LESSON 14 – Love Marriages


A Love Marriage may be viewed as a mutual agreement or contract between a male and a female. The fifth house and the lord of the tenth and second houses have an important role over the lovemaking. Therefore, their influence will be felt in a marriage resulting out of love and affection. When Venus is aspected by Saturn or Rahu, or if Venus is situated with them, the person has opportunities to be acquainted with females as a result of sexual attraction.When the lords of the 4th and the 12th houses become linked with the lords of 2nd and the 10th houses, either by association or by sight, there definitely becomes a chance for a love affair with the opposite sex.  

Love Marriages

figure 1

In Figure 1, Venus is the lord of the fourth house and is aspected by 10th lord Mars. The 12th lord is also in association with the 2nd lord Sun. 

Any chart having similar combinations definitely has the ingredients for a love affair. If in such a case Venus is aspected by Saturn, there will be more then one affair.    If Mars were to have sight or association with Saturn, the end of such an affair will be a heartbreaking experience for the native. 

The association of Mars and Venus increases the tendency for having love affairs, as the attraction towards the opposite sex increases.If such a combination aspects or has sight of Saturn, then the attraction increases even more.

A strong significator, as calculated from the work sheet, gives extra marital relations if it aspects Saturn. 

One must note that the Rashi and the Navamsha chart have equal importance, so both charts must be consulted. 

The tenth and the second lords, if they get more points in the work sheet for marriage, also gives extra marital relations in their subperiods.

If the sixth lord makes aspects or associations in the above combinations, the affair is restricted and does not lead to marriage.

When Saturn or Mars is in the 2nd, 7th or 12th house (it can be in any one place, actually, but especially in these houses) and has a total of zero points, this also indicates the discontinuation of such relationships. Mars with zero points in the fourth house gives similar results as well as Rahu, which has 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th sight. So, if Rahu is situated in either the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th or 12th houses from Venus, it gives similar results.

The above rules are universal. There are also many other combinations, but they have many if s and but’s .    

Who can have a good friendship or relationship?

(This portion can be applied to friendships of both the same sex as well as opposite sexes.)

  1. If the two charts are overlapped one on top of the other, the Mars of one chart should aspect or should be in the same house where the Venus of other chart is placed.
  2. This should be checked in the rashi chart also. The sign of Venus in one chart and the sign of Mars in the other should have similar combinations.
  3. The Saturn and/or Rahu of one chart should be found in association with the Venus of the other chart by house or by sign.
  4. The sight of Saturn and/or Rahu should be on the Venus of other chart (this should be checked by house and sign)
  5. If the Sun and the Moon of two charts exchange houses or signs, a close friend ship is indicated.
  6. If Venus and Mars are in the same Navamsha, or the Navamsha lord is the same, this also indicates a close friendship.