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සිංහල මුල් පිටපතේ අනුවාදනය මෙතනින් බඳින්න පෙර බලන්න අත

The marriage line is located above the heart line below the palms of the plume. This is the way it crosses the flour as it traverses across the board. This applies to the connection line, bridging line, the dating line, and the love line. In the hands of many, these two lines lie. If there are two or more lines in a person’s hand, there is no such thing as a wedding line. But some say that these lines are marriages according to the number. But that will not happen. If so, it should be marked with other linear characters. Having more than one line breaks up more love relationships. Sometimes there may be several connections at the same time. The line that exceeds one of the lines is counted on the line as more than one line. Others show the lost romantic relationships that have disappeared. The strength of the lines can also be used to determine the relationship according to the strength. It is also a hint that it is qualified for marriage.

However, only one wedding line is a characteristic feature of the location. The wedding line will also not be displayed on the album. It should not be thought that marriage would ever happen. It shows that, even if they are married, they do not have emotional states like love, passion, love, affection.

The marriage line is also close to the cardiac line and shows a quick marriage. Such people marry before the age of 22. This line is located between the middle of the middle and between the ages of 26 and 30. If the consignment is too close, the marriage is delayed. Marriage between the ages of 45 and 52. Effects on the line of line can be calculated according to the line, and the age of marriage can be calculated. Marriage line is closer to the heart line and the marriage is quicker and the marriage line is delayed so that the marriage line becomes distant from the cardinal line, thus delaying the marriage.

In particular, when examining the marriage, the Senaka committee should examine the lines of marriage, the lunar and the fading lines from the Line of Comes to draw the line of living line on the line of living, making a final conclusion.

In this article, you can easily check your cuff and write a description of the marriage line with a diagram in which you can make some conclusions about the marriage. Testing the hands and feet of men and women on the front lines is an accepted idea. But we need to look at it. When checking the hands of the left-handed, it is important to check the left hand mainly. And in a hysteresis, the fingers need to be pierced with fins. Then the lines of the hand are well-known.

This is a sign of late marriage if it is bent toward the top. Maybe marriage is not possible. If it is cut in a short line, it can create disruptions to the marriage. The break up of the marriage line indicates that the foundation of marriage breaks. If the broken spot is surrounded by a squared circle, it does not separate. Dots or spots on this line will lead to the burden of marital life. If the marriage line is long enough, it is a marriage that is higher than a person above you.

Marriage Line To The Heart Line Of Marriage. Argos often arises between two.

If the marriage line is on the cord line, then it is necessary to separate. If the marriage line has fallen to the heart, it is fatal for the divorced marriage partner. If the marriage line is bent down to the heart line, there is an upsurge in youth. If the marriage line goes directly to the board and touches the heart line, it is hoped that in the latter part of life it will be disappointing. This is a great regret.

Because of the presence of an islandal character on the marriage line, they get undermined. A location that even leads to divorce.

Daily life goes on with little struggle. Frustrated love. If the Marine Line marks the original islet, marriage is delayed. Marriage is boring due to bad relations before marriage. Marriage is a failure. If this mark is in the middle of the marriage line, there will be disagreement over the marriage. A divorce occurs. If the sign is at the end of the marriage line, the end of a marriage is at an end. In the end, the marriage breaks off. There are frequent quarrels between the two. On the marriage line there will be times of affliction. In the hands of a woman’s hands, the characters on the marriage line exhibit a married person having a romantic relationship. Unmarried people who have characteristics of the marquee’s character are persuaded to get married again, and the names of a married person are frustrated by their marriage.

If a marriage line ends, early married marriage at the end of the season will be off-season, with the vast hope begun at an unlucky end. The interventions of others may be the causes. The end of the marriage line makes it possible for one end of the line to touch the heart line if divorced. This is also a place where the wife’s sister is connected with her. If there is stress in the yoke, the marriage may change due to the external circumstance of the spouse.

A mark on the line has a marital interruption. If you have a lycra, you can get abortions. If the end of the marriage line is checkmarked, the husband causes an accident or an immediate death.

