / Induction / Inbreeding can also be produced in poem and / or epic poem.


Three types of divine hell
Divine – to the fountains of God
Human beings and humans
Hell – One hand in hand

08. The way to look for Yorya

Without this we can not create poems. Spellings have a fixed number.

A, A, A, B, C, and B – 6

The font size of letters, letters, letters, letters, etc. – 4

U, R, T. Cyrillic alphabetical value 7

Font Size – Variety, S, G, etc. – 3

Font size, font, size, font size, font size, etc. – 2

Add these values ​​to the letters of the poet leader (sender) and divide it into 8. It is the title of the name. It is necessary to match the initial flux in the circle. The method of making the quorum is as follows.

Mortgages. Let us draw the sense of the word Gunaratna. The 8-part savings (2) is the right one.

G – 3

H – 7

Continued – 4

A – 6

R – 7

A – 6

– 7

Continued – 4

A – 6

8 50

6 2 The rest

This also serves to separate the voices and curtains in the words.

Ayurveda Vagina cycle:

1 – Gurulu – a, U, U, U, O

2 – cat – body, lung, g

3. Lion – Che, J, and Hindus

4. Tablets, G, D, V, Fin

5. Snakes, throats, and so on

6. Statistic – A, B, B, B, M

7. Hasty – ya, rue, h

8 The beast, the sha, the, the, the, the, the, the horns

Let us not take up this verse or verse in front of anyone beside the monotony, from 1 to 5/2 to 6 and / 7 to 7/4 to 8.

It also helps to keep the initial cycle of the script into an initial circle, giving it an irrevocable, and not to object to the letters on the name of the name, as well as the next letter.

Eg (ie, when this poem is written by Piyasena Seth, when a poem is created, then it is Path Path and Punyas).

It is also important to select the astrological arakat, as well as the resources, factors, and mysteries of astrology.

It’s also important that there is no noise.

A – No sound (binding)

B – It sounds anti-noise

E – There are those sounds (hatreds)

E – OO protests (killing)

It’s a poem

It’s going to get high

What is H?

And that’s it

E is O

The lamentation of a poem is bizarre with these Should be. The taste of the new methods – based on the auspicious ōjas quality brand used to have more, tithi, yoga, judicial and almanacs based on poems written by Seth should be done to commemorate their idols. Our experience is that we will get the maximum results from the moment you write such poems. Moreover, the negative sorcery science positive correction cycle of life can sometimes be compromised even tries to type a poem based on the lunar Seth St. dænē.vāta patients talented setkavi racakayekuṭa even that they are not the results of the training cycle, which derived. The patient’s condition should also be determined. Air, heartless, skin and releasing a three respectively on reducing Saturn, Ravi, moon, basic vē.a prāṇiṣarayehi sneek quality embedded æta.i prāṇiṣarayehi combination of quality embodied æta.u prāṇiṣarayehi rec quality embedded Neon prāṇiṣarayehi vāyō quality embodied celestial quality æta.o prāṇiṣarayehi It is the cradle of the world. There is no sound in the world for the rest. Bird animal, object, country branding, the sound of a 5 embodied dakvami.śrī poem written for the results of a disaffected youth home as tibē.udāharaṇayak God, Vishnu (the Go / teda access / solid purchase / lease sali / more agreements / payback no / not lesagæn̆gum ripu bin̆dase seven feet with “Sri patin̆du” saber æsalægum where the fire posed “….” the O hasaæḷum reached home in rahu group pisaset poem by serious sick We have seen the results should be the writer setkavi inquire parties related orally by letters of treatment of the ē from various factors. It causes the classical pragamanayaṭada. They will work and compassion in good plays, but should think about other other things. Properly work they do It is a masterpiece that can be fulfilled by the society and its merits Kavi art, sound scientific setkavi Arts will be harmful without proper study Arts moving money back.

graha dos sæma yayi dævī set piritaki set kavi

śabda vidyātmaka setkavi hā nāmakaraṇa upadēśaka
nākuḷugamuvē sī. vichēsiṁha guṇaratna
saṭahana – dhammika hēvāvasam

set kaviya pavatina lova ekama raṭa śrī laṁkāvayi. ehi æti prabalatvayaṭa hētuva vāg vidyātmaka śabda vidyā hā śāstrīyatvayayi. rōgīn suvapat kirīma, saturan mituru kirīma. yakṣa – bhūta, prēta pīḍāvangen væḷakīma, aniyata māraka bādhaka, graha dōṣa palavā hærīma ādī dahasak karuṇu setkavi balen citta śaktiya diyuṇu kaḷa set kavi racakayakuṭa kaḷa hæka. mē siyallaṭama budu dahamēdī penvana paṁca bhūta śaktiharaya vē. paṭhavi, āpō, tējō, vāyō, ākāśa yana ema śaktīn saṁyōgayen mūlikavama set kaḷa hæka.

