LESSON 11 – Transits


The effects of transits are also important considerations and should be figured for finding daily results. The sub-dasa is a long period and for finding the date of the event we have to consider the transit of the Sun.

To find out a daily routine however, the transit of all the planets have to be taken into consideration.

Planets and Transits

The Sarvastakavarga points of each house are used for this procedure. The points of each house in the Sarva chart are taken for each planet that transits that particular house and added together for each day. The average points for a day are 196. More than this means that the person will have a good day.Less than 196 points, means that there will be some worry. From this, we can easily find day to day results and calculate them for weeks, months or years in advance.


Let s say a person has the following Sarva points as shown in the chart below (Figure 1),  for an AQUARIUS Ascendant.

In this way, points for each day can easily be tallied up and tabulated for this person as follows:

These numbers will show the high points and low points of a person s daily feelings and moods. From the above calculations,it seems that this person will enjoy the life up to the middle of August 2001.Then, in November, as the points drop down, it indicates a time of more stress and worry.