The location of the star’s wedding line indicates that a marriage breaks. In the event of divorce, the spouse’s death occurs. This is a great disappointment. Married line of the star sign has star constellation, with marital blight. After a great disgrace, marriage ends. Among those who have this type of placeholder, they try to use the opposing party to love.

Short-term relationships lead to short-term relationships. The relationship of marriage is long lasting. The marriage line is in the form of chains and is an offender. Love is uninitiated. Marriage breaks. A deep and deep wedged wedding line is just about to end under the bell as a happy marriage takes place. The same result is the spread of small branch lines to the top of the marriage line. But the lines of branches that have descended from the marriage line do not bring good results. It’s a non-singularity. He is a dreamer of the future. There may be emotional distress. If a line from the line emerges under the toe of the Eye, it will be a good marriage.

ban̆dinna pera balanna ata

vivāha rēkhāva atlē suḷæn̆gillaṭa pahaḷin hṛda rēkhāvaṭa ihaḷin budha maṇḍalayē pihiṭā æta. meya piṭi atlē siṭa haras ataṭa budha maṇḍalaya matin gaman karana ākārayaṭa vē. meyaṭa sambandhatā rēkhāva, bandhana rēkhāva, kalatra rēkhāva, ādara rēkhāva kiyāda vyavahāra karati. bohō denāgē atvala mema rēkhā deka tuna pihiṭannēya. kisiyam pudgalayakugē ataka mesē rēkhā dekak hō īṭa væḍi gaṇanak vetot ē ē rēkhāvan gaṇayaṭa samāna vivāha maṁgalyayak sidu novē. namut ætæmungē mataya ema rēkhā gaṇana anuva vivāhayan siduvana bavaya. ehet esē sidu noveyi. ehema vannaṭa nam atlē ē bava venat rēkhā lakṣaṇavalin saṭahanva tibiya yutuya. rēkhā ekakaṭa vaḍā væḍiyen væṭī viṭa tibīmen væḍipura prēma sambandhatā ætikara ganiyi. samahara viṭa ekavara sambandhatā kīpayak viya hækiya. rēkhā ekakaṭa vaḍā vetot ēvā aturen diga anek rēkhā ikmavā giya rēkhāva vivāha rēkhāva sē gaṇan gænē. anek ēvā æti vī næti vī giya prēma sambandhatā pennnu karayi. rēkhāvala prabalatāva anuva sambandhatāvalada tatttavaya vimasāgata hækiya. vivāhayakaṭa sudusukam æti bavada in in̆giyak paḷa kerē.

kesē vetat vivāha rēkhā ekak pamaṇak pihiṭīma sārthaka gṛha jīvitayak gata karana lakṣaṇayaki. mē atara vivāha rēkhāva atlē pradarśanaya novana tænda vē. kisidā vivāhayak sidu novē yǣyi eyin nositiya yutuya. vivāha vunat ē ayagē sitehi prēmaya, āśāva, ādaraya, senehasa væni mānasika tattvayan æti novana bava in pennum karayi.

vivāha rēkhāvada hṛda rēkhāvaṭa samīpava pihiṭā tibīmen ikman vivāhayak pennum karayi. evæni aya vayasa avurudu 22 ṭa paḷamuva vivāha vē. mema rēkhāva suḷæn̆gillaṭat hṛda rēkhāvaṭat hari mædin pihiṭā tibē nam madhyama vayasē hevat vayasa avurudu 26 t 30 t atara vivāhaya siduvē. sæḷæn̆gilla itā āsannava vivāha rēkhāva væṭī tibē nam vivāhaya pramāda vana lakṣaṇayaki. vayasa avurudu 45 t 52 t atara vivāhaya siduvē. daiva rēkhāvaṭa nægena balapǣm rēkhā anuvada vivāhaya siduvana vayasa gaṇanaya kaḷa hækiya. vivāha rēkhāva hṛda rēkhāvaṭa samīpa vana taramaṭa vivāhaya ikman vana bavada vivāha rēkhāva hṛda rēkhāven durastha vana taramaṭa hevat sæḷæn̆gillaṭa āsanna vana taramaṭa vivāhaya pramāda vana bavada mē anuva sitāgata yutuya.