mema paṁca bhūta cakraya set kavikaraṇayēdī akṣara saṁyōga kirīma auṣadha saṁyōgayak meni. in vipula phala neḷāgata hækkē akṣaravala saturu miturukama hā udāsīna tattvayan salakā saṁyōga kara gænīmeni. setkavi racanayēdī akṣara bhēda, gaṇa, gaṇa adhipatīhu, pakṣa dina, nækat tithi lagna hōrā tithi adhipati devivaru, paṁca pakṣī kramaya piḷiban̆da manā dænumak tibiya yutuya. aṣṭa yōni guruḷu cakraya aṁḍatala cakraya, siddhi cakra saman̆ga mūlikavama gaṇa 8 piḷiban̆dava hā ē gaṇa saṁyōga gæna manā avabōdhayak læba gata yutuya.

aṣṭha gaṇayangē phala vipāka saha gaṇa (-

bhūmi m̆ba m̆ba m̆ba ma

dēva – – na

candra m̆ba – – ba

jala – m̆ba m̆ba ya

sūryaya – m̆ba – ja

gini m̆ba – m̆ba ra

vāyu – – m̆ba sa

ākāśa m̆ba m̆ba – ti

jaya sampat lābha – budha

balaya tējaya āyu – guru

set yasasa, nuvaṇa – san̆du

āyu, dhairyaya, abhivṛddhiya – śukra

leḍa, rujā, duk – ravi

dæḍi sōka, maraṇa biya – kuja

umatu vides gamana – śani

vyasana, dhanahāni hisbava – rāhu

guruma tæna bhūmi gaṇa jaya veyi ma gaṇa
laguma tuna dēva gaṇa tē jaya na gaṇa
aga delaguyi candra guṇa set deyi ba gaṇa
aga deguruyi jalas gaṇa āyusa ya gaṇa

depasehi laguveyi ja gaṇē
depasehi guruveyi ra gaṇē
mula delaguyi dī sa gaṇē
mula deguruyi vē ta gaṇē

yanādī vaśayen gaṇa aṭa san̆dahan karami.

akṣara saṁyōgaya da yōni soyana kramaya da akṣara saṁkhyāvangē vaṭinākama nodæna set/ vas kavi sǣdiya nohæka. a,i,u, e, o. yana paṁcākṣara sa paCn̆dcapakṣi kramaya da mē san̆dahā vædagat vē. eya ihatin dækvū paṁcabhūta śaktiya hā sabæn̆di yayi. ekakaṭa væḍi vūyē samūhayaka vē. eya gaṇaya nam mātrā hō akuru samūhayak da gaṇayayi. eya varṇa hā mātrā yanu koṭas dekaki. æsipiya heḷana kālayak mātrāvak vē. ek mātrāva laghū nam mātrāva væḍivanuyē guraki prāṇakṣara valin

a. i. u. e. o. laghūyi

ā. ī. ū. ē. ō. guruyi

laghū guru gaṇanak niyamitava hā mātrā gaṇa aniyamita vī tibīma varṇa gaṇaya vē. mātrā 6 k (ma) gaṇayaṭa da mātrā 3 k (na) gaṇayaṭa da mātrā 5 bægin (ya) (ra) (ka) gaṇayanṭa da mātrā 4 bægin (sa) (ba) (ja) gaṇayanṭa da yedē.

mātrā/ laghū guru akṣara/ in bihivana gaṇada/ in pada da padavalin padyaya da/ in mahā kāvya da bihikaḷa hæka.


divya manuṣya apāya yana akṣara varga da tunaki
divya – i ō ṭa i ta da la va sa
manuṣya – u pa kha ga ha
apāya – e ka ya ma ra ja a ṇa na ḷa aṁ

08. yōṇiya soyana kramaya

meya nætiva nodæna kavi sǣdiya nohæka. akṣara valaṭa niyamita saṁkhyāvak æta.

a, e, ka, da ba yanādī akuru vaṭinākama – 6

i, na, pa, ya, va yanādī akuru vaṭinākama – 4

u, ra, ta. ca, ja yanādī akuru vaṭinākama 7

dha, ma, sa, ga ḍa yanādī akuru vaṭinākama – 3

ṭa, la, ha, ḷa, Cn̆da, ṁ yanādī akuru vaṭinākama – 2

kāvya nāyaka (labannā) gē namaṭa himi akṣara valaṭa mē vaṭinākam yodā ekatu kara eya 8 n bedanna. eya namaṭa ayiti yōniya vē. ema yōniyaṭa kavehi mula yōniya gælapīma atyāvaśyayi. yōniya sādana kramaya mesēya.

ṣa. guṇaratna yana vacanayē yōniya hadamu. 8 n bedū itiriya (2) eya yōniya vē.

g – 3

u – 7

n – 4

a – 6

r – 7

a – 6

t – 7

n – 4

a – 6

8 50

6 2 itiri

mē magin vadan tuḷa æti svara hā vyaṁjana ven kirīmat iṭu kerē.

aṣṭa yōni guruḷu cakraya mesēya.

