LESSON 21 – Occupation


This is one of the branches of astrology that determines the favorable occupations of the Jataka, which means judgement of a birth chart.Earning and occupation are two different things. If a person does work that he likes to do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will earn more money while doing it. Planetary positions can decide the preferences of the person, as to which job will be more suitable according to his talents and capacities. How much he will earn, however, is an entirely different issue.  From the chart we can find out in which capacity a person can achieve success and how one can best utilize that maximum capacity.


Although a person may be in any occupation or business, the earning capacity depends on his DHANA YOGA, which are planetary combinations showing how much wealth a person can earn and accumulate.  Actually eveything is relative.  as there is no way to find the numerical value of money.  Suppose, for example,there is an indicator that one will win a lottery or get unearned income. It can be any small amount from $10.00 to as much as $100,000 or more. There is noway to actually pinpoint the exact amount of money that will be won.

A foolish person may be wealthy, while a wise person may be penniless.  There is no direct relation to wealth or the occupation.  For wealth,we consider the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses.  For occupation, the 1st4th, 6th, and 10th houses are to be considered. Two people can go to the same school and take the same courses, yet when the time comes to go out and make a living, one will make ample money,while the other person may barely get by. 

How much a person earns for a living cannot be judged by the capacity of the person himself, his intellect, his memory, his grasping power,his knowledge, etc.  Of course all these things are inter-related,  but are independent in behavior.    

For selecting the correct occupation from the chart, one must find the favorable  planets.  For this we must know the true strengths of the planets.  This is only possible with the Ashtakavarga system.  For finding the capabilities of the person we must know his intelligence, his memory, his grasping power. For the selection of any occupation, these things play an important role.  For any work that requires art, creativeness, or delicacy, one s Venus must be strong. A surgeon,along with the delicacy of a strong Venus, needs to have his Mars strong also,so he can perform delicate operations without damaging other parts of the body.  So, for being a surgeon one must have good dexterity skills, delicacy, a good foundation of knowledge and should be able to make the right decisions in an emergency situation.  The Venus, Mars, along with Jupiter must be strong. 

A butcher also cuts up animals, a person doing autopsies also opens the human body, but these talents don t require life saving skills.  The Moon and Mars must be strong, but not necessarily including Venus.  Remember we are talking only about the 10th house.  So Venus in this house placement does not require more strength.  A butcher can also have love in his life, so Venus in that area of his life will be judged on its strengths in another capacity. A butcher s talents may not require as much memory, grasping power, brilliancy, as compared to a surgeon. 

A trader, a cutlery store owner, a shop keeper . . . All of these occupations require a different type of skill then for example a scientist, or an engineer.  A musician, a singer or a poet requires another different set of qualities.  Poets must possess high powers of imagination and expression, while musicians need to have good timing, self discipline to practice many hours over and over until the music is right, a sense of harmony and structure and how to build this into songs of poetry.

So in short,  different occupations require different skills and talents. The qualities of every planet are different.  The perfect occupation and intelligence level for a person can be assessed by checking out the strong planets for the 10th house.        

For intelligence and sharpness of mind, Saturn is responsible because the karaka for knowledge is Saturn. The fourth house is still another indicator for knowledge. The Navamsa, Trimsamsa and Dreshkana divisionals must also be considered here.  When the Sun, Moon and Lagna are in the above charts in the divisional parts ruled by Saturn, it indicates the intelligence level of the person. Here we are referring to three planets (this includes Lagna) and three divisional charts.  So there are nine chances that these planets will be in divisionals ruled by of Saturn.  

In Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces,(Figures 1 and 2), NO planets can be in the Dreshkana of Saturn. Dreshkana divisions are the same thing as decanates, where each sign, having 30 degrees each, is then divided up into 3 equal groups of 10 degrees and all of these sub signs are in trine to each other, therefore in the same element. In Taurus and Gemini, the last 10 degrees are in the division ruled by Saturn. For Virgo and Libra, the middle 10 degrees are in the division ruled by Saturn. And in Capricorn and Aquarius, first 10 degrees are in the division ruled by Saturn. 

