LESSON 12 – Divorce


How to Look for Signs of Divorce in a Chart

Signs of divorce can be found among the following hints in these cases:

  1. The ascendant lord and the 7th lord are in a 2:12 or a 6:8 relationship.
  2. Venus is in the Nakshatra of Krittika, Ardra or Mula. (Jyeshtaís last degrees and Mulaís first degrees are also referred to as Mula.)
  3. The difference in the Sun and Venus is more than 43 degrees and is either one of the luminaries in the aspect of Saturn.
  4. Jupiter is in the ascendant with more points.
  5. The sight of Jupiter has more points on the 2nd and the 7th lord.
  6. There is more of a chance of divorce if Jupiter is the 6th lord in #5. (above)
  7. Jupiter has less points and is situated in the 7th house.
  8. The 7th lord is in the 6th house and is aspected by Saturn and/or Mars, which is having more points.
  9. The sixth lord is with its significator, or the sixth lord is in the 4th house.
  10. If the Karyesh (significator) is in the 4th place from the sixth lord.

Generally, when more than one marriage is indicated, the first marriage is performed in the sub of the sixth lord.

When the marriage life of any person is indicated as unhappy, the marriage is usually performed in the sub period of the significator planet and having less points or it maybe in the sub period of the lord of the 12th from House ‘B’.