1 – guruḷu – a, i, u, e, o

2 – baḷal – ka, kha, ga, gha, n̆ḍa

3. siṁha – ca, ja, cha, dha n̆da

4. vyāghra ṭa, ṭha, ḍa, ḍha, ṇa

5. sarpa – ta, tha, da, dha, na

6. mūṣika – pa, e, ba, bha, ma

7. hasti – ya, ra, la, va

8 mṛga – śa, ṣa, sa, ha, ḷa, aṁ

mehi 1 ṭa 5 da/ 2 ṭa 6 da/ 3 ṭa 7 da/ 4 ṭa 8 da vairī nisā mema yōniyakin kavarakaṭa hō idiriyen æti akṣara hō yōni set kaviyēdī noganimu.

esēma akhatala cakraya da namē mulakuraṭa padayē mulakura, aviruddha vana lesa tæbīmat, nama depasa yedena akuruvalaṭa viruddha novana lesa īḷan̆ga akuru tæbīmaṭat mahōpakārī vē.

udā ( – mē cakrayē piyasēnaṭa set kaviyak tanana viṭa ē, ṇa ra yana akṣara namaṭa depasat, kaviya mulat yedunot vyādhi pamuṇuvayi.

emenma jyetiṣaya nækæt anuva himi akṣara menma, sampat, sādhaka, maitrī yanādhī lesa tōrā gænīma da vædagat vē.

śabda virōdhī novīma da vædagat ya.

a – u śabdaya virōdhīyi (bandhanaya vē)

ā – ū śabdaya virōdhiyi (suṇu visuṇu vē)

i – e ē śabda virōdhi (vairī vē)

ī – o ō śabda virōdhiyi (mara pamuṇuvayi)

eya kaviyakin dakvami

a yana u yanu veyi virin̆du

ā yanu ū yanu virin̆du

i ē yanu ē virin̆du

ī yanu ō yanu virin̆du

mēvā saman̆ga kaviyaka śabdālaṁkāraya avilaṁkāraya viya yutuya. nava vidhi rasaya da mīṭa – ōjas guṇaya tibīma væḍiyen bhāvita vana nāmaya mulkara gænīma nækæt, tithi, yōga, karaṇa ādī paṁcāṁgaya mulkara siya iṭu dēvatāvaṭa anusmaraṇaya koṭa set kavi racanaya kaḷa yutuya. evan kavi liyū mohotē siṭa uparima phala atkara dena bava apagē atdækīmayi. epamaṇakudu nova mantra vidyāvaṭa adāla ghṛṇa dhana śōdhana cakra valin taman puhuṇu karagat cakrayakin pratiphala atvana novana bava pavā dakṣa setkavi racakayekuṭa dænē.vāta rōgiyakuṭa candra śānta væni gaṇayak mulkaragena set kaviyak hæduvot samahara viṭa prāṇaya pavā hāniviya hæka. rōgiyāgē tatvayada anuva eya tīraṇaya kaḷa yutuya. vā, pit, sem yana tri doaṣayaṭa piḷiveḷan śani, ravi, san̆du, mūlika vē.a prāṇiṣarayehi paṭhavi guṇaya gæbva æta.i prāṇiṣarayehi āpō guṇaya gæbva æta.u prāṇiṣarayehi tējō guṇaya gæbva æta.e prāṇiṣarayehi vāyō guṇaya gæbva æta.o prāṇiṣarayehi ākāśa guṇaya gæbva æta.mē paṁcā akṣara tuḷin lova siyalla gæbkaragena æta. min paribhāhira kisidu śabdayak lōka dhātuva tuḷa næta. kurullakugē satekugē, vastuvaka, raṭaka, nāmayaka, mē śabda 5 n ekak gæbva tibē.udāharaṇayak lesa nivasin amanāpava giya taruṇayaku san̆dahā liyā pratiphala lada kaviyak dakvami.śrī viṣṇu devin̆duni(gihim dun/ teda ga/ gana gæ/ba sali/ tava gi/yeda no/ nætuva lesagæn̆gum pā ripu bin̆dase sat apa “śrī patin̆du” lelavana æsalægum gat tæna nægu gini “….” va hasaæḷum dī nivasaṭa lan̆gā kaḷa mænava rahu pirisata pisaset kaviya tuḷin asādhya rōgīngē siṭa vividha karuṇu san̆dahā kaḷa pratikarma apa atdæka æti atara pratiphala prakāśita lipi magin vācikava adāḷa pārśvayangen vimasīma setkavi racakayaku visin kaḷa yutuya. eya śāstrīya pragamanayaṭada hētu vē. taman karana kāryaya maitriyen sadbhāvayen iṭukaradīmaṭa misa venat venat dē gæna nositiya yutu vē. taman karana kāryaya nisiyākārava iṭukara samājayaṭat setak salasā tamanṭat satuṭu viya hæki utum śāstrayaki setkavi kalāva, śabda vidyātmaka setkavi śāstraya mudal pasupasa yamin śāstraya nisilesa hædǣrīmakin torava kirīma anarthakārī vanu æta.