The effects of SATURN


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින්

දුකට අධිපති සෙනසුරු ගේ ගෝචර ගමනේ ඵල විපාක

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The center has 12 constellations. For a mere 30 degrees.

The length of the Moon is approximately 30 days.

But it takes approximately 2 ½ years to get a lot of Saturn.

On such a journey, Saturn goes about once a year at the time of his travels.

The book says that the directing of Saturn will only create a situation for the people of the country, but also for the state.

Especially the tradition of the birth of Saturn, DM. Many other things in the system are mentioned.

Saturn is a strangely luxurious planet.

Therefore, Saturn has no interest in secular comfort.

With this in mind, a bit of Saturn’s genius can be found.

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The timing of the journey to Shenyi Lagun from the arrogant journey is considered to be a terrible time.

During that time anxiety is taking place. There are defeats in the exams. The family is also anxious. The health of the body breaks. Leg joints can be harmful. Self-deterioration is deteriorating. There will be divisions and conflicts.

Therefore, you must be patient and patient with what you received at the time of the journey in the city of Shinniya.

Zany is the second

On Saturation 02 Saturn will lose comfort while traveling. The body becomes shiny. There will be prolonged disasters and accidents. The calamity for the wives. Cloaked. Relatives will have lethal disasters. Shannon is losing sight of bad eyes.

The second is if Shannon has many good things.

The bargains triple

The third will improve if Shani has many good things and if she falls down. He will be healed of sickness.

Unemployment is also improving.

The four shines

Air borne disease can develop in difficulty during the 4th day. An adult can be fatal. Exams fail. The heart loses happiness. Getting sick with neighbors.

The fifth

Chaos increases. Hurts for trouble. The stomach is hard. If he receives a child, he too is an unlucky one. Pests can occur. Children are bad.

It’s raining

When you walk, it makes you feel good. Relief from diseases. Common friendships. The body weight increases. It is applied to social services.

Shani is slaughtered

Parents will have troubles.

I find it difficult for a rambling roup – a condition that causes heart disease. They are very hard-hearted. Caring for employment or income is hindered. At home in the epic.

Shani is on the eighth

The 8th is the turning point in blood transfusions – the severity of coronary arrhythmias can often cause illness during travel.

Malicious faults – problems with sophisticated defects.

Shani is intensely grievous in the course of the eighteenth, and fatal and similar suffering occurs. Family elders can also cause calamities and deadly disasters.

Zany is ninth

It is possible to change places when traveling. The wealth will be quickly destroyed. You can even receive royal punishment.

A chest develops. Things are broken down. They will have enemies.

The sooner the information is available. He does not like piety. Unfortunately, the time goes by.

Zany is the tenth

In the nineteenth year, when you travel through the nose, you develop heart attacks, knee disorders. It’s a lot of heartache. Learning damages. Employment can collapse. Shanni’s worthlessness can only be relieved.

Shany eleven

The income is better when traveling. Shanni will be well ahead if she has many good things. Employment will improve.

In this time, it can be tempted to do bad things. At this time, both good and bad ones are drawn to the heart.

Shani’s twelve

In the 12th year, when the Shani is traveling, he is suffering from illnesses and affliction. The body is injuries. Disappointed. There are harassment threats. Damage to family life. Even the existence of life is cruel. Unfortunately, places change.

The birth of Shannon in number 3,06,10,11,12 and the 12th Dragon or the pool of constellations leads to the arrival of the Shanni 12, even with riches and new acquaintances.

The 22nd Darchankaritan

Shani’s planet becomes the 22nd Draconian

1. belonging to the person born in the jungle, scorpion, dawn

2. The rumor that belongs to the 1st Drakan in the lunar is for those born from a fawn, a virgin fiancé

3. belong to the 3rd Drakan of the lighthouse – for those born from a fighter, a profane, a mermaid

4. For those born from a fiancée, Kumbhaba, Maena, belonging to the Third Drakum of the Sculp

5. Those born to the 2nd Dragon dynasty of the Dharmakaya Moon-born of a freak, kumbh and motherfuckers-receive a great pity.

Without clutter

Without screens, lenses, amphibians and other means

1. The 8th chief of the First Drakon

2. The 12th co-ruler of the second dukka

3. The head of the third draconess

A senior law states that the center is the 22nd Draconian.

Infertility in life

Saturs, the 22nd Derkirender of Saturn, realize that life is short-lived.

Because they inherited the suffering in the world.


The ones who come from the 22nd Dracoandar of Saturn are the ones who burn incense of flowers to Triera and “Venerable Sathya” and “Dathina Pita” are worshiped as the god of Vishnu. But often it should.