viśēṣayenma vivāhaya gæna parīkṣā kirīmēdī sikuru maṇḍalaya parīkṣā kara bæliya yutu atara vivāha rēkhāva, candra maṇḍalaya menma daiva rēkhāvaṭa vihidena balapǣm rēkhāda candra maṇḍalayen jīvana rēkhāvaṭa nægena atu rēkhāda parīkṣā kara balā avasāna nigamanayak gata yutu ya.

mema lipiyēdī obaṭa pahasuvenma obē atla parīkṣā kara balā vivāhaya gæna yam pūrva nigamanayakaṭa eḷæm̆biya hæki ākārayaṭa vivāha rēkhāva piḷiban̆dava vistarayak rūpa saṭahan anusārayen idiripat kerē. hasta rēkhā parīkṣaṇayēdī puruṣayangē dakuṇanat, strīngē vamatat parīkṣā kirīma piḷigat mataya vē. ehet dætama parīkṣā kara bæliya yutuya. vamata huru ayagē at parīkṣā kirīmēdī pradhāna vaśayenma vam ata parīkṣā kirīma sudusu vē. emenma hasta parīkṣaṇayakadī tamangē æn̆gili tuḍuvalin atla siyum lesa poḍikara gata yutuya. eviṭa atehi æti rēkhā lakṣaṇa manāva pennum karayi.

meya uḍu ataṭa (suḷæn̆gilla desaṭa) næmī gos tibē nam vivāhaya pramāda vīmē lakṣaṇayaki. samaharaviṭa vivāhayak sidu novimaṭada piḷivana. keṭi rēkhāvakin kæpī tibē nam vivāhayaṭa avahirakam æti karayi. vivāha rēkhāva kæḍī tibīmen pennum karannē vivāhayē padanama dedarā yana bavayi. kæḍuṇu tæna samacaturasrayakin vaṭavī tibē nam bādhaka vetat ven novē. tit hō lapa mema rēkhāva mata vetot vivāha jīvitaya bādhaka karadara sahitava gata karayi. vivāha rēkhāva bohō seyin dik vī tibē nam tamāṭa vaḍā usas, prasiddha keneku saman̆ga vivāhaya siduvē.

vivāha rēkhāva hṛda rēkhāva desaṭa nævīma yuga diviya aḍa dabara sahitaya. dedenā atara nitara nitara āravul haṭaganī.

vivāha rēkhāva hṛda rēkhāvaṭa hamuvē nam ven vīmaṭa siduvē. vivāha rēkhāva hṛda rēkhāva mataṭa væṭī kæpī tibē nam dikkasādaya hō vivāha sahakārayāṭa hō sahakāriyaṭa māraka apala dennaki. vivāha rēkhāva hṛda rēkhāvaṭa næmī tibē nam taruṇa viyehima balāporottu kaḍa vīma siduvē. esēma vivāha rēkhāva sṛjuvama budha maṇḍalayaṭa gos pahaḷaṭa næmī hṛda rēkhāva sparśa karayi nam jīvitayē aga bhāgayēdī balāporottu sunvē. mē nisā viśāla kanagāṭuvak ætivē.

dūpat lakṣaṇayak vivāha rēkhāva uḍa tibīma nisā ē aya pahat vivāhayakaṭa patvē. dikkasādaya vīmaṭa pavā hētuvana pihiṭīmaki.

