Planets that crash well


සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් නිරෝගි සුවයට වින කරන ග්‍රහයෝ

How fortunate it is to be able to live a healthy life? The great happiness of the journey of life is healthier than ever. Not only man, but also cattle buds are sick. Medical doctrine suggests that disease pathology causes the weakening of man’s (animal’s) physical activity and other functional shortcomings. According to medical science, infants, tooth, and skin are the main causes of the disease. The main function of the human blood is the blood flow. By infecting germs or viruses, various forms of illness are produced by the weakness of immune deficiency. To purify the blood – to contaminate – into the air that breathes. In addition, the foods we make and the various stomach and changes in the stomach are fundamental to disease.

According to the Anatolia, conflicts of operation can arise due to the dissociation of the waters of the waters, the waters of the Innocent waters, the flame (fire), the air, the phantom (earth).

And the planets. The following are the most common diseases caused by air, bumps and seeds:

Cysts, crests, and jets are considered to be water constituents that cause water-borne diseases. The arachnipe combats the lion, the lion, the ambient temperature and the bumps. The air of the air, the air, the moon, the air, the air, the air, and the moisture can get sick from the air. The phthalate (pole) arc, horn, dragon constituents can cause mucus or air intercourse. Saturn, moon, and cone are pointing to diseases in the constellations. And it is also special in the center of the center. Harmful conditions are caused by astronomical planetary evolution. According to ancient senior astrologers, their asteroids have pathological diseases. It’s obvious that air pollution, urine abrasions, wrinkles, broken legs, eyelids, ears, sore throat, paralysis, cancer, post-illness, leprosy, paralysis, If the location of the horoscope is weak, it can cause discomfort to the body. Earlier (08-08-2010), a 12-point supplement was added) The teeth, bone, veins, canal, spine, left leg, bladder, right ear and hair are relevant.

The Moon causes the snake to cause Moon moat to the moon. There are gallstones in the chest. By 1 mondo, the head will have the weight of the head. Venus is also known for its flu virus. The presence of Venus in the center of the Moon center at 02-06-12-08 is the cause of the lesions. The Moon is weak, and on the 06th and the 8th, it’s good to have women who are pregnant from being sinful.

There is no increase in the number of beverages from the cones in cones. They lose weight. The person places one by one due to the conveyance. It compacts. (Other than the minus sign), cone 2 is weak, and the face of the head is injured. 04 Checks cause heart diseases. Body chest. The scalp results in dermatitis. The congestion in the 08 is the cause of the crash. On the 10th, the conjunctions cause rust and corkscrew.

The stenosis will affect the body of the flesh, nose, forehead, organs, and blood. Remaining with rotors causes sexual anomalies. Resource power diminishes. Kidney disease belongs to Venus, due to kidney disease. Poisoning can cause inflammation of the body. Smallpox can spread. There is a lot of blood flow. Women have sex. Keeping the cones together with the chufts reduces the blood flow in the body. Causes wounds. Rahu’s tumor is also caused by skin diseases. It is often recommended to have regular meals when it is in good shape. 06 If the prince was mighty, he would have taken the right food. That’s why the body works. It is suitable for immunization. Prevent and be healthy and healthy.

Mercus makes the consciousness weaker. Gossiping, dishonest is by the Buddha’s power. Suddenly, it causes fainting. When the Burung comes to 6, the body also produces fruit in the body. Good luck to 08 BMX, but the death will occur at the same time.

There will be blood poisoning between teachers and Jupiter. The body is stronger than the size. It is a disease caused by gout, severe relapse, jaundice, yellow fever, peptic fever, diabetes, fasting, urticaria, and urinary tract infections. Teacher Planet is healthy in a multitude of environments. Not good at Grade 12. Causes disease. Being in the teacher’s labyrinth (excluding the lion’s moonstone) extends the juice. Guru’s bad.

