LESSON 17 – Blind Chart Analysis


Birth Chart Analysis


These are charts of two separate females, no relation between them. One of them passed away on one of the following dates. The other one s husband passed away on the remaining date. The idea is to place the proper date with the proper event and chart. This means that the chart whose husband passed away must have had less of a happy marriage life than the other one.  If we study both the charts, we can find out which one this is.

The following procedure (steps) should be adopted

  1. Cast the charts using Krushna s Ayanamshas.
  2. Find the Main Period Lords and the Sub lord periods for each chart. (which in this case is the same as Step 3)
  3. Find the Main Period Lords and the Sub lord periods for the date of the events.
  4. Go to the house of the Main Period Lord (Mahadasa) and find its Samdharmi. The result is generally linked with the Karaka of the main period lord or its Samdharmi. It can be in the house where it is placed.
  5. Find the house(s) that the sub period lord rules and the house where it is placed. The sub period lord generally gives the results of the 4th or 8th house position from it or the 4th or 8th house from its placement. If any planet aspects houses A,B or C, then its Samdharmi will give the result of the event.
  6. Look at all the houses for which the sub lord can possibly give the result as well as the Karaka related to the main lord by using House B as a sort of dial and rotate it around the chart to interpret the different Upachaya patterns that result. (You can download Krushna s Upachaya Program in the FILES section for easily reading and interpreting these different Upachaya patterns in any of the twelve signs at a glance!)
figure 1 – Possible Outcomes – Step 3
figure 2 – STUDY OF CHART 1
  • Venus for Chart 1 is the lord of the 3rd and the 8th house and resides in the 9th house.
  • The sub lord Moon is the lord of 5th house and situated in the 9th house.
  • Similarly the sub lord, Mars, is lord of 2nd house and 9th house.
  • The main lord or its samdharmi represents the karkatva (significators) of the houses. In this case the main lord Venus indicates karkatva for the 8th house (B) and 1st house due to its lordship and also the 2nd house due to its placement in the 9th house. – The 8th house indicates death, 1st house indicates individuality, and 2nd house can indicate the longevity of husband.

Therefore we can say that both the events can be indicated in the  Mahadasha of Venus.  Venus is in the Jyeshta constellation, and is with Saturn and the Moon, which may indicate less marital happiness. Now if we look at the Sub lords for the 2nd house in order to check for the death of the husband as an option, both Mars and the Moon have 2 and 14 points, respectively, (see Figure 4, line 2, highlighted in blue), while Mercury and Saturn have double the total points. (Mercury and Saturn rule Houses D and E when the B House is re-focused on the 2nd)  Furthermore, both Mars and Moon do not play the role of lord of House D and E in the 2nd house focus,  so the death of husband can not be expected in this period. 

Now if we change the House B focus to the 8th house,  the Moon is the lord of house Dand Mars is placed in house E . For the result of the 8th house, the Moon is the significator having a total of 20, the highest point value for that line. (see Figure 4, highlighted in pink line). This situation can give the results of the 8th house in the Moon sub period on 15th April 91. Mars doesn’t have more points, so if it concerns the death of the native, it can be possible in the sub period of the Moon.

figure 3 – STUDY OF CHART 2

On the dates given, the main period is of that of Ketu with sub periods of Venus and the Sun.  Ketuis situated in the 9th house, so can have karkatva of the 2nd house.  It also represents Jupiter andMercury, because Ketu is in the Nakshatra of Purnavasu, which is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury rules the 9th. Jupiter is the lord of the 3rd house so it is the karkatva ofthe 8th and as a lord of the 6th house it is karaka for the 11th.  It is situated in the 9th house, so again it can have karakatva of the 2nd house. The sub lord Venus, is the lord of house E , (which is Taurus when you rotate the B House for the 8th house focus), and the other optional sub lord, the Sun, is the lord of house D when we rotate the B House to 2nd house matters. By their placements, Venus and Sun both are in house E for the result of 2nd house. (Figure 3)

In considering the total points for the 8th house, the Moon has more points, (see Figure 5, 8th house row) while for the 2nd house results, Marsh as the maximum amount of points.  (see Figure 5, pink row, highlighted in blue). Mars is  natural samdharmi to the Sun. So being the lord of house D for 2nd house matters and being samdharmi to Mars,it can give the result.  

For this chart, Venus is in the Krittika constellation and aspected by Saturn while Saturn also aspects the Sun. This spoils Venus,particularly for marriage. Jupiter in the navamsha chart is in Libra, which also reduces the longevity of the marriage. Zero points by Saturn for the house having karkatva for the husband s longevity also indicates the same thing.

Now since we have justified one date for the death of the native of chart 1, we are left with only one other date, the 17th of July, 1992, which means the Sun sub period in the Ketu Main.  The Karaka of the 2nd house is situated in the 12th house from 7th.          

My conclusion is in red in the table above. The native died herself on April 15, 1991 in a Venus-Moon dasa and the other female lost her husband on July 17, 1992 in a Ketu- Sun dasa.

In the following charts from the worksheet (ver 4.09), you can see that the numbers at the left hand side indicate House B placements from 1 to 12 indicating the houses in the chart. The numbers to the right are the final point totals of the significators for each house chart row. Red numbers indicate lower than 12 in point totals which brings in negative results. If the point totals are 12 or over, they can bring in beneficial results. The line sshowing each event is noted in pink highight.

figure 4 – CHART 1 – NATIVE DIES HERSELF on April 15, 1991
figure 5 – CHART 2 – NATIVE lost her husband on July 17, 1992