dainika jīvitaya aḍadabara sahitava gata karayi. kalakirīm sahita ādarayakya. vivāha rēkhāvē mul dūpat lakṣaṇayak pihiṭiyē nam vivāhaya pramāda vē. vivāhayaṭa pera tibuṇu ayahapat saban̆datā hētuven vivāhaya nīrasa vannēya. vivāhaya asārthaka vana pihiṭīmaki. mema lakuṇa vivāha rēkhāva madhyayehi pihiṭiyē nam vivāhaya sambandhayen āravul ætivē. dikkasāda vīmaṭa siduvē. mema lakuṇa vivāha rēkhāva aga pihiṭiyē nam yuga diviyē keḷavara vināśayaki. avasāna bhāgayēdī vivāhaya kæḍī bin̆di yannēya. dedenā atara nitara āravul pavatī. vivāha rēkhāva uḍa dūpat lakṣaṇa tibena kālayē viraha vēdanā ætivē. striyakagē at dekehima vivāha rēkhāva mata dūpat lakṣaṇa vetot vivāhaka puruṣayaku hā prēma saban̆datāvak ætikara ganī. vivāha rēkhāvē dūpat lakṣaṇa pihiṭā æti avivāhaka pudgalayanṭa vivāha diviyaṭa eḷæm̆bennæyi anyayan nitara nitara æviṭili karana atara vivāhakayakugē nam vivāha jīvitaya piḷiban̆da kalakirīmaṭa patvē.

vivāha rēkhāva karuvakin avasan vē nam mul kālayē sārthaka vivāha gata koṭa avasāna kālayē venveyi hevat viśāla balāporottu sahitava ārambha karana lada vivāha diviya itā avāsanāvanta lesa keḷavara vannēya. anyayangē mædihatvīm meyaṭa hētu sādhaka viya hækiya. vivāha rēkhāvē aga æti karuvē ek attak hṛda rēkhāvaṭa sparśa vē nam viśāla apa kīrtiyak yuktava dikkasāda vannēya. bhāryāvagē sohoyuriya saman̆ga sambandhatāvak ætikara gannā pihiṭīmak vaśayenda meya dækviya hækiya. karu lakṣaṇaya paṭuvaṭa vetnam kalatrayāgē bāhira kāraṇayak hētuven vivāhaya venas vē.

vivāha rēkhāva uḍa katira lakṣaṇayak pihiṭīma hētuven yuga diviyē avahiratā ætivē. kāntā atlaka nam gabsā vīm siduviya hæka. vivāha rēkhāva avasānayē katira lakṣaṇayak vē nam svāmi puruṣayāṭa hadisi anaturak hō kṣaṇika maraṇayak siduvīmaṭa hētuyi.

vivāha rēkhāvē tārakā lakṣaṇayak pihiṭīma magin penvannē vivāhayē kæḍīmak ætivana bavayi. dikkasādaya nætot sahakarugē hō sahakāriyagē maraṇaya siduvē. mē nisā viśāla kanagāṭuvakda ætivē. vivāha rēkhāvē aga tārakā lakṣaṇayak tibīma nisā yuga diviya aḍa dabara sahitava gata kerē. viśāla apakīrtiyakin pasuva vivāhaya keḷavara karaganī. mevæni pihiṭīmak æti at himiyan atara ādaraya kirīmēdī viruddha pārśvayen ayutu prayōjana gænīmaṭa utsāha karayi.

keṭi vivāha rēkhāvak tibīma nisā keṭikālīna saban̆datā ætivē. vivāha rēkhāva diga nam saban̆datāva bohō kal pævætviya hækiya. vivāha rēkhāva damvæl ākārayen yukta nam kāmādhikaya. ādaraya senehasa nohan̆dunayi. vivāhayē avahiratā ætivē. digin hā gæm̆burin yutu sṛju vivāha rēkhāva suḷæn̆gilla yaṭadī avasāna vīmen kiyǣvennē santōṣamat vivāhayak siduvana bavaki. vivāha rēkhāven uḍa pættaṭa kuḍā atu rēkhā vihidīma da ema pratiphalayamaya. ehet vivāha rēkhāven pahaḷaṭa giya atu rēkhā suba pratiphala gena nodē. eya vivāha novī siṭīmē lakṣaṇayaki. anāgataya piḷiban̆da sihina mavanneki. mānasika viyavul ismatu viya hækiyi. rēkhāven nægena atu rēkhāvak vedæn̆gilla yaṭaṭa hevat ravi maṇḍalayaṭa vihidī ætot itā yahapat vivāhayak siduvē.

This is a Google word to word translation of a article publised on Divaina on 2013/07/14.