Venus is a disease of the kidneys, urinary disorders, depression of the semen, body disorders, neck of the neck, germs, eczema, rashes, and genital tract disorders. It’s bad for Venus 06. Food causes illness. Even from the turning out of Venus 8, doctors can not even find a deadly disease. Kidney disease also causes heart problems. The 12th is Venus, which causes a disorder of the eyes. On the 12th, power is longevity.

As mentioned earlier, look at the center of diagnosis of illness. The effect of gut 6 on the gastrointestinal tract is related to illness. After sixth, powerlessness is lost and my strength is lost. If the Prince 6 is in the sixth place, it will be used properly. The body does not take any adverse effects. That’s why he is healthy. 06. There are gaps in the gonorrhea when there are heat asteroids. 06 The prince is 07 who has urinary disorders or caries; Will be vaccinated. The spouse is sick. 06 It is not good to be Thin 08. 12th, same day. The absence of planets in the 8-12 places often leads to illness. It’s time to think about the disease. 06 The 09 position of the prince is good for health. Since the head of the body belongs to the head of the body, the horoscope is sixth if the horoscope counts on the sixth, they have a disorder, which causes a disorder such as eyes disability, ears disorders, abdominal pain and sleep disorders. There are 06 in the zodiac cycle, the thoracic centreline, and the throat can cause disorders. There are spots on the face. The disease is as bad as Hernia.

The megalodonic mess of the Mercury affects the fine organs of the body. When the buds are weak, the nervous system and brain disorders occur. The 3rd digit of the darkness (lion) becomes weaker or weaker in the shadow or the moon. At the center of the fever, the water, honeycomb, and nymphonia cause swelling. The moon is responsible for the formation of the sealants due to the occurrence. If J was 6, then he had a heart condition and if he had been on the 5 th. This is due to the size. The Virgin Lung Circulatory System is the 6th in the zodiac cycle. The viral load of viral viral viral warts continues to grow .The prince ‘s 9 is a good condition for maintaining good health. Suffering of sickness is suppressed.

In the mid-sixth of the center, legs cause leg injuries to the legs. Diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, injuries, and ulcers. It’s good to have six people talking about epidemics. Preventing disease is prevented. The body is strong. But at 6 o’clock is not good. It causes fainting. Food is optional. Bodybuilding is not strong enough for six females. Nervous system weaknesses. The body is formed by the presence of 6 teachers. It’s also 06. The six Feet of aquifers reduces the nutritional value of the food. The Sennar is sick and poor in the presence of a Sagar, a Snake, a Snake, a dragon, and a cow. Blind yoga flies in the J blind due to the birth of a skipper Ravi Planha with Venus with 06 – 08 – 12, moonlight, teacher unwillingly at 6 – 8 – 12 places, 2 from Main Engineer – SL – 02 to VC 02, Venus with no power It is because of the sins of two to twelve. Ravi, Lunar, Kujja, Shannon have been detected in places ranging from 08 – 06 – 02 – 12. We do not want to stay healthy, but what we see in K J can not be ignored because of the consequences.

nirōgi suvayaṭa vina karana grahayō

nirōgi sampannava jīvatvīmaṭa hækinam eya mona taram vāsanāvakda? jīvana gamanē utum sæpata nirōgīva jīvat vīmayi. minisā pamaṇak nova satā sīpāvā gahakoḷada leḍaveyi. vaidya mataya vī ættē minisāgē (satvayāgē) śarīra kriyākāritvaya durvalavīma saha venat kriyākārakam aḍupāḍu ætivīma nisā leḍa rōga vyādhi haṭagannā bavayi. vaidya vidyāvaṭa anuva vā, pit, sem yana karuṇu leḍa rōgavalaṭa mūlika veyi. minis kriyākāritvayaṭa śarīra gatava æti lē dhātuva pradhāna veyi. viṣa bīja hō vairas hō śarīra gatavīma man̆gin vividha andamē rōgābādhayan utpādanaya vannē pratiśaktikaraṇayē æti durvalatāvan nisāya. lē pavitra kirīmaṭa – apavitra kirīmaṭa apa āśvāsa – prāśvāsa karana vātaya sambandha vē. mīṭa amatarava apa gannā āhāra pāna maginda āmāśayē ætivana vividha venaskam, dōṣayanda leḍa rōgavalaṭa mūlika veyi.

