LESSON 18 – Blind Chart Analysis #2


Birth Chart Analysis

Nov 21, 1949 07:55am -5:30 (IST)
Ahamadnagar, India 074E44, 19N05
Ayanamsha is 22:08:06
Ascendant: 21 SCO 45


There was an event on August 24th, 1985. The dasa on that day was Venus Main period and Jupiter Sun period. This man lost one of the following on that day.
1) Mother 2) Father 3) Son
Find out which person he lost on that day.
On the 23rd of August, 1985, he also had a big function at his factory. He had installed some new machinery and invited many people to see the new equipment.
If one event is that of a new venture and the other is a big family loss, how can we justify the two instances, with just a difference of a few hours?

figure 1
figure 2

Some indicators in the chart:

  1. There are zero points due to Saturn in the 5th house. (see the Binnashtakavarga Varga for Saturn in Figure 1).
  2. The 6th lord is in the 10th house.
  3. Saturn is in the 10th house with 3 points.
  4. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are in the Ascendant (4th place from Saturn).
  5. Venus in the Navamsha chart is with Saturn.


  1. The correct answer is the loss of the son.
  2. The Main period Lord is Venus.
  3. Houses 7 and 12 have rulership over the Main period lord Venus, so matters should be related to these particular houses.
  4. The sub period Lord is Jupiter, which is the lord of House E for the 12th house focus and Lord of House D for the 5th house focus.
  5. Therefore, the results of both these houses can be experienced within the same time period. The 5th house result meant a new venture and the 12th house is the 8th from the 5th house of children resulting in the loss of the son.
  6. The transit of the Sun was covering both of these events. The Sun is lord of House E for the 5th house focus and the Moon is lord of House D for the 12th house focus. The transit of Ketu thru House B also represents the Moon here.
  7. If we study the chart, we can see that Mars is placed in the 10th house, aspecting the 5th, which is occupied by Rahu.
  8. Mars is placed in the constellation of Venus and also in the Navamsha of Venus. Such a combination gives loss of a male child.
  9. A female child can survive, but may still have a problem, such as mental retardation. This is caused by the affliction of the 5th house.
  10. This is known as Sarpasapa Yoga, which reduces the life of the male child or denies a male child altogether.
  11. Since both these events happened at the same time, the moon could very well be a deciding factor, acting very much like the hour hand on a clock, and due to its fast speed, ticking off the precise moments when each of these events occurred.
  12. Planets having dual lordship can give two similar results at the same time. Both of them may be favorable, both of them may be unfavorable, or one result favorable and the other result, within a few hours, becoming unfavorable.

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