LESSON 31 – Discussions on Delay Causing Planets


Timing of an event thru studying the slower moving planets such as Saturn and Jupiter

The following lesson will help you narrow down the timing of an event thru studying the slower moving, and therefore,delay causing planets such as Saturn and Jupiter.

1) When Saturn aspects Houses A, B and C, we know that there will be a full delay.

figure 1

In this chart, the Lagna is Libra and Saturn is in the 5th house of Aquarius which also rules Capricorn (House D). If there are no zeros at all in the SAV table, then Saturn would cause afull delay up to 27.5 years, which would be the equivalent of it occurring inthe last 1/3 portion of its antar dasa.

The delay causing planet, Saturn, is modulated however according to these laws:

  1. When Saturn also rules the Lord of D, (see chart above), it is now eager to give results.
  2. So,if the event (for example, marriage), takes place in the delay causing planet and this planet is also the Lord of D or the Lord of E, then in spite of the fact that it is normally a full delay causing planet, the event will take place in the first 1/3 of its antar dasa due to its status as Lord of D or E.
  3. If,however, there is one zero in the SAV table, then the delay will take place inthe second part of the antar dasa of the Lord of D only.
  4. Similarly,if there are two zeros in the SAV table, the delay will be pushed even further into the 3rd part of the Lord of D s antar dasa and act in the same manner as if there were no zeros in the SAV table and causing a full delay.

When a zero appears in a house, like A, B or C, it reduces the quality of that house and also interrelates with the timing of the event as well. If, for example, two zeros pop up in the SAV table, one in the 1st house and another in the 7th house, then we can predict that the marriage life would then be problematic.