Yogaric shields

Those who are born with the Shonni so-called “Agni Valor” receive goodbye. Yet, when the shadows are poorly defective, they are perceived as unimagined in life. There will be pain.
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dukaṭa adhipati senasurugē
gōcara gamanē phala vipāka

kēndrayakaṭa rāśi 12 k ayatvē. eka rāśiyakaṭa aṁśaka 30 ki.

aṁśaka 30 kin yut rāśiyak gata kirīmaṭa san̆duṭa dala vaśayen gatavannē dina 2 1/2 ki.

namut senasuruṭa rāśiyak gata kirīmaṭa daḷa vaśayen vasara 2 1/2 k pamaṇa gatavē.

esē yana gamanēdī vasarakaṭa varak senasuru tamā gaman karana rāśiyēdī vakra veyi.

senasurugē vakravīma janatāvaṭa pamaṇak nova raṭa rājya valaṭada ahēni hā kalakōlāhala æti karana bava pota patē san̆dahan vē.

viśēṣayen sampradāyaka jyedtiṣayen bæhærava senasurugē vakraya piḷiban̆da kri. mu. paddhatiyē venat bohō dē san̆dahan vē.

senasuru lōkōttara sæpayaṭa bara grahayeki.

ē nisā laukika sæpayaṭa senasurugē kæmættak næta.

mē samaga paḷavana saṭahanin senasurugē vatagota piḷiban̆da bin̆dak dænagata hækiya.

śani lagnayē

gōcara gamanin śani lagnayē gaman karana kālaya sælakennē apaladāyaka kālayak vaśayeni.

ē kālaya tuḷa sitaṭa karadara ætivē. vibhāga valin naḍuhaba valin parājaya atvē. pavulē ayaṭada aguṇaya. śarīra sanīpaya bin̆da væṭeyi. kakulvala ābādha dhana hāni ætivē. ātma śaktiya piriheyi. am̆bu sæmi bhēda æti veyi.

esē heyin gōcarayen śani lagnayē gaman karana kālayēdī lada deyin satuṭu vemin, ivasīmen kaṭayutu kaḷa yutuya.

śani devænnē

gōcara gamanin senasuru 02 vænnē gaman karana kālayēdī sæpa pahasukam næti veyi. śarīraya durvarṇa veyi. dhanahāni hā anaturu vipat ætivē. am̆budaruvanṭa vipattidāyakaya. rævaṭilivalaṭa hasuvē. gnatīnṭa māraka vipat ætivē. śaniṭa aśubha dṛṣṭhi væṭīmen apala væḍivē.

devænna śaniṭa śubha rāśiyak vuvahot tadabala apala vælakē.

śani tun vænnē

tunvænna śaniṭa śubha rāśiyak vī śuba dṛṣṭhida væṭunahot diyuṇuva æti vē. asanīpa valin suvaya læbē.

rækīrakṣāvalada diyuṇuva ætivē.

śani satara vænnē

śani 04 vænnē gaman karana kālayēdī vāta rōga hirivāta amāru haṭaganiyi. væḍihiṭiyakuṭa māraka ætikaḷa hækiya. vibhāga valin asamat vē. sitē satuṭa nætivē. asalvāsīn samaga amaṇāpakam ætivē.

śani pasvænnē

avul viyavul væḍivē. ikmankama nisā karadara ætivē. baḍē amāru ætivē. daruvaku læbuṇa hot ohuda avāsanāvantayaku vē. arśas rōga haṭagata hækiya. daruvanṭa aguṇaya.

śani saya vænnē

gaman karana viṭa sitē satuṭa ætivē. leḍa rōga valin sahanayak ætivē. nitara sitavatungē æsura læbē. śarīrayē bara væḍivē. samāja āśraya veta yomuvē.

śani satvænnē

am̆budaruvanṭa duk karadara pīḍā ætivē.

tamāṭa vātābādha hirivāta amāru – ajīrṇa rōga haṭaganiyi. tada lesa sit vēdanā ætivē. rækiyāva hō ādāyam mārgavalaṭa karadara bādhā ætivē. gedara epāvē.

śani aṭavænnē

śani 08 vænnē, gaman karana kālayēdī lē viṣavīm – lē kōpa dōṣa rōga nitara asanīpa æti kaḷa hækiya.

malaprēta dōṣa – tanikam dōṣa valin karadara æti vē.

śani gōcara gamanēdī tadabala lesa 08 vænnē pīḍā vuvahot māraka hā samāna duk ætivē. pavulē væḍihiṭiyanṭada duk karadara hā māraka vipat æti kaḷa hækiya.