Saturn is the planet that gives brilliancy to the intellect.  Education goes to Jupiter.  Saturn is the natural karaka for the 4th house and Jupiter is the natural karaka for the 5thhouse.  The 4th house is Vidya, meaning learning, education and  knowledge. The 5thindicates an educational degree and the 9th indicates a post degree.

figure 1 – Dreshkana Divisions Table
figure 2 –  Dreshkanas as Seen from a Chart

In the navamsa charts, (Figures 3 and 4), the 3 fire signs,Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (in grey), have NO divisions ruled by Saturn. For the 3 earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, (In orange) the first 6 degrees and 40 minutes are in divisions of Saturn. For the 3 air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, (in green),10 to 16 degree and 40 minutes are in the navamsha of Saturn. And for the 3 remaining water signs, (in blue), 20 to 26 degrees, 40 minutes are in the
divisions ruled by Saturn.

figure 3 – Navamsa Divisional Table

figure 3 – Navamsa Divisional Table cont

figure 3 – Navamsa Divisional Table cont
figure 4 – Navamsa Divisions as Seen from a Chart

The Trimsamsa refers to the degrees of a sign that are grouped under the five planets ruling the five Tattvas, which are Fire, Earth,Air, Water and Ether (physical and subtle elements which are states of matter and energy). So, the Trimsamsa basically divides up the rasi by 5, yet the divisions are unequal. The divisions run as follows: in Odd signs, the first 5degrees belong to Aries Trimsamsa; the next 5 degrees (5-10) belong to Aquarius; From 10-18 degrees belong to Sagittarius; from 18-25 belong to Gemini;and then from 25-30 belong to Libra. In even signs, the divisions are there verse of this, starting with Taurus. So 0-5 belong to Taurus; 5-12 belong to Virgo; 12 to 20 belong to Pisces; 20-25 belong to Capricorn; and 25-30 belong to Scorpio.

You will notice that none of the Trimsamsas are ruled by either Cancer or Leo. Thus the Rasis representing the 5 Tattvas are referred to and not those of the Sun and Moon, which represent dimensions associated with light, or consciousness. And so the Trimsamsa deals with actions performed on the physical plane and has nothing to do with spiritual matters.

So the five Tattvas, next to their planetary rulers, are:

Earth, ruled by Saturn (in orange in Figure 5)  Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Water, ruled by Venus (in Yellow in Figure 5)  Scorpio.

Fire, ruled by Mars (in Red in Figure 5)  Aries.

Air, ruled by Mercury (in Green in Figure 5)  Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Ether, ruled by Jupiter (in Dark Blue in Figure 5)  Sagittarius and Pisces.

figure 5 – Trimsamsa Divisional Table

figure 6 – Trimsamsa Divisions as Seen in a Chart
  1. If we get either the Sun, Moon, or Lagna in at least one place in any of the above 3 Divisional Charts in any of the divisions of Saturn, we can say that the person has ordinary intelligence. 
  2. If the Sun, Moon or Lagna can be found in two places, then we can surmise that the person has a good memory, intelligence and also sharpness. 
  3. If found in three places, then we can assume that the person has a very good,perhaps photographic memory and also good grasping power. The person can be good at mathematics. Good imagining power is the result of at least at three places in the divisionals of Saturn.
  4. If the Sun, Moon and Lagna are found in more than 3 places in the divisional charts of Saturn, (and the same if the Moon is samdharmi to Saturn), the brilliancy of the person s talents may be put to misuse.  We are talking only for Navamsa, Trimsamsa,and Dreshkana charts.
  5. If these planets are found in the divisions of Jupiter.  If in more then 3 places the person has a belief in God. He may not use his talents for destruction. Similarly, Mars gives more daring, Venus gives good skills, and Mercury gives good knowledge of worldly matters and behavior.

Before judging the line of occupation,  the mental capabilities of the person must befirst be assessed.  Then, the 10th lord and the planets in 10th house should be studied.  Thenavamsa lord of the planets is responsible for the selection of the occupation. This can be found by checking the 10th lords and the planets in the 10th house from the Lagna, Sun and the Moon. The placement of the navamsa lord is also important in the main chart.(Actually these planets are Samdharmi planets) 

Some of the occupations denoted by the planets are listed as follows:

SUN:  Businesses related to gold, ornaments, speculations, governmental services, positions of authority, politics, executors of any task, factory owner, etc.

MOON:  Silver, liquid substances, drinks, eateries, liquid medicines, liquor, female products, singing, cinema, movies, TV, etc.

MARS: Military,police officer, surgeon, skilled in operating machinery, butchers, steel and cast iron work, weapons and tools, manufactoring, construction work and material, blood and medical anesthesia, etc.

MERCURY: Printing press, books, publishers, newspapers, post office, courier services, insurance,writers, students, vehicles, railway, computer software, etc.

JUPITER: Civil court matters, judges, advocates, solicitors, professors, teachers, schools,colleges, commercial sea services, computer hardware, etc.

VENUS: Art and designs works, actors, dance, music, pearls, toiletries, perfumes, nursing homes, sweets, women s make-up, etc.

SATURN: Mining, minerals, labors, grains, oil, lubricants, wood, elders, farming, sanitation, construction work, carpentry, real estate dealers, monks, hermits, etc.

These are just a few examples of occupations under the different planets. Once you start to combine them with different planet show ever, the list can become unending.