jyetiṣ vidyāvaṭa anuva āpō (jalaya) tējō (gindara) vāyō (vātaya) paṭhavi (poḷava) yana bhūta balavēgavala viparīta tattvayanhi æti asambandhatā nisā kriyākārītvayē gæṭum æti veyi.

saha grahayan kerehi mē gæna væḍiyen avadhānaya yomukerē. vātaya, pita saha semaṭa mūlikava æti karana leḍa rōgavaladī īṭa adāḷa vana rāśi (lagna) mesēya.

jalayen sema haṭagannā rōga ætikaravana jala rāśi lesa kaṭaka, vṛścika, mīna sælakeyi. tējō gini rāśivana mēṣa, siṁha, dhanu rāśivala uṣṇaya nisā saha pita nisā rōga æti karayi. vāta (vāyō) rāśi vana mithuna, tulā, kumbha rāśi man̆gin vātayen asanīpa æti karayi. paṭhavi (poḷava) rāśivana vṛṣabha, kanyā, makara yana rāśi man̆gin sema hō uṣṇaya vātaya ekvīmen rōga æti karayi. rāśivalaṭa rōga gæna yomukerennē senasuru, san̆du saha kētuyi. esēma kēndrayē 06 vænnada mīṭa viśēṣayi. graha vasatūngē vikāśanaya karana tīraṇavala aśubha tattvayan rōgīvīmaṭa hētuveyi. purāṇa jyetīr ācāryavarunṭa anuva tama tṛti magin grahayanṭa ayat rōgābādha dakvā tibē. śanigē bala dubalakam anuva vāta rōga, mutrā aḍassi, koravīma, kakul kæḍīma, dat hā kanvala ābādha, ugurē ābādha, aṁśabāga, piḷikā, kal allana leḍa, kuṣṭha rōga, pakṣāghāta væni rōga ætivana pæhædiliya. han̆dahanē śani grahayā kotana siṭiyat (sthāna 12) siṭina sthānaya dubalavī nam īṭa adāḷa śarīrayē koṭasakaṭa ābādha æti karayi. ikutdā (2010 – 08 – 06) nækata atirēkayē sthāna 12 gæna vistarayak paḷa viya) dat, æṭa, nahara, æla diva, kon̆du æṭa peḷa, vam kakula, mutrāśaya, dakuṇu kana, kes væni koṭas mīṭa adāḷa vē.

san̆du grahayāṭa āpō (jalaya) dhātuva ayat nisā sem rōga æti karayi. viśēṣayen san̆du 04 siṭīmen papuvē sema ætivē. san̆du 01 siṭīmen hisē sem bara gatiya ætivē. sikuru grahayāda sem rōgavalaṭa dakṣayeki. sikuru san̆du kēndrayē 02 – 06 – 08 – 12 sthānavala siṭīma sem ābādha væḍivīmaṭa hētuvaki. san̆du durvalava saha 06 vænnēt 8 vænnēt pāpayan siṭīmen gæb gat katunṭa apalayi.

kētu 06 vænnē siṭīmen janmiyā gannā āhāra pāna pramāṇayaṭa anuva śarīrayē væḍivīmak sidunovē. śarīra śaktiya hīna karayi. kētu lagna gatavīma nisā pudgalayā ek tæn karayi. hakuḷuvā tabayi. (mē ætivannē dhanuq mīna lagna hærayi) kētu 02 durvalava siṭiviṭa hisē muhuṇē tuvāla ætivē. kētu 04 ṭada hṛda rōga æti karayi. śarīra keṭṭuvē. kētu 07 siṭīmen samē rōga æti karayi. 08 vænnaṭa kētu siṭīma koravīmaṭa hētuvaki. 10 vænnē siṭīmenda (kētu) handi rudā koravīma æti karayi.

