LESSON 23 – More Rules for a Love Marriage

යුවති පති
යුවති පති

The following rules indicate a few more laws that will indicate when a native is like to have a love marriage or perhaps a marriage with a person already known to them. (These laws are applicable in the Indian culture and may or may not apply in the west.)

Rules for a Love Marriage

The 5th house rules friendships. When there is a relationship between the 5th and the 7th house,there is a chance of a love marriage.

There is also a chance of a love marriage when:

  1. The strongest significator is situated in the 5th house and is accompanied by Rahu.
  2. The 7th lord is situated in the 4th place from the strongest significator.
  3. Mars and Venus are in the same sign and aspected by Saturn.
  4. If the 7th lord is samdharmi to the Moon.
  5. If Jupiter and the 7th lord are in trine and each of them has more points.
  6. Rahu is with Mars and has less points, or Mars has more points and is in the sight of Saturn, who has less points. Then the marriage may occur in the sub period of Rahu.
  7. There is a conjunction of the Moon with Venus. (this may be in the Navamsha), which stimulates interest in the opposite sex and new attachments or unions, which may be formed. If Venus is the 7th lord, then this may bring about marriage.
  8. Venus is in a trine in the rashi chart or the Navamsha chart. This gives much pleasure or brings about a love affair, a matrimonial alliance or some type of union.
  9. The Sun and Venus has a difference of more than 43 degrees and Venus is strong as well as being aspected by Jupiter.
  10. The strongest significator is samdharmi to the 5th lord.
  11. For Aries and Scorpio natives, if Mars is powerful in the chart.

These effects as well as previous laws on marriage in Lesson 10 can be activated ONLY when more than 2 laws have been fulfilled!

If  Jupiter has a check on the strongest significator, then such an event will not take place.

Following are the two charts,one a love marriage (Figure 1) versus a chart of an arranged marriage (Figure 2), so that you can better see the clarifications from the previous rules.

figure 1 – Chart of a Love Marriage
figure 2 – Chart of an Arranged Marriage