śani navavænnē

gōcarayen śani navavænnē gaman karana kālayēdī sthāna venasvīm æti kaḷa hækiya. dhanaya læbuṇat ikmaṇin vināśa vē. rāja dan̆ḍuvam læbennaṭa pavā hækiya.

papuvē amāruvak haṭaganiyi. kaṭayutu siyalla bin̆da væṭē. saturu karadara ætivē.

otpala vana taramaṭa asaṇīpayak haṭagata hækiya. pinaṭa dahamaṭa akamæti vē. avāsanāvanta lesa kālaya gevī yayi.

śani dasavænnē

śani dasavænnē gōcarayen gaman karana viṭa, hṛdayābādha, daṇahisvala ābādha ætivē. sit tævul nitara ætivē. igenīmaṭa hāni siduvē. rækīrakṣā bin̆davæṭennaṭa hækiya. śaniṭa śubha dṛṣṭhi væṭunahot pamaṇak taramaka sahanayak lada hækiya.

śani ekoḷos vænnē

gōcarayen śani 11 vænnē gaman karana kālayēdī ādāyam tatvaya hon̆da vē. śaniṭa śubha rāśiyak vuvahot diyuṇuva ætivē. rækīrakṣā diyuṇu veyi.

mē kālayēdī tamāgē vāsiya piṇisa naraka kriyāvalaṭada pelam̆biya hækiya. mē kālayēdī hon̆da hā naraka yana dekaṭama sita ædī yayi.

śani doḷos vænnē

gōcarayen śani 12 vænnē gaman karana, kālayēdī rōgābādha hā dhana hāni valin karadara ætivē. śarīrayē tuvāla haṭaganiyi. balāporottu kaḍavī yayi. hirihæra tarjanavalaṭa pavā lakvē. pavul jīvitayaṭa hāni ætivē. jīvatvīma pavā vadhayak vē. avāsanāvanta lesa sthāna venasvīmaṭa karuṇu yedē.

utpattiyēdī śani grahayā 03,06,10,11,12 yana rāśiyaka siṭiviṭada 12 vænna makara hō kumbha rāśi vū ayaṭada śani 12 vænnē gaman karana kālayēdī durvipāka væḍiyen læbena namut, dhanaya hā alut hitavatun læbennaṭada hækiya.

22 vana derkāṇādhipatiyā

śani grahayā 22 vana derkāṇādhipatiyā bavaṭa patvana

1. mithuna lagnayē 01 vana derkāṇayaṭa ayat – tulā, vṛścika, dhanu yana navāṁśakayakin upan ayaṭada

2. kaṭaka lagnayē 01 vana derkāṇayaṭa ayat vana kaṭaka – siṁha, kanyā yana navāṁśakayakin upan ayaṭada

3. tulā lagnayē 03 vana derkāṇayaṭa ayat – mēṣa, vṛṣabha, mithuna yana navāṁśakayakin upan ayaṭada

4. vṛścika lagnayē 03 vana derkāṇayaṭa ayat makara – kumbha, mīna, yana navāṁśakayakin upan ayaṭada

5. kumbha lagnayē 02 vana derkāṇayaṭa ayat – makara, kumbha, mīna yana navāṁśakayakin upan ayaṭada, śanigen læbennē itā aśubha palamaya.

rāśi bhēdayakin torava

tira, cara, ubhaya yana rāśi bhēdayakin torava

1. paḷamu vana derkāṇayaṭa 08 adhipatiyāt

2. devana derkāṇayaṭa 12 adhipatiyāt

3. tunvana derkāṇayaṭa 04 vænna adhipatiyāt

kēndrayaka 22 vana derkāṇādhipatiyā bavaṭa pat vana bava jyedtiṣa niyamaya vē.

jīvitayē nissāra bava

senasuru 22 vana derkāṇādhipatiyā vī upadina ayaṭa ikmaṇin jīvitayē nissāra bava væṭahē.

eyaṭa hētuva lōkayē pavatina duka ovunṭa urumavīmaya.

apala samanayaṭa

senasuru 22 vana derkāṇādhipatiyā vī upadina aya, teruvanṭa mal pahan suvan̆da dum pudā “dasadisā pirita” hā “karaṇiya metta sūtraya” kiyā viṣṇu deviyanṭa piṁ dīmen apala durukara gata hækiya. namut nitara esē kaḷa yutuya.

yōgakāraka śani

śani yōgakārakayā vī upan ayaṭa śanigen śubhapala læbē. esē namut śani durvalava aśubha dṛṣṭhi labana kālavaladī jīvitayē nissāra bava dænē. duka ætivē.