kuja grahayā śarīrayē mas pin̆ḍu, nāsaya, naḷala liṁga indriyan, lē vænidēvalaṭa balapānnēya. kuja samaga sikuru siṭīmen liṁgābādha æti karayi. utpādaka śaktiya hīna karayi. vakugaḍu pradēśaya sikuraṭa ayat nisā kujagē balaya mata vakugaḍu ābādha siduvē. kuja durvalavīmen śarīrayē dævilla æti karayi. vasūriya rōgaya vuva væḷan̆dīmaṭa puḷuvana. lē gamana adhika vē. strīnṭa gabsāda siduvē. kuja samaga kētu ekaṭa siṭīmen śarīrayē lē gamana aḍu karayi. tuvāla kuṣṭa æti karayi. kuja samaga rāhu siṭīma nisāda hamē rōga ætivē. kuja 06 vænnē siṭīmen nitara āhāra pāna ōnǣ karayi. 06 adhipatiyā balavatva siṭiyē nam sudusu āhāra pāna gænīmaṭa peḷam̆bē. mē nisā śarīraya væḍē. eya pratiśaktikaraṇayaṭa ucitayi. rōga nivāraṇaya vī nirōgī sampanna ayaku karayi.

budha grahayā dubalavīmen sihi man̆da gatiya æti karayi. gota gæsīma, goḷuvīmada budhagē balaya anuva siduvē. hadisiyē klānta gati æti karananēda budhayi. 06 ṭa budha pæmiṇi viṭada śarīraya tuḷa geḍi æti karayi. budha 08 ṭa suba vuvat maraṇaya siduvannē hiṭi hæṭiyēmayi.

guru nohot brahaspatigen lē viṣa vīm ætivē. śarīraya pramāṇayaṭa vaḍā taravē. pit amāru, seṁgamālaya, kaha uṇa, sannipāta uṇa, diyavæḍiyāva, baḍapuravā dæmīm, mutrā samaga dhātu piṭavīma, hamē rōga guru visin æti karana leḍa vē. guru grahayā vṛṣabha, tulā rāśiyaka siṭinnēnam nirōgī pudgalayaku vannēya. guru 12 ṭada yahapat næta. rōga pīḍā æti karayi. guru lagnayē vīmen (siṁha lagnaya hæra) dīrghā yuṣa labayi. guruṭa 03 vænnada narakayi.

sikurugen ætivana leḍa rōga lesa sælakennē vakugaḍu, mutrā ābādha, śukra dhātu pahavīma, śarīraya keṭṭuvīma, bellē amāru, hori, dada, kuṣṭa, liṁgēndrayangē ābādha væni rōgayi. sikuruṭa 06 vænna narakayi. āhāravalin leḍa rōga æti karayi. sikuru 08 siṭīmen vaidyavarunṭa pavā soyāgænīmaṭa apahasu rōgayakin hiṭi hæṭiyē maraṇayaṭa patvē. vakugaḍu, hṛda ābādhayanda æti karayi. 12 vænnē sikuru siṭīmen æsvala ābādha æti karayi. 12 vænnē balavatva siṭiviṭa dīrghāyuṣa læbē.

kalin san̆dahan kaḷa paridi leḍa rōga vyādhi gæna soyā bælīmēdī kēndrayē 06 vænna gæna vimasilimat viya yuttēya. 06 vænna āmāśayaṭa balapāna nisā kanabona āhāravala vikṛti tattvaya leḍa rōga valaṭa sambandha vē. 06 vænna balarahitavīmen kāya śaktiya pirihē. kēdrayē 06 adhipatiyā 06 vænnēma nam āhāra pāna kramavatva ganī. śarīrayaṭa aguṇa dē noganī. ēnisā nirōgī ayaku vannēya. 06 vænnē uṣṇādhika grahayana siṭi viṭa amāśagata rōga lehesiyen ætivē. 06 adhipatiyā 07 vænnē siṭiviṭa mutrā ābādha hō amāśa gata rōgayak hō saiduvanu æta. sahakāriya hō sahakaru asanīpayen peḷē. 06 adhipatayā 08 siṭīmada yahapat næta. 12 ṭada esēmaya. 08 – 12 sthānavala grahayan balarahita vīmen nitara rōgī tattvayan udā karayi. rōga piḷiban̆da dukin sita sitā kal gevayi. 06 adhipatiyā 09 siṭīmen saukhya tattvaya yahapatvē. mēṣa rāśiya śarīrayē hisa pradēAśayaṭa ayat nisā han̆dahanē mēṣaya 06 vænna vī nam ē ayaṭa moḷē ābādha æti karayi.mēṣayaṭa adhipati kuja durvalava siṭīnam æs ābādha, kan ābādha, nahara vēdanā, ninda noyæma væni ābādha æti karayi. rāśi cakrayē 02 vænna vū vṛṣabhaya kēndra saṭahanē 06 vænna nam ugurē ābādha æti karayi. muhuṇē lapa kælæl ætivē. panu amāru harniyā væni rōgada væḷan̆dē.

