LESSON 22 – Worksheet Review on Basics


Birth Chart Review on Basics

We will take an example of a chart for a person born on the 22nd of January 1922 and apply it to the worksheet in a step by step fashion as a review. First, the basics again .. 


  1. Cast the chart using Krushna s Ayanamsha. (This can be taken from Krushna s calculator.)
  2. Cast the Sarvashtakavarga table for the chart using the Lagna as the 1st house.
  3. Select the house for the event matter to which you want to focus on and call it House B .
  4. Ascertain the placements of the Upachaya houses, A, B, C, D and E. (You can easily see this by using Krushna s Upachaya Charts Program.)
  5. B is the house for which you are looking for the result.
  6. The 8th house from B is known as A .
  7. The 10th house from A is known as C .
  8. The 3rd house from A is known as D .
  9. The 11th house from A is known as E .
  10. Find out the points from the Binnashtaka Varga tables for every planet in the A, B and C houses. (This is the equivalent of the 2nd row in the worksheet.)
  11. Total up these points. This will be the basic strength of the planets for the house result. (equivalent of Row 3 in worksheet).
  12. Look for the planets with less than 4 points (3, 2, 1 or 0) in the place the planet is situated.
  13. If there is any planet in the 4th place from such a planet, mark it. (This is the equivalent to Row 4 and sub divisions a, b, c, d)
  14. Write the points of these 4th place planets in Row 3. This is the equivalent of Row 5 ; a, b, c, d in the worksheet)
  15. Add these points to the main planet in Row 1. The answer is in Row 6.
  16. Since the lords of D and E are more eager to give results, add 5 points to each of them.
  17. If there is any planet in house D and E with more than 4 points (5, 6, 7 or 8), add these points to the planet in Row 1. (answer is in Row 9).
  18. Now we must find the sight of the planets on houses A, B and C. Planets with less than 4 points will give benefic sight, so we add 8 points of the planet to the total we get in Row 9. (Sight always gives the reverse effect). If the planet has more than 4 points, then the sight will be malefic and equal to the points of the planet, so deduct equal points from the total in Row 9. We get the result in Row 13. Sight of the planets with 4 points is considered to be neutral, so no effect should be given.
  19. Now the sight of the planets on other planets should be considered next. Here we adopt a similar procedure. For benefic sight, we add the points that are equal to 8 points of the planet and for the malefic sight we deduct these points. The total we arrive at goes to Row 17.
  20. Here, we consider the lordship of the planets. Lord of House D and E do not have malefic sight on the planets and the house, so only benefic sight of such planets is taken. This is considered for both procedures 18 and 19.
  21. Benefic sight of the lord of the 12th house from House B is not considered. It is assumed that the Lord of the 12th house from House B does not give benefic sight. The Sun and the Moon are not taken into consideration here for Lord of the 12th house from B, so their benefic sight on a planet or on the houses A,B,C is considered.
  22. Thus we get the power of each planet for house B. Planets having more than 12 points are considered benefic planets for house B and will help in achieving the results that can be expected in this house.


Using this same procedure we will now follow thru with this example for finding the result of the 7thhouse.

figure 1

In the charts from Figure 1, if we look at the Binnashtaka Varga for the Sun, we can see that the Sun has 2 points in house A, 3 points in house B and 4 points in house C. If we total up these points we will find the basic strength of the Sun for the 7th house focus.

Similarly, we must find the strength of the other planets in the same placements. Therefore, the Moon gets a total of 13, Mars gets 9,Mercury receives 13, Jupiter gets 11, Venus gets 13 and finally Saturn receives 9 points. (This covers the procedure up to Step10 in the basics).

According to Step 11,we can see that according to Mars placement in the 9th house, it has less than 4 points (2 pts).  According to Mercury s placement in the 12th house, it only has 3 points and Saturn s placement in the 8th house only gives it 3 as well. All of these planets will give benefic sight to the houses or planets that it aspects.

Now, looking at Step 12, we will see if there might be any planet or planets in the 4th

place from these three planets.

figure 2

As we can see from Figure 2, only Mars has the planets Venus, Sun and Mercury in the 4th house from itself (in House E).There are no planets in the 4th from either Saturn or Mercury. (We do not consider Rahu, Ketu or any other outer planets).

As we move on to Step13, we can see that Venus has 13 points in total basic strength, Mercury has 13 and the Sun has 9 points. (see Figure 1)

Step 14 tells us to add these points to the basic strength of Mars, which had 9 points. So we have 9 (its basic strength) + 13 (Venus) + 13 (Mercury) + 9 (Sun). The total strength of Mars NOW becomes 44. For the other planets, there is no change. The final strength after this step is written in Row 6.

The strength of the planets so far is Sun (9), Moon (13), Mars (44), Mercury (13), Jupiter (11), Venus (13) and Saturn (9).

According to Step 15,the 4th house is house D, whose lord is Venus and the 12th house is house E, ruled by Saturn (see Figure 2). So we must add 5 points to these planets as they are more eager to give the result. Similarly, Venus,Mercury and the Sun are placed in house E. Out of these 3 planets, only the Sun has more than 4 points (5), so we add 5 points to the Sun also. (Step 16).

Add these points and write them in Row 9. Thus far we get the strengths as Sun (14), Moon (13), Mars (44), Mercury (13), Jupiter (11),Venus (18) and Saturn (14). We’ve reached Step17.

For Step 18, we should look to find the sight of the planets on houses A, B and C. Here, we find that Jupiter and Saturn have sight on house A. Jupiter has 5 points so its sight on house A is considered a malefic, and we deduct 5 points from the total that we’ve gotten so far in Row 9 for Jupiter. Similarly, the sight of Saturn is benefic as it has less than 4 points. Benefic sight means, 8 minus the points of the planet. So we add 5 points (8 3 =5) to the points in Row 9 against Saturn.

Now the points total up as follows:

Sun (14), Moon (13), Mars (44), Mercury (13), Jupiter (6), Venus (18) and Saturn (19). This completes Step 18.

According to Step 19,we have to consider the effect of sight of the planets on other planets. If we look at the chart (Figure 2), we can see that Jupiter and Mars have their sight on the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Saturn has its sight on the Moon. So the five points due to Jupiter will be deducted from the Sun, Mercury and Venus and 6 points will be added due to the sight of Mars(8-2= 6). Similarly, due to the benefic sight of Saturn on the Moon, 5 points will be increased for the points of the Moon.

We get the final strength in Row 17 as follows:

Sun (15), Moon (18), Mars (44), Mercury (14), Jupiter (6), Venus (19) and Saturn (19).

These points will be responsible for the results of the 7th house, which can be ascertained according to the points of the planets in their sub periods. As we look at these points (all except Jupiter), all the planets show good strength (12 or over). This means that all the results denoted by the 7th house will be achieved in better quality. Please also note that if in this case, Jupiter would have been the lord of house D or E, its sight on the planets and houses would NOT have been considered a malefic, so no points would have been deducted. Similarly, if Saturn, the lord of house E, would’ve had MORE than 4 points, its sight would not have been treated as malefic. Also,if Saturn would have been the lord of the 12th house from B, (the 6th house), then its sight would have not been considered benefic. If Jupiter would have been the lord of the 12th from B, no change would have been considered to its sight because it would still be having malefic sight.