LESSON 16 – Placing the Event in the Length of the Bhutki

Planet Lords

Up until now, we have understood that any event will occur either under the influence of the powerful significators in the chart, or in the sub period of the lords of either House D or House E.

The main period is that of the karaka planet or its Samdharmi. The sub period of the planets however are of various and different lengths. It is very important to narrow this time period down in order to zoom in on the happening of the event itself.

Placing Event in Bhutki

There are several rules for doing this as follows:

  1. Look to see if all of the lords of A, B and/or C houses are aspected by Saturn, or
  2. if these lords are placed with Saturn, or
  3. if Saturn itself is one of the lords and others too are in its aspect
    • This must be seen from the Rashi chart and/or the Navamsha chart as both of them have equal status.
    • If rules 1 thru 3 are in effect, then the event will be late or delayed. This means we have to divide the entire time length of the sub period into three equal parts. The event will take place in the third part of this sub period.
  4. If such is the case that the lords are aspected by Jupiter also, or Saturn is in the aspect of Jupiter, then the event will take place in the 2nd part of the sub period.
  5. If ONLY Jupiter alone is aspecting these lords, the events will take place in the first part of the sub period. This means that Saturn, the delay causing planet, is not aspecting, or the significating planet is not having any relation with Saturn (not in the Navamsha of Saturn or sign or constellation ruled by Saturn).
  6. The lord of the sign and the constellation of the sub period lord, (Significator) are also responsible for either an early event or a delay in the timing. Slow moving planets will delay the event, while the faster moving planets will give the result early. (This should be applied for the length of the time of the sub period only)
  7. The Moon is the fastest moving planet and Saturn is the slowest. The order of speed for the planets from fastest to slowest are: Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu/ Ketu and Saturn. Moon, Sun and Mercury will give the results in the first third of the equally divided dasha period. Venus and Mars will give the results in the 2nd part, and Rahu, Ketu and Saturn will give the results in the 3rd part. Jupiter is the exception here in that it will give the result in the earlier part of the sub period.
  8. The Navamsha Lord of the significator lord should also be considered.
  9. If, for example, one lord is fast moving and other is slow moving, then the timing should be made accordingly and the average value should then be taken.

Let s take the Venus sub period within a Venus Main period for an example. The Venus Main period lasts 40 months. If we take 1/3 of 40, it will equal approximately 13 months for each 1/3 of a time span. In this way, we can narrow down our possibilities and fine tune the prediction for the event.We should check to make sure that: 

  1. Venus does not aspect or have any connections with either Saturn or Jupiter.
  2. Since the last four signs of the zodiac are ruled by either Jupiter or Saturn, this means that Venus shouldn t be in any of these signs or this will delay the event to a later sub period in the dasa.
  3. It shouldn t be in any of the constellations ruled by either Saturn or Jupiter.
  4. So if Venus is the significator and it is in the sign and constellation of the Sun, Moon or Mercury, for example, then we can narrow down the results to the first part of the sub period that we have divided into three equal parts.
  5. Specific constellations are bad for Venus, (particularly for marriage). They are Krittika, Ardra, Jyeshta and Mula. They spoil the nature of Venus and bring unfavorable results.

Another example would be that of the Sun. The maximum amount of time length for that of the Sun s Main period (Sun sub period) lasts 3 months and 18 days. (as seen in RED below). By dividing it up into 3 parts, we will have 3 time spans of 1 month, 6 days each. The event happens when the Sun transits in the other powerful significator s sign or constellation.  (This can also be reviewed in Lesson 9. which covers manual calculations of the time periods as well).

Below are the following charts for the Vimsottari Dasa sub periods:

SUN Sub Periods – 6 Years
MOON Sub Periods – 10 Years
MARS Sub Periods – 7 Years
RAHU Sub Periods – 18 Years
JUPITER Sub Periods – 16 Years
SATURN Sub Periods – 19 Years
MERCURY Sub Periods – 17 Years
KETU Sub Periods – 7 Years
VENUS Sub Periods – 20 Years