LESSON 20 – Children and the Fifth House


Children and the Fifth House

This lesson will deal with children and childbirth, in both male and female charts, the fifth house representing children of either sex as it is represented in both gender charts.

Female Chart:

For childbirth, both male and female are responsible. The female chart is the most important however, due to a female s menstrual cycle,the uterus, and the ovum which have a significant role to play in child birth.

As a woman s menstrual cycle is based on the Moon and Mars,both these planets must be strong in the chart and should not be afflicted in any way. The period between two monthly cycles is based on the transit of the Moon, which takes 27.25 days to transit all the constellations. Generally it is observed in a healthy female, that the menstrual cycle occurs in the same constellation every time. If such a constellation at the time of the menstrual cycle is not afflicted by Mars or Rahu, then the female ovum prepared for that cycle is healthy and can give conception if and when it comes in contact with male semen.

In order to have children, the 7th house in a female chart and the 7th lord should not be afflicted. Malefic planets with less points, placed in the 7th house, may spoil this house. If the 7th lord is placed in the lagna with more points, it will spoil the effects of the 7th house.

If the 7th lord comes within 3 degrees of the Sun, the effects of 7th house will become spoiled.

The 2nd lord and the 2nd house should be free of any afflictions.

Retrograde planets have no effect on the 7th house.

Male Chart:

The eighth house in a male chart indicates semen, And dkoshaand genetic properties. Planets in the 5th house having more points in a male chart can give a problem with semen counts, because any planet with more points reduces the results of the 4th place from it.

The lord of the eighth house is Mars, which represents blood, semen and chromosomes. The natural karaka for the eighth house is Mercury, so this house should be healthy when looking for signs of a healthy child. Mars in the 2nd house with more points can spoil some of the properties of semen.

From a medical science point of view, there are XX chromosomes in the female seed, while the male semen carries the XY chromosomes in equal numbers, known as sperm counts. When the sperm counts reach about 100 million per CC, then the male is fit for impregnating a female for the purposes of childbirth.                     

The blood groups can be be of two types, RH positive or RH negative. For proper and healthy child birth, similar RH groups are required.Opposite groups will increase the chances of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages. Generally for the first time, the chances for conception are 75%,the second time it may be 40% and the third time, only a 20% chance, when opposite blood groups are involved.

The ovum becomes ovulated from 10 to 16 days from the first day of a female s menstrual cycle, where it remains active, in normal condition, for two days. If the female ovum comes in contact with male semen during this time, a conception occurs. If the X chromosome of the female ovum joins with the X chromosome of the male, then the sex of the child is female.If the X chromosome of the female is joined with the male s Y chromosome, then the sex of the child is male. When chromosomes join up as XXX, XXY, or XYY, it is said to be in a super chromosome state and such a child produced is mentally retarded. This happens if Mars and Rahu afflict the 5th house.                      

If Mars is placed with less points in the 2nd,10th or 11th house in a female chart, there are more chances for a Caesarian operation to occur at the time of delivery. A similar effect is experienced when Mars is placed in the 5th with more points. In the above case, if Rahu is situated in the 1st, 5th,7th, 9th and 12th place from Mars, the chances of a super chromosome state becomes increasingly possible.                   

The X chromosomes in a male s semen become very active when he becomes tense, worried or anxious, which could be due to new responsibilities in a marriage commitment. Knowingly or unknowingly, the male can be under some tension, which can be indicated from the points in the 3rd,6th, 10th and 11th houses. If these points are in rising order, the person takes on a big venture (relatively speaking).General such a person will have a female as a first child.

Planets in the 5th house  


 When the Sun is in the 5th with less points, it creates some sort of an obstacle for childbirth. If the Sun also has sight of Saturn and Saturn has more points, it makes it even more difficult. Rahu and Ketu have the effect of withdrawing the power of the Sun.

The malefic sight of Mars (we say malefic or benefic sight here as it applies to the points of the planets, the sight of any planet with more than 4 points being malefic and vice versa) on the Sun here or a malefic Mars (having less than 4 points) if placed with the Sun, will give some problem regarding the heart or the blood pressure.                 


