What’s the impact of dreams on dreams?


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින්
සිහිනවල දැවටී එන ජීවිතයට බලපාන දේ

This is a Google word to word translation of Divaina

We are showing little interest in the dreams we experience with sleep in everyday life. It is because of faith that a dream is a dream. But these dreams have a big meaning. So we need to know what the dreams are like.

An accident

Seeing an accident in an unprecedented way means that you need to focus your attention on something that you do not really care about. For example, in the dream, when you saw yourself in an accident, it hinted that your body was damaged. Therefore, it is wise to seek medical attention immediately.


In the dream, how do you tell your husband or wife how to blame? It means “placing too much trust in someone.” New friends to your life will be bothered.

An airplane

If you dream of seeing an airplane, it signifies that your mind’s creativity is high. Also, you will soon be able to find out how wrong your view of someone is.


If he saw in june in his own dream, the businessman’s business would be successful. But if these wild animals are threatened or seen with one another, problems with the workplace can occur. To see running horses seeing that you can defeat a competition. But it’s not a special sense to dream of dreaming in the dreams.


Did you see the dream in the dream? If so, then your sense of sadness would leave you. It’s a very good dream.


A good meaningful dream. This suggests that you will inherit something that is beneficial. But this is different from the bird that sees the dream.

If you see a beautiful bird in dreams, you’ll be full of energy. New opportunities will arise. At the top of the adventure. Seeing flying birds means your victory will not be too long.

Birds are considered as angels of God. They are also symbols of reputation. Birds dream with a dream that produces your creative ideas.