The planets beneficial for the occupation should be powerful for the 10th house, the lords of the 3rd and 7th houses plus any planets situated in the 3rd and 7th house with more then 5 points.  For the person who is not afraid to take some risks in life, the sarva points in the 3, 6, 10 and 11th houses of the charts are in increasing order, and are more then 28.

The planets receiving power due to planets in the fourth place also plays an important role in the selection of the line of occupation and should also be considered from the 4th place position.

The second house lord and its samdharmi always gives some obstruction and worries.  Similarly the sixth lord, and particularly if it is Jupiter, when aspecting the 10th house, always reduces the capacity of the person. If the sub period is ineffect, the results are even worse.

There are so many types of occupations. In some, such as hotels, bars, eating establishments, food markets, etc., there is a continuous flow of money. 

Some types of business only bring in intermittent flows of money, the gap between two deals for example, may be a few hours to a few months. Civil contractors, capital equipment suppliers, dealers of real estate,etc., are under this category.

Then there are some people who receive money on a specific monthly date for example. We can include people in service under this category.

All of these situations depend on the fast or slow moving planets as well as the lagna:

  1. If the points in houses 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are in a zig zag order, the person is mostly in service work. 
  2. If the points in the 10th house are less than the points of the 11th, then the person receives a good income compared to his labor.
  3. If it is in reverse order, meaning that the 11th house has less than the 10th, it means that the person is doing hard work and getting paid less.
  4. If the points in the 11th and 12th houses are compared and the 11th house points are less, it means that the person s expenditures are more than the income, or he is unable to keep the income flowing in. This may be due to a more expensive nature.
  5. If the points in the houses 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th are more than 28,the person may be receiving a steady income during the whole of his working daylight hours. So if there are indications of his having his own business, he can do any business where the money is coming in steadily during the whole of the working day. The points in the 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th should be more than 29 and should be in increasing order.
  6. If the points in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th are more than 28, the person can do some business that operates in the night hours, such as nightclubs, for instance.
  7. A person doing any business in which the Sun is traveling during his business hours, should have points more than 28.

Example for Finding the Occupation:

Sept, 6, 1969; 8:14pm; Pune, INDIA (18N38, 073E53), Ayanamsha22:25:32

figure 7 – (Numbers in Blue in the Rasi Chart above indicate the sarva points)

Step One:  (see Figure 7)

The tenth lord in the rashi is Jupiter. In the Navamsa, Jupiter is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, so Mercury is one of the occupation planets. There is no planet in the 10th house of the rasi chart.

Now we must consider the 10th house lord from the Moon in the rashi chart. It is again Jupiter, so again Mercury is the Occupation planet.

Lastly, we should consider the 10th lord from the Sun in the rashi chart. It is Venus and Venus in the navamsa chart is in Sagittarius,which is ruled by Jupiter. So in first place, we can consider Jupiter and Mercury for selecting the occupation in the chart.

Step Two:

Look for the Lagna, Moon and Sun placements in the Navamsa (figure 7), Dreshkana and Trimsamsa charts (Figure 8) as follows:

figure 8

We can see from the above chart that out of nine, three are in divisions ruled by Saturn. This indicates that the person has a good memory and grasping power.

Selection of Service or Own Occupation:

Step Three:

The total points for 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from the Lagna are 30, 34, 27 and 30, (see Figure 7) which are in a zigzag manner, so the person does not have the daring to risk starting his own business. He will prefer service. The points in the 12th house are also 30, which means that the person will just about make ends meet. His expenditure versus his income just balance each other out, leaving no room for any savings.

The same thing applies to the Moon. The 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from the Moon s placement fall in the 6th, 9th, 1st and 2nd houses.The points are 34, 28, 24 and 28. Again, these points do not indicate the person owning his own business.

Step Four:

From the above information, we have Jupiter and Mercury pointing to the occupation of the individual. Concentrating also on the worksheet, we will find that Mercury and Saturn also have good points for all of the 12 houses. Jupiter has less points for the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 11th house.For the 11th house, it has minus 1. Saturn, having good strength, is situated in the sign ruled by Mars and in the navamsa, it is in the house of the Sun.

The line of occupation beneficial to the person may be related to Mercury and Saturn in some way. This can be perhaps in the field of commercial management or management of man, machine, or money.

This person passed his Mechanical Engineering Degree, but didn’t go into a job right away. He finally started working as a subordinate to an account clerk.

One day, he approached me and I suggested that he take an MBA course, which is a Master s degree course in management. He did so and is now working as a Personnel Manager, getting a decent salary and feeling satisfied in his new job.

He selected Mechanical Engineering due to pressure from his parents, but he was interested in Commerce. Looking at his brilliancy, his father and others asked him to take up an Engineering education.