 If the Moon resides in the 5th house with more points, it is an indication of much happiness from children. If Jupiter has more points and lies in the 10th place from the Moon, it will give better children by character. (this is specifically applicable to the Moon and Jupiter only). The malefic sight of Mars and Saturn is always harmful.


 When Mars has more points in the 5th house, this increases the chances for a male child. The same Mars in the 5th with less points however indicates abortion or shortened longevity for the child. Similar effects of malefic and benefic sights should also be considered.If Mars under these conditions has any relationship with Rahu, it spoils the results for children.


If Mercury resides in the 5th house with more points and there are no malefic sights of Jupiter or Saturn, then this gives the best happiness for children. This same Mercury having malefic sights of Jupiter and/or Saturn can be an indicator of having no children at all.               


Jupiter in the 5th is good for children. If such a Jupiter has less points then it will indicate the birth of female children. 


 Venus with more points in the 5th house gives more female children then male children.


If Saturn is placed in the 5th house with more points, this does not indicate obstructions to having children.  But it does delay marriage, and reduces the happiness of the spouse. In a female chart, Saturn in the 5th house with more points indicates some problem with the uterus, irregular menstrual cycles, small opening in the uterus,  and some pain at the time of monthly cycle in lower part of  abdomen.  

If Saturn does not have help from other planets, it will indicate the birth of a child after 30 years of age.  If this Saturn has malefic aspects from the Sun, it  indicates no child.

Rahu or Ketu:

Rahu or Ketu in the fifth house, not having any aspect from any planet, creates no problem for childbirth. If it is situated with Saturn or Mars, it creates worries about children. Abortion, short life of the child etc., is indicated as well.  

In a male chart, the 11th house and the 8thhouse also have importance.  If those houses are afflicted, it will indicate some problem in childbirth. 


The Moon travels approximately one constellation per day.There are 365.25 days to a year. Therefore in one year the Moon will make 13 rounds of the natal chart and 10 to 14 constellations more. Because of this,every year the capacity for a female to conceive, changes. In an average year a female will have about 13 menstrual cycles or periods. After every 13 periods,there is some change in a woman s body. The total average periods in the life of a woman are between 350 to 475. Similarly the capacity of the ovum to combine with the X and Y chromosomes also changes. This phenomenon can be used to correctly predict the sex of the new child up to about an 85% accuracy rate.Of course, there are other factors at work here as well.

After mating, conception can take place as shortly as 10 minutes after or as long as 10 hours later. The constellation in which the conception takes place is known as the Adhana Nakshatra. The birth of the child takes place after approximately 272.25 days, varying up to 27.25 days depending on the health of the child.

According to the age of each woman, every constellation(Nakshatra) will have an important role to play in order to decide the sex of the child. As a result of lengthy research the following Conception Chart has been constructed, showing the age of the mother along the top and the names of every Nakshatra along the side. From this table, the age at which the conception took place and in what Nakshatra, will give the intercepting sex of the child.

At the time of mating, the sub period of a strong significator for the 5th house should be in effect and in a favorable period. At the time of a woman s menstrual cycle, if the moon is traveling in a house having more points and having benefic sight of Mars, then 10 to 14 days after her period, the ovum is fully capable of giving the result. 


For finding any event we must always start from the karaka planet, both the functional and the natural karakas.

In discussing childbirth, if we focus House B on the 5th,the 12th house now becomes House A. Its lord is known as the functional karaka, while Jupiter is the natural karaka for children. If the seplanets receive no afflictions and they get a minimum of 12 points in the worksheet for the 5th house, then there is a possibility of having children.

The lords of Houses D and E also play an important role.Those planets should not be afflicted. Similarly, the 8th house and its lord must also be healthy. Last but not least, we should see that the 5th house is n’t afflicted by either Mars or Rahu.

If such is the case, then childbirth can occur in either the first sub period of the strongest significator, or in the lords of either D or E.