LESSON 19 – Blind Chart Analysis #3


Birth Chart Analysis

The following is the chart of a female.Some part of her body (some element such as the eyes, nose, ears or voice, for example) are not working or she has a defect of some sort. Find out which part of her body is being affected and not functioning. Birth details are as follows:

July 22, 1974 06:55 am IST DST: No
Sangli, INDIA
15N52, 074E34
Ayanamsha: 22:28:46
Lagna: 15 CAN 42

figure 1 – Highest point totals are highlighted in bright yellow, while lowest points are in grey
figure 2

Rules For the 6th House Lord

  1. If the lord of the 6th house has more than 4 points, then its influence on any house/s that it aspects will reduce the results of those houses. We then consider each of these aspected houses in turn as House B and view them from these different vantage points.
  2. In the above case, if the lords of D and E are samharmi to the 6th lord, or if they are in the navamsha of the 6th lord, then the result of House B is even more reduced.
  3. If the lord of House A is also samdharmi to the 6th lord, then the result is completely spoiled.
  4. If even more combinations are present in the chart, the native is totally denied the results indicated by House B.

The lord of the 6th house in this chart is Jupiter, which has 6 bindus and goes to the 8th house.From the 8th, Jupiter now aspects the 12th, the 2nd, and the 4th houses and because it has 6 points, it means that the results promised by the 12th, 2nd and 4th houses are definitely reduced. A malefic result regarding such houses will be experienced instead in the sub period of Jupiter.

Now, let s take each of these three houses separately and refocus House B on them:

  • If we place the B House on the 12th, then the 7th becomes House A, whose lord is Saturn. Similarly, the lord of D is Jupiter (9th house) and the Lord of E is Mars. Saturn aspects Jupiter and is also placed in Jupiter s house in the navamsha. Mars is only in the sight of Jupiter in the natal chart, but in the navamsha it is placed in the same house as Jupiter. Therefore the result indicated by the 12th house is spoiled.
  • If we place the B House on the 2nd, we will see that this house too has sight of Jupiter. The D House goes to the 11th, ruled by Venus, who is also aspected by Jupiter. The E House goes to the 7th, ruled by Saturn and it too is being aspected by Jupiter. Again, looking at the navamsha, we can see that both the lords D and E are placed in houses that are ruled by Jupiter. All of the three conditions are fulfilled, so the native does not get the promised results of the 2nd house.
  • If we place the B House on the 4th, we can see that the 6th house lord, Jupiter, is aspecting the 4th house. The lord of the 11th house now becomes A and is ruled by Venus, which is being aspected by Jupiter and also placed in the navamsha house ruled by Jupiter. The lord of the D House (1st) is the Moon, which is in the sight of Jupiter. In the 1st house, there are zero points going to the Moon.(See Figure 2) The lord of house E is ruled by Jupiter itself.

Therefore the native cannot enjoy the results indicated by any of these three houses, the 12th,the 2nd or the 4th. One thing should be remembered here. When the focus of the B House is brought to the 12th, Jupiter becomes lord of House D. When the focus of the BHouse is brought to the 4th, Jupiter becomes lord of the E House. In general, we would not have considered its sight as malefic. But in this case where it is the lord of the 6th house, it takes on a special significance!

Jupiter being the lord of the 6th house became very malefic in this case and its malefic sight, due to the fact that it had more than 4 points, gave very bad results. 


The native in this chart cannot talk,not as a result of deafness, but due to a defect in the vocal chords since birth. If Jupiter only had its sight on the 2nd house, then the result would have been experienced in the Jupiter sub period. But in this case,the karaka (Lord of House A), is also Jupiter and the lords of D and E are samdharmi to Jupiter as well, so the defect is by birth.