mithuna rāśiyaṭa adhipati budha śarīrayē siyum indriyanṭa balapāyi. budha durvala vū viṭa snāyu paddhatiyē saha moḷayē ābādha siduvē. mithuna lagnayaṭa 03 vænnē (siṁha) śani hō san̆du siṭi viṭa mānasika durvalatāvakaṭa patvē. kaṭaka lagnaya kēndrayē 06 vīnam penahælivala vatura, nivmōniyā, handi idimīm æti karayi. kaṭakayaṭa adhipati san̆du nisā semrōga vala mulapurayi. kēJdrayē 06 vænna siṁha rāśiya vī 5 vænna (dhanu) hi śani siṭiyē nam hṛda rōgiyeku veyi. pramāṇayaṭa vaḍā mahansivīmen mema tattvaya ætivē. rāśi cakrayē 06 vænna vū kanyāvaṭa yaṭi baḍa akmāvē koṭas ayitiyi. kanyāvaṭa adhipati budha 08 siṭīmen pavatina rōga tavat vardhanayavē.06 adhipatiyā 09 vænnē siṭīma nisā śarīra sanīpaya yahapat tatatvayakaṭa pavatvāgena yā hækiya. leḍa rōga væḷan̆dīma mardanaya vē.

kēndrayē 06 vænna mīna rāśiya vū viṭa kakulvala pādavala ābādha æti karayi. diyavæḍiyāva, kṣaya rōgaya, piḷikā, tuvāla væni rōga haṭaganī.leḍa rōga gæna kiyǣvena 06 vænnē ravi siṭīma nam yahapatya. leḍa rōga sǣdīma væḷækvē. śarīraya śaktimatya. ehet san̆du 06 ṭa yahapat næta. penahæli ābādha æti karayi. kǣma apriyavē. budha 06 siṭīmenda śarīraya śaktimat novē. nahara durvalatā æti karayi. guru 06 siṭīma nisā śarīraya keṭṭūvannēya. sikuruda 06 ṭa esēmayi. kētu 06 siṭīmen āhāravala pōṣaṇa gatiya hīna karayi.senasuru grahayā dhanu, mīna, makara, kumbha, tulā lagna hæra an lagnayaka (01) siṭīmēdī rōgī ayaku menma diḷindekuda karayi. apirisidu jīvitayak gata karayi.kēJdrayē andha yōga ætivannē lagnādhipati ravi grahayā sikuru samaga 06 – 08 – 12 sthānavala siṭīmenda, san̆du, guru, balarahitava 6 – 8 – 12 sthānavala siṭīmenda, lagnādhipati 02 adhipati samaga sikuru 6 – 8 – 12 vīmenda, sikuru bala rahitava pāpayan samaga 02 – 12 siṭīma nisā vē. ravi, candra, kuja, śani grahayan 08 – 06 – 02 – 12 sthānavala siṭīmada andhavīmē lakṣaṇayaki. nirōgī sampannava siṭīmaṭa api kæmæti vuvat karma vipāka anuva kēJdrayē disvana dē ahaka dæmiya nohækkēya.

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